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Custom Made Knife & Tool Sets

We offer many different sets of tools and knives. You can put your own custom set together. Suggestions are welcome.

Custom Handmade,

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Handmade Custom Bushcraft Kit.


This set of custom made hunting knives and carving tools was originally made for an elk and moose hunter in British Columbia’s Northern region. A real wilderness survival/ hunting kit.


Another tool we made for this set that was added a few months later was a carver’s slick. With slick addition the wilderness set became a custom woodcarving set that can handle large work.

Bush Craft Survival and Hunting Knife and Tool Sets

Two knives or a kit like the one pictured, suggestions are welcome. We’ll work with you and make a great set. Visit our Knife and Tool Sets page on our catalogue for more information, picture galleries and pricing.

A Custom handmade bush set of tools to hunt, carve, setting up camp and survive with.

Wood Carving Slick. 28” overall.

The hand forged Bushcraft Flint Kit of survival tools and knives, includes a 7” Mountain Caribou bushcraft survival knife, 3” D2 Kirsten dropped point hunter, food prep and skinning HD ulu knife, 2” edge hd bushcraft bowl carving adze, 5” edge hd and spring steel draw knife and a medium size, under bevel spoon carving knife (crooked knife). All the tools are custom and handmade.

Custom Woodcarving Knife and Tool Sets

We make working art. Tools and knives to make art with. There are examples of different custom wood carving sets on our online catalogue. Here are a few suggested pages to visit to make up your own custom set.

Crooked knives Carving adze Chisels and Slicks Draw knives

Custom Made Woodcarving Knife and Tool Set

Custom Handmade Timber Framing Hand Tools


Custom Handmade Hand Forged Woodworking Tool Sets

On our catalogue page Tool and Knife Sets there is a picture gallery of sets of larger woodworking tools that we have put together. Here are a few more pages that could be viewed,

Carving adze Chisels and Slicks Draw knives Slicks and Skews

Custom Handmade Chef Knives Set

From our catalogue page, Kitchen Knives, there are links to a selection of kitchen cutley picture galleries with more information and pricing. Custom made hand forged chef knives, paring knives, Japanese style knives. ..Every knife is unique, custom to order and guaranteed. There is a picture gallery of Custom Kitchen Knife Sets on our catalogue page, Sets of Tools and Knives.