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  1. Handmade Bushcraft/survival knife

Custom Handmade & Hand Forged Bushcraft Knives
Survival Knives and
Hunting Knives

We hand forge, harden and differentially temper each blade for strength and toughness. We hand make and hand stitch our custom leather sheaths using the saddlestitch method. Every sheath is custom to each knife. The knives are all original and one of a kind, pieces of British Columbia. We live off the grid isolated on the edge of the Chilcotin Plateau in the boreal forest of B.C..  We use the tools we make.
Tried, true and tested.    

We recovered carbon steel saw blade from the local lumber industry.

They have cut a lot of trees in the Cariboo/Chilcotin.

  1. Ghost saw blade
  2. Big circular head saw blade
  3. Cutting steel for large bushcraft and survival knives, woodcarving and timber hand tools
.Our shop is solar powered.
Bushcraft/ Survival Knife
.A steel butt (head saw tooth insert) and guard (1/4"processor chain saw bar) are welded to the 6mm thick hollow ground tang. The scales are tapped onto the tang squeezing everything together between the guard and the butt. The scales are held into place with threaded stainless pins, peened. Peen the copper. The balance of the knife is at the guard.
The knife has a hand forged 7" blade with a 5" handle. It's long enough to use as a small drawknife to peel rails.
It can be straight or you can customize from a selection of bushcraft features. Suggestions are welcome.

Camp knife, a survival,  hunting and a bushcraft knife depending on the edge. Enough option to fully load the sheath and knife.

The steel is cut and forged from 6 foot and 4 1/2 foot diameter head sawblades.

Images of the Caribou
Starts at $1350.

- steel butt, $150,
- firesteel and loop, $125,
- custom pouch, $110,
( with a diamond stone $130)
- locking lanyards, $150.

Hardening and a blended tempering process, differential temper, the length of the knife create a strong and tough knife.
The high carbon steel blades we collected 20 years ago from local lumber mills are hard to find now. 20 years ago we found some.
Kootenay Knife
.Hunting Knives

Hand forged and differentially tempered from recovered lumber mill planer blade steel, D2.  The knife has a 4 1/2 inch long blade with a slightly hollow ground bevel,  4mm / 3/16 spine,  4 1/2" handle with a hollow ground tang for balance at the guard.

Choose between hooded deep sheaths or open deep sheaths.
Longer and shorter lanyard systems for security.

Price: $1250
Image gallery to the Kootenai
We used a piece of a processor saw bar to create the guard and filled the chain slot with copper. Copper and cocobollo inserts with black walnut scales secured with 5 stainless threaded pins and a copper lanyard insert make up its handle.
The braided lanyard includes a handmade antler bead woven into it.  Balanced and comfortable with an edge that lasts.The sheath is made from 8 oz leather, saddle stitched by hand, hand tooled and custom fit.

Handmade Ulus

Handmade ulus.
We recover mill bandsaw steel and thicker carbon sawblade steel for the heavier ulus. The blades are  hardened and differentially tempered for strength, toughness.

Please visit our,
Custom to order Handmade ulu page

The Boar Knife
A bush knife.  The Boar has a 5 1/2" handle, 1/4 " thick spine.   Hand forged from circular 6 foot x 5/16 inch headsaw steel and differentially tempered. It holds a great edge.  Balanced at the brass guard, the guard is brazed and pinned.  Brass, deer antler and copper inserts,  moose antler scales held with 1/4" threaded and peened brass pins make up the handle. 
Image gallery
.The sheath is handmade, tooled and saddle stitched by hand. A leg tie is provided on sheath.
A strong, tough knife.

 Price, 6"    $1100
            8"    $1350     
           10"   $1700 
           12"   $2050

Handmade Camp Knives
- heavy duty, hand forged camp knife

Handmade Camp Knife Gallery

Maple Tiger

Bushcraft knife/ Hunting Knife
.Spearpoint 4 3/4 inch long blade, handforged and differentially tempered with a 5mm spine. The tang is hollow ground for balance. Brass guard, brazed and pinned in place. The handle has an antler butt with tiger maple wood scales pinned with threaded brass and copper spacers, copper spacers are peened in . The lanyard  hole is lined with brass. Moose antler butt.

Price, $1250
Image gallery

Wiseman  Bushcraft Knife.
Mountain Man/Nessmuk Camp Knife

.Somebody referred to it as a Nessmuk on steroides. Depending on your tasks spine thickness can be a bit less than 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch.
The tang is hollow ground for balance. Affter hardening we temper the spine tough and the edge strong, "differentially" tempering the spine and tang.

We'll build it with a 3/16" spine, 6" hand forged head saw steel blade and balanced. Moose antler butt pinned to the tang.   5 inch long handle or with a 1/4" spine and 8 inch blade keeping the profile.

Braided lanyards and one a hand locking lanyard

Image gallery
Starts at $950.
- steel butt, $150,
- firesteel and loop, $125,
- custom pouch, $110,
( with a diamond stone $130)
- locking lanyards, $150.

Hand Made Fillet Knives

Lumber Mill Band saw Blade Steel

Carbon  steel recovered from bandsaw blade steel. This steel has great tensile strength, flexibility, keeps an edge.  
 7 , 8 and 9 inches long blades, 1/16 inch thick and differentially tempered. We can use bandsaw blade steel that is very thin, 3/64", and has a cobalt content. It holds a great edge.  We can forge a spoon onto an extended tang.

Crown Fillet Knives

Fillet Knife Image gallery
 Brass guard and an antler crown handle. Peened copper. The tang is inserted 3" into the antler and then pinned with threaded stainless or brass pins.

The fillet knives  come with a deep handmade, tooled and handstitched sheath, saddle stitch, designed and made by Aki. Every knife is  special and unique.

   Starting at $1000, 
$150/ extra inch,
$100 for a forged spoon on the tang's end.                                                                                  
 Kirsten Knife
Dropped point hunting and fishing knife
A strong versatile knife with a 3.5mm thick spine. The blade is 3" full tang, D2 steel with a dropped point.  The handle is 3 1/2 inches long with moose antler scales. We hand forged the D2 high carbon steel (recovered planer blade). After forging and finishing we harden the steel in oil and differntially temper the blade, spine and tang for a tough tool.  A reliable knife for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, cutting rope, twine and a fine carving knife.were talking to your customer
We offer braided lanyard systems for absolute security on all our knives. Smooth one handed operations.
A long braided lanyard or two short locking lanyards for absolute security.
The sheath has leather ties to secure your knife into its sheath.

The Rider's knife includes a lanyard system of your choice, a regular belt slot and a custom loop set at 30 degrees or the angle you prefer. We include an original custom motif on your sheath and initials if you want.


Images of the Kirsten knife
.Price starts at $700.

They are all unique.

Bushcraft options include|:
- steel butt, $150,
- firesteel and loop, $125,
- custom pouch, $110,
( with a diamond stone $130)
- locking lanyards, $150.

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