Cariboo Blades
High carbon steel, wood, antler, copper and brass are recovered and repurposed into quality handmade knives. Our knife shop and home have been powered by solar energy for 20 years.

Small Hunting Knife, D2 Kirsten

A small hunting knife. 3” handforged D2 steel blade. Custom made for riders and hunters.

Small Handmade Dropped Point Knives

Recovered Planer Blade Steel

Custom Made Knives

Handmade drop point hunting knife, the Kirsten Rider.

Moose antler scales, copper and a brass guard. D2 steel. We leave the patina on for extra rust protection. Small hand forged, dropped point hunting knife.

On his run this morning Kai , our son, met two wolves. They were chasing our dog, Jack. Jack leapt from the bush with the wolves close behind and across the road where Kai was standing . They almost ran into Kai. 2 metres apart. The wolves were relaxed, turned and went back into the bush. Kai watched as they turned and watched him.

Sheath Design

Knife Sheaths for riding. The Kirsten Rider.

We’ll design sheaths to fit a belt, suspenders, however carried and at any angle.

This belt loop is at 15 degrees with locking lanyards for absolute security.

Custom made woodcarving knife. This Kirsten was custom made for a carver with its hand forged D2 steel blade and thicker handle.

The Kirsten is a custom made small drop point knife.

A 3” hand forged D2 steel, full tang blade. This one has apple wood scales on a long 4.5” handle. The knife and sheath have locking lanyards.

Visit our Custom Sheaths page for more information about our designs and options.

Horse riding knives. A small hunting knife with a clipped drop point blade,

Moose antler scales. The tooled motifs are included. Original and custom. Suggestions are welcome.

Hand carved knife handle.

View more at the Kirsten Knife Gallery page on our catalogue site. Information and pricing.