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  1. clay hardrned ulu edge

 Handmade Ulus

We recover carbon steels. Power our shop with the sun. We take time to build and create tools with art and soul.

We build working ulus that will last generations.

The ulu knife is an ancient tool. A  traditional Inuit Woman's knife design some 4,500 year old. A primitive tool for a kitchen, a camp, on a hike or in a bushcraft, survival or hunting kit. For slicing,  jerky,  filleting,  chopping and mincing in a unique and efficient way or as a head knife for leather work. As a hunting tool, the ulu is the ultimate skinning knife , a great tool for your kit.  Tools and designs that are proven by people who live in the harshest conditions on earth. We feel priveledged to make these tools. Please read a customer's  Bushcraft Tools Review
Image Gallery of different styles we make.
.Take a look at the galleries if you see something you like, if you have an ulu in mind you can email us we'll work with you and make you an ulu. You may pick a blade style and handle style. Send us the picture numbers.
Irregular antler handle shapes fit snugly in your hand giving you a firm grip allowing you to have more control and power in cuts and slicing. If you prefer the warmth of wood you would have a choice of wood type from our stock .
We seal and stabilize moose, deer and elk antler and wood. All our ulus are balanced at the neck and guaranteed to keep a tough and strong razor's edge.

  1. Handmade Ulu sheath
  2. Ulu sheath
  3. Neck Ulu
  4. Heavy duty ulu sheath
  5. Skinning knife
.Ulu Sheath Gallery. Styles of our ulu sheaths.
Aki makes the sheaths by hand out of 8 oz. saddle leather and handstitches saddle stitch with a filet sandwitched between the front and back pieces of leather protecting the stitch from the very sharp ulu edge for a tough and lasting knife sheath, custom fit. 
The original designs on the face of the sheaths are hand drawn and tooled by Aki. You can request a custom motif.

We've lived in the bush in central British Columbia since 1997. We live in a small cabin, have a small shop powered by solar energy,  grow our own food and strive to leave a light footprint.

We've recovered L6 and 15N20 high carbon steel lumber mill saw blades. After we cut, shape and finish the ulu blades they are hardened  and differentially tempered. The blades and stems are tough and strong.  The blades hold a razor edge creating a high quality kitchen tool, hunting and bushcraft utlility tool. For the backcountry or your workbench, it is an indespensible knife.
Thicknesses vary between a thin 1mm to 5mm.

Ulus are a fine food preperation tool. Examples of knife blocks made from fruit tree knots and limbs that sit on your counter top.

  1. Rustic look: ulu in a block
  2. ulu in a small block
  3. ulu leaning on it's block
  4. Managing Director
  5. ulu held in a wood block
  6. leather working ulu and block.
  7. ulu themes
  8. hand made ulu leaning on a birch wood knife block
  9. Ulu sit comfortably and stable in an apple wood knife block
  10. Managing Director
.Image Gallery of our ulu's in blocks

Our ulus start at   -              $375.
Sheaths start at   -               $ 125
Fruit wood knot blocks -  $100

A Heavy Duty Ulu
- for the backcountry, bushcraft and hunting.

We make a variety of custom made Ulus.
We recover Lumber mill bandsaw steel, L6 and 15N20, for the blades . 
Hardened and differentially tempered for toughness and a razor edge that holds. 
Watch your fingers.

Indispensable kitchen tools, hunting, bushcraft and camping tools
Heavy duty start at, $450
Sheaths start at,        $225

The blade is made from recovered carbon steel from lumber mill saw blade. 3/16" thick with a hand forged,  high and slightly hollow ground bevel into a razor edge. 
The moose antler handle is held with three threaded stainless  steel or brass pins.

The sheath is hand made from 8 oz. leather.
The hand done double saddle stitch holds a fillet between the layers of leather protecting the hand stitching from the razor edge of the ulu.
Rivets are placed along the edge and rounded corners for reinforcement.
We've added a braided lanyard to the sheath to tie to your pack.

Image Gallery
  1. ulu with a moose antler handle sheathed
  2. handmade ulu
  3. 2 points, hd ulu
  4. ulu sheath
  5. skinning knife
  6. showing the stem and tang of a handmade ulu
  7. Wood handle ulu
  8. Ulu poised to fillet
  9. ulu knife sheathed
  10. Moose meat knife set
  11. Boreal forest under the moon tooled into a knife sheath
  12. handmade ulu profile
  13. handmade ulu
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