Cariboo Blades Tools & Knives
Handmade Custom Forged Knives & Tools, Working Art Since 1997

Handmade Custom Survival Knives and Bushcraft Knives

To survive in the bush you’ll need bushcraft skills. To survive in the wilderness you’ll need a good survival knife. The Mountain Caribou survival is a tough and strong knife that we’ll make custom to you.

Hand Forged Knives

Working knives, handmade fixed blade wilderness survival knives made and tested in the Chilcotin boreal forest.

Tough and strong tools for the bush made from recovered high carbon steels. Strong steels for bushcraft survival knives are lumber mill head saw blade carbon steel and truck spring steel. We re-purpose steel and materials you can’t buy. They all have a story. Living in the bush for 20 sum years, we have been tempered by the boreal forest. Each knife we make is unique. Our knife shop and home have been solar powered for 20 years.