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Stolen Images

In May we discovered an image of ours on Pinterest being used as a link back to the Lee Valley store. The image is of a woodcarving crooked knives set and an adze , carving tools we had made.

By woodcarver's standards a very nice set of handmade custom Pacific Northwest carving hook knives and bowl adze. Hand carved cherry wood handles, recovered high carbon steel from the mills around the Cariboo. It was a Pinterest pin saved from Lee Valley. We found the image by searching for carving crooked knife set.

I posted a comment saying it was our image, they were our tools and left our web address. I thought, well maybe that will be ok because that image and some other pins were all we had on Google image searches at the time. In hindsight, that was a mistake.

Earlier this year we had launched a new site replacing an old Cariboo Blades site only to discover soon after that our images weren't being indexed by Google. Disaster, we had had excellent presence, now we were disappearing. Homestead, our website builder host, had no idea when they could fix this. We had no time to build another site with another provider. The only images of our products on an image search came from Pinterest. When a craftsperson is considering buying a high end tool or knife they can search for images to see what's available, for ideas. That's how we get business. Traffic to our site by the links from our images to our site. Alt's, keywords, seo.

We got busy with living here and the image linked to Lee Valley slipped our minds.

Over a 6 month period we were able to scrape the time together to build another site with Squarespace. Our images are beginning to show up again. I began searching keywords, phrases etc... We found our image still linked back to Lee Valley everywhere that was important to us. When I clicked on one image during a search, crooked knife carving sets and followed it to Pinterest, my comment was gone. Any link to us had been taken off? How does that happen. Instead there was a broken, misspelled, incomplete link to our site. Now the situation was annoying. We contacted Lee Valley, said it was our image, we make the tools in the image could they take it down. They were apologetic, had to find the pin but they were on it. Later, I did another search for woodcarving crooked knife sets, clicked on our image and went to Pinterest. Same image was on another pin to Lee Valley Tools but this pin was saved by Lee Valley. This pin had my name attached to it.

It looked like an advertisement. Lots of keywords in the title, description, scrolling tags and an information button. I clicked the button and found my name. It looked to me like I was making tools and knives for Lee Valley. Of course I didn't write it. Somebody else did. .

I emailed Lee Valley with a screen shot. Asked them how my name got there. Again they were very apologetic and would remove the pin as soon as they could. No mention of my name but within an hour my name was removed and replaced with another description of the tools from under the information button on the pin. The image was not removed. I mean, everything was the same, somebody just took my name out...?

Lee Valley customer service emailed (in case you're wondering, we don't have a phone) and said an employee saved the pin by mistake.?. ok, but in our opinion that is hard to believe. Doesn't explain why there was a writing job done posting the Scott Richardson name on a pin clearly meant to advertise.. That seems to be a bit more than just a our opinion.

Variations of the keywords. Different terms. Custom woodcarving crooked knife set and adze, carving crooked knives etc... The best search was "Lee Valley crooked knife". Our image came up linked to them among their knives in the first row of images.

Lee Valley Crooked Knife

Lee Valley dominated all of the search ranking we used to have with our image and with my name associated with them! I have a small library of screenshots.

Woodcarving Crooked Knives

                                                                                              Crooked Knife Set

With over 40 stores between Canada, the US, UK and Ireland, an online store, linking our image, my name and our tools to their store and using Pinterest, one of the biggest social media networks in the world, bothered us. It doesn't make sense they'd do this. Is this just business?  Using our image and name worldwide. On top of this, the pins could have been up for 6 months. We don't know. Their tool and knives are 1/3 the cost of ours. .We just thought, what a score, buy Cariboo Blades carving knives and tools at 1/3rd the cost.

The Lee Valley pins were up for almost 2 weeks after we'd sent our first request. We were hoping Lee Valley, in good faith, would take them off.

We contacted Pinterest and told them of a copyright violation (our opinion). Pinterest checked out our site to see for themselves and took the pins off their board within 24 hours.

Life living in the Cariboo/ Chilcotin bush has its challenges. We had been under an evacuation order for 2 months for the summer of 2017. We try and make everything with solar energy so losing July and August was tough. It put us way behind .  It was the snowball effect as the sun got lower in the sky in the fall. We were spending all our time catching up and growing our food,  the gardens are a priority.  Just trying to survive. This experience was like getting kicked while we were down.

Now we are looking for our images.

Pinterest is a great site and the team there is supportive.

Have a good day.

Aki and Scott

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