Forged sawblade knives.
The great boreal forests of British Columbia, Canada.

All our carbon steel and quality handle materials are recovered. Living in the bush, growing our food, powering our cabin and shop with the sun.
Our products include handmade:
Bush, Camp,  Hunting Knives &

Kitchen Knives

Woodcarving Hook, Crooked or Bent Knives.

Hand Forged Draw Knives

Fine Sculpting Adze

Woodworking Slicks and Skews

Timber Framing Chisels

Heavy Duty Bench Chisels

Farriers' Knives

Featured Knives & Tools

Knife & Tool Sets

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Knife and tool makers.
Aki Yamamoto &
   Scott Richardson
From the Chilcotin,  British Columbia, Canada.

Cariboo Blades
Tools & Knives

Handmade, Forged, High Carbon Knives & Wood Working Tools.