Cariboo Blades
High carbon steel, wood, antler, copper and brass are recovered and repurposed into quality handmade knives. Our knife shop and home have been powered by solar energy for 20 years.
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Custom, Hand Forged Draw Knives

Log home builder’s tools, timber & rail hand tools, woodcarving draw knives for craftpeople.

Handmade draw knives for peeling & shaping logs,

Traditional handmade wood working tools and knives. We hand forge the draw knives from high carbon steel we’ve recovered from lumber mill saw blade leaf springs.

Hand forged draw knife, straight edged, bevel down.

Use your legs and your body weight for greater drawing power. Angled handle, curved blade, weight of the steel.

Draw knife “log peeler”. 7 inch curved 5/16 thick hand forged blade.

For pricing and to view more pictures in galleries please visit our online catalogue.

Curved edge draw knife for peeling logs and shaping.

The draw knives would start at $300 for 4 inches of edge. $ 175 an inch after that.

Heavy Duty handmade draw knives. Walnut handles.

We forge lumber mill carbon sawblade and spring steel, 3/16 to 1/2 inch thick. The knives are full tang and cut from one piece of steel. The blades and tangs are hardened and differentially tempered, blending tempers for toughness and strength. Angles are forged into the blades and tangs for strength and toughness The edges have wide bevels at 25 degrees. Cherry, apple, walnut and yew wood scales for the handles. We'll wrap a bit of leather for grip if you want.

Shaping logs. Drawing feathers with a draw knife, 10 inch edge.

Hand forged leaf spring steel draw knife, apple wood handles and leather.


Custom made draw knife, Straight 6”” edge, bevel up.

Hand forged draw knife with a 4” straight edge. Apple wood handles.

Smaller HD draw knives for a bushcraft kit, carving furniture construction, peeling logs. The edge and slow curves in the blade and handles are hand forged in. This one from 1/2 inch spring steel.

Small heavy duty 1/2 inch hand forged spring steel (5160). Straight edge, bevel down. 2 1/2 inch wide blade.

Visit our online catalogue Draw Knives page for more information and pictures.