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Handmade Custom Steak Knives

Working art for your dining table. Special custom sets of steak knives from the boreal forest.

Custom Working Art

The Latest set.

A creative challenge, a collaboration, a project that occupied our space in the woods for some time. We hope to spark some dinner conversation and contribute to many memorable evenings…Working Art.

Recovered and recycled. This is high quality 1.4mm thick carbon/cobalt steel that would otherwise become a mix for cheap pot metal.

Handmade steak knives set

4.5” full tang blades, 2mm spines and moose antler scales

Very sharp knives. 3/64 “ thick high carbon, cobalt steel.

Working art. Custom Steak knives made with the spirit of what was and what is.

Custom made steak knives.

Angled blade edge to handle. The 4.5” steak knife blade is a thin carbon steel with a cobalt content that holds an extremely sharp edge.

Copper has been used by the indigenous here for thousands of years. In trade, ceremony, tools, cutlery and generally showing affluence. We’ve melted copper onto the blades intentionally distorting the blades. The distortion comes from what we have seen here living in the bush in British Columbia for 20 years. The impact on the indigenous peoples and environment is distorted. The distortion in the steel follows the organic lines in the moose antler handles. Moose are disappearing. Mountain Caribou are almost extinct. Everyone blames everything else for the disappearing moose and caribou except themselves. Put the blame on the wolves. Shoot them, snare them (hang them) and poison them. We’ve used moose antler off cuts we saved from our knife shop, bent and distorted. We boiled the pieces, straightened them with clamps and vise. They are the scales that hold the razor sharp blades. Ranchers blame bears for taking their calves. We hear gun shots all year because it’s open season on the indiscriminate killing of bears.

Lives not respected, in the way… that are inconvenient.

The handmade knife process. Custom steak knives drying over our cook stove.

Custom made leather knife roll.

Custom knife roll. A handmade, hand stitched steak knife roll.

The knives in the roll are absolutely protected.

Two weights of leather, copper saddle rivets, handstitched with two types of waxed thread. The original edges of the leather from the tannery are incorporated where possible. Working art.

We can make knives custom made for you. Handle material, size, blade length, spine thickness, theme. We make art.

Set of handmade steak knives. Ten knives in their custom leather roll.


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Each Steak knife is unique and is a piece of sculpture unto itself. Everything is handmade: ground by hand, hand carved, hand finished and the leather work is by hand, saddle stitched.

Tough handmade steak knife with a 1/8 inch spine. Cherry wood scales. Antler and copper with a brass guard.

If your interested in a unique set of dining cutlery please contact us.

Handmade working art from the edge.

Different styles of custom steak knives. Materials that have been recovered and repurposed. Cutlery with spirit.

Handmade custom dining knives. Steak knives. We manipulate the patinas with clay, glass and heat. A result of the hardening process.