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With over 20 years of experience and customers. 13 years of internet sales. Here are some of the satisfied customers reviews and testimonials.

The maple tiger is one of the most beautiful knives I've ever seen, GREAT job, I love the chess knife, very handy in the kitchen and it will be only MY knife haha. Hugo is very pleased with his knife, above expectation. -Wim (Maple Tiger bushcraft knife & 2 chef knives) Belgium

I want to thank you so much for all your hard work. It is amazing. I can't wait to go camping and try it out. You both do amazing work. I think you have both found your niche in life. -Tom (10” Boar knife) USA

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your work. The knife is AWESOME. I love the feel, the weight, the rustic look with the patina, and all wrapped up in a high quality sheath. -Carl (Mountain Caribou knife) USA

Hello, It's been a few months since I got the hook knife you made.
I am very happy with it. We've made a bunch of things with it.
The card was also beautiful, it's calm.
Thank you again,

Edouard (#2 small crooked knife/sheath)

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your work. The knife is AWESOME. I love the feel, the weight, the rustic look with the patina, and all wrapped up in a high quality sheath. It was well worth the wait. You both did an excellent job. Thank you.
Carl (Mountain Caribou bushcraft knife) USA

Hi Aki and Scott,
My wife and I just returned from our African safari this morning. The draw knife was waiting. It’s beautiful! Your artistic work is gorgeous! Thank you so very much once again!
Take care,
Cheers, (draw knife) USA


Hi Scott , Aki and Kai
My Caribou arrived on Saturday and I am so impressed with both your craftsmanship!
The balance, grip and edge of the Caribou is just perfect . The steel has a beautiful patina and shows off the skill of Scott .
Aki , thank you for making the sheath . The Caribou fits very securely and your artwork only compliments it!
I feel very lucky to own a unique tool and its money well spent!
Kind regards , (Mountain Caribou carving knife) UK

Both packages have now arrived. Very happy with the tools, thanks so much. Graeme (18" HD Timberframing chisels, slick and 10" drawknife)

Hi Scott and Aki, I'm just writing to say I received the ULU--another beautiful piece of usable art.
Many thanks, happy spring
Mark (Heavy duty ulu) USA

Hey guys got the knife and all I can say is wow and well worth the wait
Many thanks
Jason (Mountain Caribou Survival/Bushcraft Knife) USA

Aki and Scott,
The knife has arrived safely. It is beautiful and so is the sheath.There is so much attention to detail. Rene said the length of the blade will be excellent for cutting out the back end of the moose. Most blades are too short. He can't wait to try it out next fall. He is delighted with the sheath and how it is constructed. He was pleased to see his initials and the moose tracks. A lot of work went into making that. He is still surprised by it.
Veronica (heavy duty 8" boning knife) Canada

Scott, Aki and Kai:
The knife is very beautiful, much nicer and sharper (haha ) than the pictures.
Took it out and re-wrapped it. There's lots of love, dedication and craftmanship in that knife
Keep making them.
Thanks...many thanks.
\\David ("Yanagi" kitchen knife) USA

Hi Aki and Scott ,
Knife arrived. Amazing. The knife looks absolutely great !!!!
Max (Mountain Caiboo knife) Germany

I finally got a handle on the blade you made for me and the time to use it. So far its planned use is to finish the inside of shrink pots, other uses to be learned. This blade is superb the more I use it the more confidence I have in it. Once I get some pennies saved up I will be ordering another from you.
Bob (lg. crooked knife blade) USA

Your knife came today, and it is a work of art. Really well done. The grip is great. Beautiful sheath,, the work on it is super. I am really pleased with this fine knife. I see you are getting a nice cold snap. Hope all is well.
Bill (Moose knife) USA

I want to mention again how happy I am with the slick that I purchased. It is serving me well.
Tom (Timberframing Slick) USA

..thank you very much. It's like receiving a new knife for Christmas. I just want to admire it for awhile at my desk, not put it back in the kitchen just yet. Thanks for doing such an excellent job. David (a refurbish on us) Canada

Just got it and the pictures only do it a little justice. Looks and feels great. Very much worth the wait. Thank you again for your work and dedication to my knife. (Mountain Caribou, 7" blade)
(The Boar knife I had you make me last year has been awesome and it has been a hit with everyone I have shown it to. Thanks again for all of your hard work).
Mike USA

Got the ulu today. It is beautiful. It arrived yesterday on John's birthday but I was not home to sign for it.
He opened it at dinner tonight. It is so beautiful. He was truly surprised and intrigued and thrilled with it. It is a true work of art.
Thanks for making it a successful surprise for us. And I have truly enjoyed corresponding with you guys. You will probably hear from us again in the future.
Casey ( moose antler ulu, 10" edge) USA

Hello Scott and Aki
Just picked up the knife this morning at the post office.
I know this sounds crazy but we were just talking about how much we miss it last night. Its just not the same without it in the kitchen
The handle looks perfect, you can't even tell where it cracked. Can't wait to start using it tonight.
Thank you so very much.
Greatly appreciate it.
Kind Regards,
Debby and Scott ( repair ) Canada

Took the knife with me on the elk hunt and loved it. It cuts great, carries well, and looks amazing.
Thanks again for a beautiful knife!
Best, Ben (Caribou, finger choil, 4 1/2" edge) USA

Another Happy Customer! The Salmon wasn't so happy but sometimes you just
need some protein, THANK YOU!
Rosa (Usuba cleaver) Canada

Just wanted to let you know the knife has been awesome and it has been a hit with everyone I have shown it to. Thanks again for all of your hard work.
Mike (6" Boar Knife) USA

I received my ulu saturday afternoon and i gotta say I'm impressed! It fits perfectly in my hand, I've never bought custom knives with antler material for fear it would be an odd fit. I love this ulu. Once again thank you for an honest to goodness usable work of art.
Lawrence miller. ( ulu) USA

Absolutely worth the wait. Beautiful knife and sheath far beyond my expectations.
Thank you!
Mike ( Cariboo Boar 6" ) USA

Received the draw knife yesterday. It is perfect...thank you!
Tim ( 5" drawknife ) USA

Dear Aki and Scott
Your tools arrived today in perfect conditions. They fit in my hand very comfortable and it is a joy to use them. These tools are really what I would call heavy duty, some real working horses. The handles are carved and finished to a very high standart, and on the forged Adze head I can see, that you truely know what you are doing.
I made a spatula out of wild cherry and a little cutting board out of oak heartwood this morning and the draw knife really performed exceptional good. It was very easy to get a polished like plane surface and it took off the biggest shavings I have ever seen. Also I have startet a small bowl but this will take a bit longer.
I look forward for many new projects to come and now I really to have the right tools for right job. Your tools will give my a lot of new possibilties and I will treat them in a way, that they should last me and my brother a lifetime or maybe even longer.
Thank you very much for investing your time, knowledge and effort to create these rare tools
Greetings from switzerland
Flavio and MarLo (6" drawknife and a2" adze) Switzerland

Hello there,
Somehow that greeting seems appropriate for those who are "way up there" on the planet. Hope you are beginning to enjoy warmer weather.
Wanted to write and say how thrilled my son was with the draw knife, a lifetime knife. He loves it and am sure it will serve him well through his many years of timber framing, etc.
Thank you again. Your knife made my son's 24th birthday even more special.
Take care.
Birnie (8" drawknife) USA

Hi Scott and Aki.
I'm very impressed with the knives you made me. They have exceded my expectations and my expectations were high. The leather work is superb.
Herb (Wiseman and the Kirsten) Canada

Thanks very much I really appreciate the attention to detail and the quality of the knives. I will enjoy carrying and using them.
Bruce (9" Moose Crown Camp knife, Maple Tiger bushcraft knife) USA

WOW! Its exactly what I expected, wish I had it 30 years ago.
The brass and copper pounded into the bolster adds a unique touch and the blade and elk antler are done superbly. Aki, your leather work is wonderful. You folks are true artists of your trade, its a tool I will be proud to carry and hand down to my grandchildren.
David ( Wiseman bushcraft knife, elk antler handle) USA

Outstanding ! Everything I hoped, terrific craftsmanship.
Steve (7 inch Wiseman bushcraft knife) USA

They are magic. Beautiful metal, razor edges, lovely leather work and wood that seems to pulse in your hands when you hold them. I am saving like crazy so I can order more. Thankyou both from the bottom of my heart it was well worth the wait.
Kevin (adze, carvers slick, draw knife and 2 crooked knife blades)

I´m happy to say that they positively surpassed my expectations on every level.
The wooden handles are great to the touch and beautiful to the eye. Each knife has its unique "hot spot"-all of which I´m now beginning to use to my advantage- and all of them delivering clean and fine cuts on woods I have tested so far. Now the custom…what can I say about the custom knife that you don´t know yet? I love that knife!!! It is truly a work of art!!! it is elegant, strong, rugged, rustic and yet perfectly crafted…the performance as a working tool is outstanding, makes a huge difference for the carving…the sheath is gorgeous, also very strong and well crafted…it feels great for the carver´s touch to hold this great tool, knowing that it was made with care, lots of skills and effort.
Thank you also for the lovely card! and for the honing leather…all is great!
I am really satisfied. On my part I will only say that I have the deepest respect for your skills and for how you practice your craft.
Thanks- (crooked knife set of 6 and a custom antler handled hook knife)
Javier Spain

I have to wonder when you were making those handles if you thought they were crazy big, but I’ll tell you they are great and when I hold the chef’s knife it’s got perfect balance so thank you very, very much. And butcher knife is plenty big for regular use, so they are all matched up, exactly what I hoped for – usable antiques and useful set of knives to go with them – thanks much for the extra work in turning them around… hard to express the right appreciation for the result, a work of functional art done damn well that exceeds expectations.
Michael (hunting/camp set of 5 knives, 2 restored antique utensils) USA

Thank you so much for these tools they are beautiful and my husband loves them.
Kate (3" timber framing slick and a heavy duty 1 1/2" chisel) USA

Hi Scott and Aki,
I received the knife - it looks and feels fantastic. The quality of the workmanship on the knife and the sheath is outstanding. This was well worth the wait and I'm looking forwards to putting it to good use. Thanks so much for doing such a great job. I suspect I will be getting in touch soon for another knife. Hope you have a great summer.
Mark (Wiseman bushcraft knife, 8 inch blade) USA

The tool is beautiful. Thank you, I will put too much use
(AD05 Bowl carving adze) USA

It's been over three years since I bought my two kitchen knives from Scott, and not a cooking day goes by without one or both of them bringing a smile to my face. They are, quite simply, exceptional. The broad spined chef's knife cuts into potatoes and literally splits apart the toughest squash with ease; the finer single-bevel japanese slicer does all the smaller jobs, so probably gets more use overall. The wood handles are aging beautifully, with the yellows and reds deepening and the few little knicks they've acquired only adding to their appeal; the blades continue to perform as well as they did one day one, requiring only a quick sharpening with a 1200 diamond stone a couple times a year. I apply camellia oil a few times a year to the blades for rust protection, and keep the blades dry when not in use; this extra work has only increased my feel of connection with the tools. Added to all this a deep sense of gratitude to Scott and his family for the methods and materials used to craft them, and I'm left feeling honestly like there are no other knives in the world I would rather use (and this from a fellow who is extremely fond of high-quality hand-made japanese blades).
Thank you Scott.
Mike ( 7"chef knife and a 6" single bevel Japanese slicing knife) Canada

My knives arrived yesterday. They are outstanding, very pleased.
Thank you
Bruce (antler handled farrier knife, Canadian
skinning and a Horseman's Caribou knife). USA

Just opened the package and I am blown away by the knife and the sheath. Great job,razor edge and a fit perfectly handle. Please send my appreciation to Aki on the sheath, by itself is a work of art, mated with the knife and I'm almost afraid to use it. Again, this is a work of art. Thanks for making it.
Did Aki create the card also? My wife loves it. Hope you all stay well and not "bitten" too often by the mosquitoes.
Thank you very much for this one of a kind blade.
Tim (Kirsten) Canada

Hi Aki and Scott,
Got the knife. Outstanding ! Seems to be everything I hoped, terrific craftsmanship. Will be using it next week, combination hunting/camping trip. I'd like to buy another one, same blade geometry, same sheath (beautiful job on that, by the way !).
But shorter blade, 6 and a quarter, or no less than 6 inches. Shorter handle, shorter than mine by half inch, maybe three-quarters of an inch. Same thickness blade, and tang, as mine. Maybe different wood.
Let me know how much to send for down payment, and Ill send it right out. I'd really like to have it by early November, if that's possible.
Again, EXCELLENT KNIFE. Great job, I believe this will be my best outdoor knife, and something I can rely on wherever I go.
Let me know how much to send for next knife.
Take care, and talk to you soon !
Steve (7" Wiseman) USA

I just received it, it’s nicer than I have ever expected. I have only used it to carve me name in my desk at work…(we’ll see what the boss says), but everything about it is perfect. I cannot believe how smooth the transitions are on the handle from apple wood to antler to pins, etc. The sheath is the highest quality sheath I have ever seen. I am going fishing this weekend, I am going to test it on decapitating catfish…(if I catch some), for me this will be a good test, the fish over about 4 pounds are a real burden, even with a wusthof knife.
Best Regards, (Wiseman) USA

Hi Scott:
Your crooked knife arrived today... I'm test driving it on a curved piece of oak right now and it's GREAT.
Thanks for making such a nice product, and for being so easy to deal with!
Regards, (crooked knife) Canada

Today I received the knife. It’s very nice. I think we will be friends for many years. The size is exactly what I need. The weight is right. The sheath is wonderful. I cant say enough.
Thanks again.
Dimitris (a 4" D2 blade Kirsten) Greece

Today I received the Nessmuk. It’s a piece of art for me. Where to start? The sheath is excellent. The colour is what I wanted (as the colour of Kristen’s sheath). The diamond stone fits well. The lanyards are very nice and create absolute security. It seems like the system they use on knives for snorkeling (the ones we use when we go fishing with spear guns.) The knife is perfect. The moose antler scales are very nice. And with this … the texture I’m sure the knife will not slip from my hand even when it’s wet. The knife is heavy duty and more than enough for camping use. What else to say? The cards I ‘ve received are very nice. Everything you 2 make shows that you love you work. Thank you very much for the excellent service.
Dimitris. (7" blade Nessmuck/Mountain Man, the "Wiseman") Greece

I received the beautiful chisel today and it exceeded my expectations beyond belief. This is a beautiful, solid, and bold work of art that will be in my family for many generations. Thanks so much for providing this wonderful chisel.
E. J (2 1/2" heavy duty chisel) USA

Hello Scott!
Let me first say thank you for such a beautiful is a pleasure to hold and use. I recently took the intro and advanced timber framing course at the Fox Maple School of Traditional Building in Brownfield Maine and of course brought the slick with me. It was admired by the whole crowd, including the man himself.
Brent. (3" framing slick) USA

Hi Aki and Scott,
I just came back from almost 30 days camping with my family and friends. I write this e-mail because, again, I want to thank you for the excellent knife and the excellent sheath you made for me. The jobs you want to do in camping, this knife can do them easily. It’s big and heavy duty (I would like just a bit heavier) It digs and of course cut and splits wood, opens cans (extremely easy), cuts bones, rope and many more tasks easily. The sheath is excellent and it securely holds the knife at all times.
Dimitris. (Caribou HK02) Greece

Received your art objects today. They are superb. They are more than I had anticipated. I cannot say enough. Thank you very much.
Charles. (Wiseman HK40, Ulu) USA

I’m stopping by to let you know that I already received the knives in the course of the afternoon. Wow, let me tell you, if I was already impressed just by the pictures, I am many times more by the actual knives themselves. Balance, blades, engravings, choice of wood, sheaths, name it, it’s all perfect ! It is beyond my expectations :) I am both humbled by the craftsmanship and really grateful to have the privilege to work with such amazing tools. Thank You. Thanks very much also for the beautiful card that was accompanying the knives, this is a really kind attention.
Thanks again for everything,
Patrick (custom style Kootenai and Wiseman) Canada

The knife and sheath look beautiful -- I'm sure Jim will treasure this, and his son after him.
I appreciate the obvious care you put into the project. I hope life continues to be good for you and that we'll see you again in the Comox Valley someday (although I might not be within the price range nowadays . I use the kitchen knife I purchased at Filberg Festival one year every day and keep it sharp. No fingers lost at this point.
Warm regards,
David (Chilcotin bush knife HK43) Canada

HI Aki and Scott, Both my parents say that it does amazing things in the
kitchen. Every evening just before they cook they jockey for position to
use the knife. It's great. Thanks again and I'm sure you'll hear from me in the future.
Steve (Japanese style "Usuba" knife) USA

Hi Scott,
It’s coming up for nearly a year that I’ve had my chisels and I thought I’d just let you know how I’m getting on with them.
They have been an absolute joy to joy to work with. I still have a little smile every time I take one out of my tool trolley and when someone new at the yard notices them I’ll always take 5 minutes out to give them the full story. I’ve never had anything made bespoke for me before and it is a pleasure to work with a tool that’s been made specifically for me.
We’ve just found out that we’re having a baby in September so one day in the future you never know I might be putting in an order for my boy (or girl!)’s first framing chisel!!!!
Best of luck to you Aki and your family, I hope this winter hasn’t been too harsh. We had 4 inches of snow for the first time in a couple of years last week and the whole country ground to a halt so I can’t imagine what it must be like for you guys. Wonderful I’m sure.
Kind regards,
Scott (Framing chisels and a slick) UK

Hello Scott, Aki and Kai.
I cannot thank you enough for the love and care that went into my new knife!!! Dad and Nick really sent an amazing gift. I truly love the knife and since receiving it, all other knives have been banished to the back of the dustiest drawer! (truly, none others have come out since yours arrived!) I got a great warning from my folks to be careful (dad always worries about his girls cutting themselves with knives)... and so I have
paid extra attention to the sharpness of the blade.
How do you get it that sharp anyhow? And thank you
for personalizing my knife by putting CA on the handle. It is amazing to have that.I also now have a lovely card
with a painting of two beautiful sheep. Aki... you are truly a gifted artist.
Take care all of you.
Cindy-Anne Spelay (custom chef knife)

I have received the sheath, I should have informed you earlier but I thought I would try it a bit first. Looks good, in the beginning it was a bit tight but after a little use it fits perfectly now. I haven't got it so long but I have been out on some ski trips with it and it seems to work perfectly. Even with gloves on I am able to open the sheath and to pull it out easily thanks to the lanyard. So it seems to work like this. What did you think of the sheath like this you're self? Anyway thanks for the incredible service.
I'm enjoying the longer daylight hours a lot too. But it might be
a bit to soon to get enthusiastic about the plus 5.....
Regards, Pieter
(Kootenai sheath modification) Sweden

Scott and Aki,
First off you folks are inspiring!.......Not only did I receive the two hook knife blades that are absolutely of true craftsmanship, I also received a Christmas card from Aki; the true treat of the package.......there are a few true folks in this world; thank you so much.
Best Regards and Merry Christmas,
(crooked knife blades) USA

It’s every bit as wonderful a tool as I hoped it would be. The handle is longer than those on most of my chef’s knives, which makes the greater overall weight of the knife easy to balance. It’s wicked sharp but at the same time very smooth-cutting (no drag from having to raise a burr on steel (that is too soft). I used the knife for everything from finely dicing shallots to slicing tomatoes. And I know even without having used it for this purpose that it will make fast work of breaking down chickens, separating beef ribs and lifting salmon sides off the backbones.
I couldn’t be happier with the knife and sheath – and my wife and I both love the cards Aki enclosed. Do you have images of all the cards that can be ordered? Do you use walnut oil on the handle scales?
Best, Dan (Chef Knife, KK06) USA

My hook knife came in the mail yesterday afternoon. It is a beauty.
Again, thank you both for your amazing craftsmanship.
Enjoy the Fall season. .
Regards - MaryAnne (crooked knife) USA

Just wanted to say again that it's beautiful.
I've now had a chance to actually spend some time using and getting to know the knife and it really is lovely. You guys really know what your doing, the sheath is also perfect. It's a real pleasure to use and own and I can now appreciate just what goes into what you do. A real piece of art and well worth the money.
Thank you. - Simon
(Maple Tiger Knife HK22) UK

The "wombat" arrived - what a machine! The leather wrap is a great touch too. Looks great, feels great, is nicely sharp.
I'm very pleased and thank you.
All the best for the winter!
cheers, Trev (medium #6 crooked knife) Australia

It's finally here!!!! It is a beautiful work of art not only the knife but also the sheath. It all looks like it will last a life time.
Best regards, Pieter
( Kootenai Knife HK01) Sweden

It is a amazing tool, I am instantly in love with it. Thanks a lot for the wonderful card that came with it. You know, as a fine woodworker I have so many tools but there are only a few that stand out because they are personalized. I am already sure that the slick is going to belong to that little group.
Thank you. --Erik (Timber framer's slick) USA

I received the straight razor today. Great job. Exceeds my expectations and thanks for fixing my old knife.
The best to you and Aki and Kai. -- Gus
(Folding Straight Razor with a moose antler handle) Canada

Hi Aki and Scott,
I received my beautiful cariboo blade on Monday. The note on the package sums it up well--art object. It certainly is an art object, but one that longs to be in the hand also being used as a tool.

Many thanks, I hope you're enjoying the changing of the seasons. --Mark ("Wiseman" bushcraft knife) USA

Hi, Aki and Scott,
Last year you made an adz and hook-knife for me for a totem pole that I was preparing to carve out of a red cedar log that fell on my property. I began this project in December and completed the pole in May.

The tools you made for me were invaluable and a delight to work with. The adz quickly faired out imperfections in the log around knots and such, and simplified the rough fairing of the add-on noses and beak. The hook knife was awkward to use at first, with its underhanded pulling motion. But the superior control in the technique was soon apparent and the curved blade made crevice work easy.

I also appreciate the additional information you provide on your web site. I have read your essays on making and sharpening bent knives and intend to try making a couple of blades.

Thanks much, --Mike

(large crooked knife blade, 2" AD04 adze) USA

Got my draw knife Monday and it is amazing. I'm really impressed with the high quality of workmanship on not only the knife but the leather as well. The card is a really nice touch as well. I wasn't able to email you sooner because I dropped our lap top on the hardwood floor and destroyed the lcd I am writing this at an internet cafe.

thanks for the great knife and I'll talk to you again soon. --Erin

(8 inch edge drawknife) Canada

The chisels are a pleasure to use and are perfectly balanced. There are quite a few jealous carpenters in our yard, and I’ve had no hesitation in recommending you to all of them.

They’re currently on my table at home, I couldn’t shut the door on them and leave them at work! (also the wife wanted to see what all the fuss was about)

Thanks so much, you’ve made a simple carpenter a very happy man.

-- Scott, (two framing chisels and a framing slick) UK

Just thought I’d give you an update on how I’m getting on with my new tools. I’ve got the knack of sharpening the slight curve onto the edge and with patience and a selection of diamond stones I can get a breath takingly sharp edge on them and they hold their edge beautifully. I’ve ground them back to one angle of about 25 degrees without a honing angle, I find it better for working on green oak. ( Timberframing Chisels) UK

It’s arrived, and is a truly beautiful piece of work. It fits my hand perfectly and I can’t wait to use it. It slides in and out of the sheath with ease ( I wish my leather stitching was as good as that, that’s probably why I’m an engineer for my sins ). I am going to do a small article about my Ulu for the Bushcraft & Survival Skills magazine, I am sure there are a lot of people who would love one of these. I will be staying in touch with you and following your blog. Thank you both very much for the work you have put into it for me.
Best Wishes , David (Bianca Ulu) . UK

The chisles are great! They function great, as skews as well as with a hammer. The off set farrel is great. Pretty big chisels! I think I need a bigger hammer...And sharp ! Like a razor, keep there edge too through some fir knots. You should have seen the looks when I pulled them out on the job site, some serious tool envy happened.- Jeremy
(Timber framing chisels) Canada

He has now received the drawknife and is over the moon with it. It arrived this morning as he was leaving for a radio interview and he was so pleased he took it with him and sat with it on his knee at the recording. He said he couldnt wait to use it.

Once again thank you.
-- Suzanne (Bushcraft 5", 150 mm edge Drawknife) UK

Last weekend, I had a night and a day in the woods with my Mountain Man knife. Needless to say, it was great. I left the axe and saw at home and used it with my Swiss Army knife playing second fiddle. Starting fires, making feather sticks, splitting wood, making camp furniture - a first! Very crude and not that comfortable but a practice that can only get better. I'll take more cord with me next time! - some minor clearing and food prep: all these tasks were performed with aplomb. The food prep. was interesting and,understandably, I would say that it's not the ideal tool for that particular task but it still did it and did it pretty well. It kept the superb edge you gave it extremely well. I gave it a strop when I got home and restored it to shaving sharp in no time. It feels really good in the hand: never huge or cumbersome but balanced and easy to work. I'm in the process of braiding some paracord around the sheath to 'finish it off my-style.

In short, I'm delighted. It performed superbly and remains a damned fine looking tool. I can safely say that I am a proud and happy owner. Many, many thanks to both of you for all your skills and energy in creating a wonderful knife. -- Richard,
(Mountain Man/Nessmuk "Wiseman" Knife.) UK

The framing chisels are performing beautifully. They hold a great edge, and I'm very pleased with them. I seem to be sharpening and honing less frequently than the others in the shop, which speaks to the quality of your steel.- Loran
(Timberframing chisels) USA

Scott fashioned a beautifully designed and functional drawknife that was beautifully made. Aki made a leather sheath to protect the blade and made it easy to transport without fear of damage to my pack from the razor sharp blade. The shape of the blade and the angle of the handles allowed the drawknife to pull easily through the log creating whatever shape I chose. The wood was nicely fit on the handles and secured with heavy pins. This tool was well designed to work comfortably when in use. --Dennis,
(6" edge, 16" overall Drawknife) USA

This is the first knife i have ever purchased outside of relatively inexpensive store bought blades and the experience of working with/buying from you has been truly exceptional. in all ways, from thoroughness to thoughfullness, communication to quality, this has been as rewarding of a transaction as any i've ever had, and i am quite experienced in buying/selling in the real world and online. -- Mike, (Custom Chef Knife). Canada

Its out of this world! Cuts through a tomato even when holding it in my finger tips. I was a chef and have used many knifes and this is outstanding! --Tom
(KK20 8" edge Japanese style kitchen knife) UK

The adz and blade arrived on Saturday. Both items are *excellent* pieces of
work! I made a bloodwood handle for the knife blade and am looking forward to using both items. -- Mike,
(AD08 and a large #6 crooked knife blade). USA

The knife is incredible. Since I have arrived at college I have cooked all of my meals with it. I have made some truly delicious meals with the knife you made me. I am taking good care of it and I sent some pictures with this message. -- Cassidy,
( custom kitchen knife). USA

I have a large assortment of carving tools (no two the same), these new "blades" are a welcome addition to my collection. Nothing compares to your knives, nothing is as good as your knives. There is "life in your knives" and I will pass that spirit on.
Thank you for everything. -- Keith,
(crooked knives, framing slick) USA

You thanked me for the knife orders, but I think it more appropriate for me to thank you for all the work you put into the craftsmanship of the most beautiful working knives I have ever purchased. I am the proud owner of your unmatchable efforts. No one could match your art or craftsmanship. The care and pride of your work is evident and is a reflection of the spirit of your art. I thank you. -- Dennis,
(Nessmuck the "Wiseman" HK14, ulu, two kitchen knives, two hook knives, one adz and a Black Walnut Hunting knife HK01) USA

First saw Cariboo Blades knives and leather work in Williams Lake several years ago, and I lingered around your exhibit long enough that, lo and behold, Fortune smiled. I have since received two as gifts, and I treasure them. One is a Japanese style kitchen knife that has proven very versatile. Its beautiful form and detail enhances my focus on the food I prepare. I use it almost daily, and have sharpened it with a stone about once a year, because it holds an incredible edge. The new addition is a filet knife, and I am still getting to know it. The blade is perfect for fish, thin and flexible, yet firm enough to carve a roast, even work as a boning knife. Both knives came with fine-stitched leather sheaths. In a past life I was a professional cook, and I have Sabatiers and other work knives that I still value a great deal. However, as we imagine all the variables and permutations in Life, if I were to be exiled to a deserted island in the Pacific, or to some remote valley in the Chilcotin (neither scenario being the worst of fates), and if I could take only one knife in my backpack, it would bear the stamp of Cariboo Blades. My thanks to Scott and Aki -- Christian

Hi Aki and Scott,

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with my new cleaver. I must admit that the process was a little trying on my nerves. Purchasing such an item on little more than blind faith (and a small website photo) opened the door for some mental worst case scenarios. I did receive the cleaver in time for the bbq and it stole the attention of all who attended (no small feat considering the 16 hr smoked local grass fed beef briskets and the 12 hr smoked Berkshire pork shoulders.) -- Bernard, Turks & Caicos

The blade is unbelievably sharp, the handle contours exactly to the shape of my hand, and the overall aesthetic is awe-inspiring. All of my knives have histories connected to the products that they have come in contact with and the meals that they help produce. I feel extremely lucky to be in possession of a tool that already has such intrinsic history from its previous life as the saw blade. (Saw tooth cleaver KK17)

A true camp knife. I made a small table with it yesterday. I trimmed the limbs debarked, and cut the pieces to length with the knife. All I had to do was saw each piece off evenly. (Nessmuck)

The blade is beautiful and the carving is perfect. Thanks for a job well done. -- Brian
( Saw tooth cleaver with a comissioned handcarved inscribed block)

I know how hard it is to reach an audience and how long it takes to develop a customer base. I have been interested in your business because I strongly feel you deliver a product worthy of attention. Both you and Aki have consistently kept your standards very high with every item I have ordered from you. Those I have shown your work to are very impressed as I have been. One of the challenges you also have is you are in need of a relatively high end buyer. We are not talking Buck knives here. I personally feel your products are fairly priced and I perceive value in each of the commissions I have purchased. I don’t want to get to technical talking about perceived value, but it is a definite fact of life and a concern to anyone trying to produce well designed items with extremely high quality & this is especially true when art is involved. (8 items) Dennis USA

I just love trusting you both to treat each piece with equal care and
determined execution. No worries about a commissioned work managed by either of you being anything short of a masterpiece. (Kootenai Knife)

Scott and Aki, My beautiful "art object" (loop style horse shoeing knife) arrived today! Thank you. It's perfect. It's a pleasure doing business with you.
Best regards, Mary USA

Thank you very happy great shoeing knife giving next one to my cousin he cant wait
to get it. Tim Ireland

I absolutely love them all. We have to think of a more appropriate name for the KK#13 knife. It is such a fantastic design it needs to be identified with dignity. Maybe I will try to suggest something if you don't mind. You won't have to use the name unless it
sticks. ( The "Odd Job" paring knife) USA

Thank you for a superb knife, and to congratulate you on a creation really well done. Feels really good in the hand and easy to work with. --(Tomato knife)

Needless to say they loved all three knives that were in the package I opened in front of them. I had fingerprints on every part of each knife and they couldn’t keep their hands off as they couldn’t believe such quality of workmanship still existed.

Thank you both so much for the effort. Aki it is absolutely incredible to me how you designed and built the lanyard. Amazing how absolutely it protects the knife from loss in the bush. What a great thing you did. The design of the lanyard to best suit its purpose and the beauty of the flat lanyard style were a best fit solution from both a design and practical application standpoint. I also thank Scott for suggesting it to me. I initially thought maybe too much, but now it was one of the best suggestions and decisions we made in the process. (Nessmuck)

The slick is incredible! Thank you very much for offering tools that are a true work of art. Thanks, Tom (Fish Tail slick)

The kitchen knife is an atom splitter, a masterpiece.
Rosa (Japanese style kitchen knife)

Scott,what beautiful knives! And Aki, what classy sheaths! Thank you.
Felix (two seven inch kitchen slicing knives)

Scott as you know I work in wood too, but you are sooooo good at fitting the wood to metal someone ought to have an award somewhere for the skill level you have achieved. The work and patience it takes to construct the hook knives is a thing of art in and of itself. You should stand proud and tall whenever you display your work.

Your products are dispayed beautifully and your site is easy to navigate. The knives we bought from you are of the best quality I have ever seen or used before. Great work.
Sharee ( Tiger Maple HK22, Moose HK29 and a Deer HK09 hunting knives)

The knife what can I say. What a perfect balance you rendered when working through the design process. The final design represents an artistry lent to a bush style knife that will shock all who see it. The lines and workmanship show the experience and feel you have

for the material and how you are able to make the material meet your structural design requirements. The design is both strong and yet is not heavy resulting in a great feel and balance to the blade design. The lines are smooth and demand respect for the tasks ahead. I can see the strength you have built into the design and resultantly know it can be used without the fear one has of lesser tools. I have used tools all my life and can immediately appreciate when a designer accomplishes a design both useful in its approach and able to meet the work the tool was designed to accomplish. (Nessmuck)

The face was much more than I expected. The detail & meaning you are able to convey is such a small area is evidence of your ability and understanding of the facial impact on each one you do. I am sure you enjoy a
different feeling for each one you carve. -- (street character head)

The chisels are the most beautiful I've ever seen. Thank you very much for the work you've done. It's evident in the finished product that you love and take pride in what you do. -- (framing chisels)

My totem wolf head, which by the way I now have around my neck, I absolutely love it. It is just so balanced and well done. It is just perfect and size.

The sheath - it is fine and a perfect conclusion to the meet the strong demand of the knife design. I now realize it would be a serious mistake for someone to try to influence your creative juice when you are working on a commission. You have an uncanny feel for your work and your designs are eloquent and unexpected. It formalizes the leather and adds a touch of class to a container that one neither expects nor has seen. The clarity and artistry of the design is truly genius. -Dennis (Nessmuck)

Your work is among the finest I have witnessed & is so worth the investment.

The shoeing knives are great and very well made. They are a superior product to anything out there. Tim Ireland

The spoon has a truly fine linear shape, splendid workmanship. The butter spreader reminds me of some Inuit snow writers made of ivory that we have. They were done in the 1930's or beforeby Inuit for writing messages in the snow. Your work has the same smooth feeling as the snow writers although smaller in proportion nonetheless the same basic feel.

Scott and Aki, thank you for your beautiful tools.-- (two handed adz and a 24" skew)

I have a loop knife for trimming my horses hoofs and a hunting knife which I carry with me on the trail rides through the wilderness. Both knives I bought from you about 2 or 3 years ago and I'm verry happy with them! Thanks a lot.

The hook knives and adze work beautifully and hold their edge. My students and I have completed two projects and now we are starting a dug out canoe. Thank you very much.
I have enjoyed your beautiful greeting cards. They are always beautiful and unique.

The carving is incredible and the wood choice was perfect. I know I
have Scott to thank for selecting a remarkable piece for the scales. Aki
what you did with the wood does justice to the spirit of the wolf and the
underlying freedom the animal represents to us all.

I think you capture that spirit and in two completely different approaches. The one side, almost
totem like, and the other something ethereal almost ghostlike in the
rendition of the northern fly. Remarkable. -Dennis

Here comes the mail lady & what does she have - that's
right the most incredible knife I have ever seen.-Scott.

As a long term collector of hand-carved wooden spoons by contemporary crafts people, I was pleased to find out about Aki's work through this website. As part of a extensive collection of wooden spoons that I am now building, Aki made me a deliightful small (9") wooden spoon that I was delighted to receive. I also acquired a few other of her spoons that I also found delightful.- Norman.

What a delight to find your wonderful work. So many of us preach sustainability, but your family embodies it. I am honored to have learned of your work and home. Thank you.

Scott and Aki, My beautiful "art object" (loop style horse shoeing knife) arrived today! Thank you. It's perfect. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

The knife is increadible, better than I imagined. Great craftsmanship. Thank -you.
(Gus knife HK26) Canada

Not only are the cards and bolo ties fabulous looking but they smell so good! I am delighted! Thank you.

I continue to use the kitchen knives I purchased a few years ago, the quality and workmanship are very impressive. - Sharee Australia

Hi, My sister bought me a knife which she presented to me on the weekend . I love it! She purchased one for our brother-in-law a couple years ago as she got his name for Xmas and I've used it and love it so being the wonderful sister she is, she bought me one. You do beautiful work. I will cherish the knife! Thank you.