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Cariboo Blades Knife and Tool Reviews

Some in depth reviews of Cariboo Blades knives, tools and customer testimonials.

Some reviews from customers.

Wiseman, Custom Bushcraft Knife Review

One late night I was searching for mountain man style knife makers and somehow stumbled on the site. I looked at the knives in the catalog and as usual did not immediately spot the design combination I had been looking for so long to find. However, the site suggested they would make or design any knife if you wanted something special. 

Survival/ Bushcraft Food Prep Tools

Survival/ Bushcraft Food Prep Tools Review

After seeing the quality of the work I could expect from Scott and Aki, I explored the available designs on their catalog page. I decided this would be the time to invest in an additional commission for any knife available from Cariboo Blades that I might now or for that matter might ever have use. I subsequently chose 3 additional designs from those listed in their catalog. 

Bushcraft Tools/ Survival Edge Tools Review

There are about as many opinions of what makes a “good” knife as there are people who use them, especially if those people have any real bushcraft experience. If you research camping in the old style of E. Kreps, Daniel Carter Beard, Warren H. Miller, Horace Kephart or George W. Sears “Nessmuk” or the like, you will come to know that the three most indispensable pieces of equipment in their opinion were the knife, the compass and matches.

How to make a woodcarving knife

How to make a woodcarving knife

Diy Traditional Woodcarving Hook Knife Review

I just want to thank you for your excellent article in Canadian 
Woodworking Magazine on making a crooked knife. I have always been puzzled by these tools and hadn't had much interest in them, but your article was so well written and illustrated I just had to try making my own.

Handmade Cleaver, The Saw Tooth Cleaver Review

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with my new cleaver.  I did receive the cleaver in time for the bbq and it stole the attention of all who attended (no small feat considering the 16 hr smoked local grass fed beef briskets and the 12 hr smoked Berkshire pork shoulders).

Hand forged Survival Knife, Mountain Caribou Knife

Handmade Survival Knife Review

I’ve got several larger knives, but my current favorite is probably the Mountain Caribou knife made by Cariboo Blades.  It has a blade that is a hair over 6 inches in length, about a quarter inch thick.  It’s a beautiful, hand made tool, but it is made for hard duty.

Aki Yamamoto’s solo show of carving reliefs and wood block prints, “ A Forest Falls ”.

Aki Yamamoto’s solo show of carving reliefs and wood block prints, “A Forest Falls”.

The upstairs exhibit space at the Station House Gallery is hosting a unique solo art show of pieces created by Aki Yamamoto during May.

A resident of the bush on the edge of Chilcotin country, the Japanese-born artist says her show, A Forest Falls, is a reflection on the fact that the area’s forests are in decline.

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