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Custom Made Drop Point Hunting Knife

A small hand forged hunting knife. D2 steel blade. Custom made for riders and hunters.

The Kirsten knife

  • Custom Fixed Blade Knives

  • Recovered Planer Blade Steel, D2

Tough and Strong. A small 3 inch blade versatile knife.

The Kirsten is a smaller strong versatile knife with a tough 4.5 mm thick spine. The blade is 3" full tang with a dropped point (clip). We hand forge the carbon steel planer blades re-purposing them into the Kirsten and Kootenay knife blades. The handle is 4 inches long. Your choice of antler or wood scales. After forging and finishing we harden the steel and differentially temper the blade, spine and tang for a tough tool with a strong D2 steel edge.  A reliable knife for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and ranching chores like cutting rope and bailing twine. The Kirsten is a fine carving knife. The sheath is saddle stitched by hand with a welt protecting the stitch from the knife’s edge, leather ties for knife security and a custom motif. That is the basic knife to start with.

Handmade hand forged drop point knife. Custom made Horseman’s knife.

Handmade hand forged drop point knife. Custom made Horseman’s knife.

Custom drop point hunting knife. Equipped with an angled belt loop.

Every fall a cowboy or two will come through our place looking for stay cattle. Aloof, disciplined and tough. Indigenous men that know the bush.

We make the Kirsten for horseback riders, hunters, bushcraft, wilderness survival, the outdoors.


These 2 custom made Kirsten knives have moose antler scales, copper and brass guards. Forged D2 steel 3” blades. Lanyard holes with lanyards. One has a brass and one has a copper lined lanyard hole. We leave the patina on for extra rust protection. Small hand forged, dropped point hunting knives.

You can customize and choose, a custom motif and initials tooled into your sheath, wood scales or antler scales. You can suggest an adjustment of the handle size to fit your hand. These options and preferences are included. We offer another half a dozen bushcraft options.


Please visit our Knife and Tool Sets page. The Kirsten knife is an integral part of survival, bushcraft and wood carving sets.

We have provided a few galleries of custom made Kirsten knives. Please note the variety. Custom made.

Image Gallery of the Kirsten Raven

The Kirsten Raven was part of a bushcraft knife set that included the Nessmuk/ Mountain Man knife, the Wiseman.

The Raven and Wolf knife set was custom made for two people separated by circumstance. A wolf was carved into the Kirsten handle to remind the raven he was there. A raven was carved into a custom bushcraft knife to remind him she was there.


Image Gallery, Apple Walnut Bushcraft Knife Set

Kirsten drop point hunting knife with a custom made bushcraft knife, the Wiseman. The Kisten knife has been included in woodcarving sets, bushcraft kits, hunting knife and tool sets and even a kitchen knife sets.


Image Gallery of the Kirsten Elk knife. 4 inch variation.

D2 steel we’ve recovered and repurposed has a very high carbon content for knives and needs to be dealt with in a special way. To help ensure that the steel is tough and strong the spines are protected with clay during the hardening process. The differential temper is done with a torch. The edge temper is done in an oven twice. We harden the blades in oil and produce that legendary planer blade edge. Under a microscope the edge is actually serrated.

We can add more blade or more handle length. The Kirsten Elk is 4 inches rather than the standard 3. It would cost an extra $100 an inch.


Image Gallery, Kirsten Custom Knife Sets


Moose antler or wood scales

Custom made woodcarving knife. This Kirsten carving knife was custom made for a wood carver with its hand forged high carbon steel blade and thicker handle.

The Kirsten carving knife with a 2 1/2 inch blade and its custom sheath is $500.

Tapered Tang. We hollow grind the tang keeping the balance at the finger guard.


To start with. 3” blade, 4” handle.

Price for the Kirsten knife starts at $800.

Options include:
- firesteel and loop, $125
- 2 short locking lanyards or 1 long, $150
- custom angled belt loops, $35
- lanyard hole drilled and lined with brass or copper with a short braided lanyard, $85.

Visit our Custom Sheaths page for more information about our designs and option