Forged sawblade knives.
The great boreal forests of British Columbia, Canada.

Working towards a sustainable way of life.
Our products include handmade:
Bush, Camp,  Hunting Knives &

Kitchen Knives

Woodcarving Hook, Crooked or Bent Knives.

Hand Forged Draw Knives

Fine Sculpting Adze

Woodworking Slicks and Skews

Timber Framing Chisels

Heavy Duty Bench Chisels

Farriers' Knives

Featured Knives & Tools

Knife & Tool Sets

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Knife and tool makers.
Aki Yamamoto &
   Scott Richardson
From the Chilcotin,  British Columbia, Canada.

Cariboo Blades
Tools & Knives

Handmade, Forged, High Carbon Knives & Wood Working Tools.