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Kootenay Drop Point Hunting Knife

The Kootenay knife is a dropped point hunting knife with a 4 1/2 inch blade. Hand forged from saw steel we recover from lumber mills.

Handmade Custom Drop Point Hunting Knife, The Kootenay.

Custom made fixed blade, hand forged hunting knife.

We forge the blades from recovered planer blades (D2 steel) and trim saw blades. Client’s choice of sheath design, handle scales, blade steel, handle size and an original custom motif tooled into the sheath. All our knives and tools are custom to order.

Handmade dropped point hunting knife.

We manipulate the patina with clay and glass for art’s sake and leave it on the steel for rust protection.

Handmade Custom drop point hunting knife.

Handmade Custom drop point hunting knife.

A trim blade stands beside this Kootenay. The steel that made this hand forged 4.5 inch knife blade. Saw steel is some of are our source of high carbon steel for hand forging knife blades.

Saw Blade Steel

Visit our online catalogue at the Kootenay Image Gallery page for more information, pictures and pricing.

We’d arrive during the “filers” lunch break. That was the designated time when the supervisors were occupied. They loaded our 3/4 ton up with 6’ and 4.5’ saw blade until the differential almost touched the rubber stoppers on the frame. They had been storing the blades in the back behind some machines. For some reason the blades hadn’t been thrown out. They were obsolete and hadn’t been used for at least 15 years. That was in 1997. We were asked to return for another load of 2’ trim saw blades, planer blades and bandsaw steel. One mill gave us 25 years worth of blood, sweat and tears.

Father and son hand forging.

Father and son hand forging.

Custom hunting knife secured in it’s custom sheath.

Knife security without snaps. Two lanyards. One growing from the back of the sheath and one on the knife. Locking lanyards for knife security. Refer to our custom sheath page.

Custom Handmade Hunting Knife Set.

Handmade ulu skinning knife, Custommade small dropped point hunting knife, 3” D2 blade, 6” bushcraft Nessmuk/ mountain man knife with a 3/16” spine and a 4.5” drop point blade hunting knife, the Kootenay.

Custom sheaths with absolute security.

Hand braided lanyard wraps around its custom reinforced sheath and loops over the Kootenay’s butt.

Hand forged drop point hunting knife. Custom long locking lanyard. Visit our custom sheaths.

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