Cariboo Blades
Handmade Working Art

Small Hunting Knife, D2 Kirsten

A smaller hunting knife. Handforged D2 steel blade. Custom made for riders.

Small Handmade Dropped Point Hunter

Custom made

Drizzle is a horse down under. Custom leather tooling. This Kirsten Rider has moose antler scales, copper and a brass guard. D2 steel is almost stainless. We leave the patina on for more protection.

Sheath Design

Sheaths for riding. The Kirsten Rider. This belt loop is at 15 degrees with locking lanyards for absolute security.

We’ll design sheaths to fit a belt, suspenders, however carried and at any angle.

Custom made woodcarving knife. The Kirsten designed to carve wood with it’s D2 steel hand forged blade.

The Kirsten dropped point knife, 3” hand forged blade, D2 steel, a long 4.5” handle with apple wood scales. The knife and sheath have locking lanyards.

Kirsten Riding knife, clipped drop point blade, moose antler scales with a custom motif tooled into its sheath, Original images designed by Aki Yamamoto.

View more at the Kirsten Knife Gallery page on our catalogue site. Information and pricing.