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  1. The knife is very beautiful, much nicer and sharper (haha ) than the pictures. Took it out and re-wrapped it. There's lots of love, dedication and craftmanship in that knife Keep making them. Thanks...many thanks.
    David 8 inch walnut chef knife
  2. Absolutely worth the wait. Beautiful knife and sheath far beyond my expectations. Thank you!
    Mike USA Boar survival knife
  3. The maple tiger is one of the most beautiful knives I've ever seen, GREAT job, I love the chess knife, very handy in the kitchen and it will be only MY knife haha. Hugo is very pleased with his knife, above expectation he said. And thanks for the lovely drawings, absolutely marvelous, I'm going to frame them, and give them a very special place . All have come with a story indeed, the long forest fires and Hugo being in BC and not able to pick them up. NO problems at the Brussels customs hiha So, thank you very very much.
    Wim Belgium Maple Tiger bushcraft knife & 2 chef knives
  4. Both packages have now arrived. Very happy with the tools, thanks so much.
    Graeme Canada 4 Framing Chisels, slick & a 10" draw knife
Customer testimonials
  1. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your work. The knife is AWESOME. I love the feel, the weight, the rustic look with the patina, and all wrapped up in a high quality sheath. It was well worth the wait. You both did an excellent job. Thank you.
    Carl USA Mountain Caribou knife
  2. My Caribou arrived on Saturday and I am so impressed with both your craftsmanship! The balance ,grip and edge of the Caribou is just perfect . The steel has a beautiful patina and shows off the skill of Scott . Aki , thank you for making the sheath . The Caribou fits very securely and your artwork only compliments it! I feel very lucky to own a unique tool and its money well spent!
    John USA Mountain Caribou knife
  3. It arrived yesterday on John's birthday. He opened it at dinner tonight. It is so beautiful. He was truly surprised and intrigued and thrilled with it. It is a true work of art. Thanks for making it a successful surprise for us. And I have truly enjoyed corresponding with you guys. You will probably hear from us again in the future.
    Casey USA 10 inch edge kitchen ulu
  4. ...thank you very much. It's like receiving a new knife for Christmas. I just want to admire it for awhile at my desk, not put it back in the kitchen just yet. Thanks for doing such an excellent job.
    David Canada Refurbish and sharpening, on us.
  5. .Just thought I’d give you an update on how I’m getting on with my new tools. I can get a breath takingly sharp edge on them and they hold their edge beautifully.
    Scott UK Timber Framing Chisels
  6. Thank you very much for investing your time, knowledge and effort to create these exceptional and rare tools.
    Flavio and MarLo Switzerland Custom woodcarving tools
  7. I'm just writing to say I received the ULU--another beautiful piece of usable art. Many thanks, happy spring
    Mark USA Heavy Duty Ulu
  8. They positively surpassed my expectations on every level. All of them delivering clean and fine cuts. The antler paddle knife is truly a work of art!!! it is elegant, strong, rugged, rustic and perfectly crafted…the performance is outstanding.…the sheath is gorgeous, very strong and well crafted…it feels great for the carver´s touch to hold this great tool, knowing that it was made with care, lots of skills and effort. I am really satisfied. On my part I will only say that I have the deepest respect for your skills and for how you practice your craft.
    Javier Spain Set of 7 crooked knives, 1 antler handled.
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