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Mountain Caribou Bushcraft Survival Knife

A tough and strong survival knife. Mountain Caribou knife. Custom, handmade and hand forged.

High carbon knife and tool steel. Lumber mill head saw blade. It left behind saw dust, we leave behind metal grindings.

Custom Wilderness Survival Knives

- Hand Forged drop point fixed blade knives

- a tough and strong blade for a survival knife is from lumber mill head saw blade carbon steel.

The Mountain Caribou knife is a piece of British Columbia’s boreal forest and history. The steel we forge has been used in saw blades to cut down the trees here, the metals come from the mines that dig here, the antler from the moose, deer and elk that lived here and the hardwoods from some of the trees that replaced a bit of the forests that was cleared.

This blade was exhibited hung from the ceiling over a 6” diameter Douglas fir stump at the 2001 Artropolis fine art show in the CBC studio in Vancouver, BC.

We provide options to customize the knife and sheath for the wilderness. For the starting model Mountain Caribou knife we can, custom the balance, edge geometry, the size of handle to fit your hand and the handle materials. A short lanyard is provided with a brass lined lanyard hole. You can choose the spine thickness. The blade length starts at 7 inches. On its handmade custom sheath you can choose to have initials and simple motifs tooled into the leather. The sheath can be natural or dyed. We provide more options; firesteels and loops, pouches and sharpening stones, locking lanyards for a more traditional knife security, steel pommels for hammering. All tough and able bushcraft features. The blade length can be longer at a cost per inch.

The steel is cut and forged from 6 foot and 5 foot diameter head sawblades. The high carbon steel saw blades we collected 20 years ago from local lumber mills are hard to find now. The blades are heavy with teeth and hard to work with. We are the only makers re-purposing this excellent steel that we know of.

Custom made survival knife. Handmade. Hand Forged. A wilderness survival knife.

Custom made survival knife. Handmade. Hand Forged. A wilderness survival knife.

Handmade survival knife. Tough, strong, wilderness ready.

The custom made Mt. Caribou knife shown here has a hand forged 7” drop point full tang blade with a 5/16 inch spine. The tang is tapered and hollow ground for balance over the finger guard. The steel butt is a head saw tooth welded to the tang ready for abuse. A piece of processor chain saw bar is fashioned into a finger guard and welded to the tang. The handle has cherry heart wood scales with apple wood and peened copper inserts, multi layered brass lined lanyard hole with a short hand braided lanyard. A thick piece of leather is fit behind the saw tooth hammer butt. The custom work done included the steel butt, cherry heart wood scales, spine thickness and the size of handle. The custom made sheath had a pouch and field touch up diamond stone, a fire steel with a carved apple wood handle set in a loop sewn into the sheath, locking hand braided lanyards for knife security and a leg tie tab. A fox is tooled into the sheaths front. The custom work that incurred extra cost was the saw tooth steel butt, locking lanyards, pouch, stone and the fire steel and loop.

Custom made bushcraft knife . This 5” blade was made for a hunting guide.

Custom made bushcraft knife . This 5” blade was made for a hunting guide.

Hardening and then blending tempers is a differential temper. We differentialy temper keeping the edge hard and strong and the length tempered tough. The knife is strong and tough.

Please visit our Knife and Tool Sets page. The Mt Caribou knife is an integral part of survival, bushcraft sets.

The Caribou shown below has a custom too order rustic finish, moose antler scales, a raven sheath with a loop sewn into the sheath design and a firesteel with a hand carved walnut handle. The blade is hand forged head saw steel, 7 inches, full tang with a 1/4 inch spine. Different faces to the knife depending on the design. The patinas are created with clay and glass during the heat treatments, images representing the boreal wetlands. The custom work that would cost extra would be the fire steel, loop and steel saw tooth butt.

Custom hand forged survival knife. Spear point.

We have made the Caribou Mountain knife, as some like to call it, for guides and trappers. A bushcraft survival knife that is tough, strong and won’t fail. We guarantee it. It’s a custom made working knife.

“Looks, works and feels great. Very much worth the wait. Thank you again for your work and dedication to my knife. (Mountain Caribou, 7" blade)
(The Boar knife I had you make me last year has been awesome. Thanks again for all of your hard work)”. Mike

Our home off the grid on the edge of the Chicoltin plateau,

The Caribou Mountain survival knife has a bit of copper and brass, hand forged from saw blade steel, antler and wood. Built here in the working forest of British Columbia. We make a tough boreal forest working bush knife.

Custom made bushcraft sheaths

Bushcraft equipped. Fire steel with an hand carved handle in a loop sewn into the sheath, leg tie tab, field touch-up sharpening stone in a pouch and braided locking lanyards for knife security. A client can customize their bushcraft sheath. Visit our Custom Sheath page.

The tang is forged, tapered and hollow ground. The steel saw tooth butt (optional) and guard (1/4" processor chain saw bar) are forged, finished and welded to the tang at a slight angle. The scales are tapped onto the tang squeezing everything together between the guard and the butt. The scales are held into place with threaded stainless pins, peened. We peen in the copper inserts and tighten. The balance of the knife is at the guard

Walnut scales. A thick piece of leather between the steel hammer butt and the handle scales.

Contact and Order

Hunting knife and tool set sheathed.

Hunting knife and tool set sheathed.


Custom Made Bushcraft Survival Knife

Custom. A piece of deer antler tightens the apple wood handle fire steel into its loop.

Custom. A piece of deer antler tightens the apple wood handle fire steel into its loop.


The Mountain Caribou survival knife starts at $1350.

Custom Options include:
- steel butt, $150,
- firesteel and loop, $125,
- custom pouch, $110,
( with a diamond stone $130)
- locking lanyards, $150.

Boreal wetland reflections.

Boreal wetland reflections.

The working forests trees of British Columbia are 32% of BC’s exports, 14.1 billion. 94% of the forests are owned by the province (the crown).

We have made blade shapes that vary slightly. You may choose and suggest a shape from the image gallery above.

We flat grind 3/4 high on the blade down to a 2 mm thick edge and then grind a convex second bevel 1/4 - 1/2 inches high, the edge will take a lot. You can suggest your own edge geometry.

Hand forged wilderness survival knife.

“I love my knife, a functioning piece of masterful art”. -Mike USA

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your work. The knife is AWESOME. I love the feel, the weight, the rustic look with the patina, and all wrapped up in a high quality sheath.” -Carl USA

You can choose moose antler scales, cherry, walnut, yew or apple wood scales.

High carbon steel, copper, brass and stainless steel threaded pins.

Custom made bushcraft survival knife set. Custom sheaths.

Custom made bushcraft survival knife set. Custom sheaths.

Hammer forged tapered to the steel hammer butt. A saw tooth insert welded the tang. A bushcraft survival knife feature.

The steel butt can hammer in 4 inch nails, crack bones for marrow, Break shell fish and nuts.


We try and build the knife to be indestructible.

Custom hunting knife set. build a camp.

Custom hunting knife set. build a camp.

This hunting too set was made for a carver.

It is made up of 6 tools. Custom made hunting knives and 3 carving tools.


It’s the access to and destruction of habitat that has determined the fate of the Mountain Caribou. The destruction of habitat can not be rectified. To save the remaining herds the same people (governments) are killing wolves, cougars and any other predator in order to control the predators populations.

Bushcraft Wilderness Survival Knife. A sheath with absolute security.  Not for the office.

Bushcraft Wilderness Survival Knife. A sheath with absolute security.

Not for the office.