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Mountain Caribou Survival Bushcraft Knife

Bushcraft skills combined with the Mountain Caribou knife will set you free.

Custom Handmade Hand Forged Survival Knives

Custom hand forged survival knife.

A custom rustic finish and a raven sheath. There are different faces to the knife depending on the design tasks handed to us by the client. It’s always a tough bushcraft survival knife.

We angle the Guard and steel butt so when we set in the copper, leather and scales they are squeezed in tight. The pins are stainless bolts screwed into holes in the scales that are one size smaller. The holes in the tang are the perfect diameter. The copper and leather sit in tight fitting shallow grooves in the tang. Every part is coated in an epoxy, more to keep out bacteria. After the handle is together and before the epoxy is hard we peen. The pins are peened over and we spend time peening the copper into the knife following the shapes in the antler. When it's finished you could drive a truck over the handle and it would stay together. We had a Mountain Caribou knife destroyed in the FT McMurray wildfires. The steel was burnt so badly we had to make another for the customer. That and a chisel and a vise is the only way.

Handmade custom bushcraft survival knife.

Cherry heart wood scales, apple wood and copper inserts, brass lined lanyard hole and a leather shock absorber. 7” hand forged drop point blade with a 7.5 mm spine. The steel butt is a head saw tooth welded to the tang ready for abuse. A piece of processor chain saw saw bar is fashioned into a finger guard and welded to the tang. The tang is hollow ground for balance over the finger guard.

We hardened in oil with clay and crushed glass, the spine is differentially tempered blending tempers from the spine to the oven tempered edge. ..I hold, Kai pounds. Great to have a strong kid around. The bushcraft options load the sheath. Choice and custom made, hand stitched saddle stitch. For more on this knife visit our Featured Work page and our catalogue for more pictures and pricing.

The Caribou Mountain survival knife has a bit of copper, hand forged saw blade steel, antler, wood and we build them here in the working forest of British Columbia. It’s a boreal forest working bush knife.

The tang is forged, tapered and hollow ground. The steel saw tooth butt (optional) and guard (1/4" processor chain saw bar) are forged, finished and welded to the tang. The scales are tapped onto the tang squeezing everything together between the guard and the butt. The scales are held into place with threaded stainless pins, peened. We peen in the copper inserts and tighten. The balance of the knife is at the guard

Handmade survival knife sheath.

Handmade survival knife sheath.

Bushcraft equipped. Fire steel with an apple wood handle and loop, leg tie, sharpening stone, pouch and braided locking lanyards for knife security. A client can customize their bushcraft sheath. Visit our Custom Sheath page.

Custom handmade survival bushcraft knife.

Walnut scales. A thick piece of leather between the steel hammer butt and the scales.

For more information about options and pricing visit our online catalogue at the,

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Hand forged wilderness survival knife.

Hand forged wilderness survival knife.

The Mountain Caribou survival knife is a piece of the working forests of British Columbia. 32% of BC’s exports, 14.1 billion. 94% of the forests are owned by the province (the crown).

Handmade survival knife.

Moose antler scales. High carbon steel, copper, brass and stainless steel threaded pins.

We flat grind 3/4 high on the blade down to a 2 mm thick edge and then grind a slight convex second bevel 1/4 - 1/2 inches high, the edge will take a lot. It's a bit like a scandi grind but has more versatility.

The Caribou second bevel has an edge 25 degrees.

Custom made bushcraft survival knife set. Mt Caribou knife and a D2 Kirsten knife.

Custom made bushcraft survival knife set. Mt Caribou knife and a D2 Kirsten knife.

Hammer forged tapered to the steel hammer butt. A saw tooth insert welded the tang. A bushcraft survival knife feature.

The steel butt can hammer in 4 inch nails, crack bones for marrow, Break shell fish with ease.

Custom full tang, fixed blade survival knife.

Custom full tang, fixed blade survival knife.

We build the knife to be indestructible.