Cariboo Blades
High carbon steel, wood, antler, copper and brass are recovered and repurposed into quality handmade knives. Our knife shop and home have been powered by solar energy for 20 years.

Small Handmade Custom Drop Point Knife

In the Boar knife series. A neck knife with a 3 inch long, hand forged drop point blade. A small, tough hunting knife. Full tang and 3/16 inch spine. Moose antler scales with a peened copper and brass finger guard.


Custom Made Neck Knife

Hand forged drop point, full tang fixed blade knife


Hand forged drop point knife

Custom 3 Inch Drop Point Knife

We left the saw blade tooth pattern on the spine. Brass and copper melted together make up the guard. Moose antler scales held with threaded pins, peened over.

The Boar neck knife is part of a series of Boar knives. Please visit our, Boar Knives page.

Neck Carry Sheath

The handmade neck knife sheath is saddle stitched by hand. Equipped with a braided lanyard on a brass stud for security. A fillet of leather sandwiched in between to protect the stitching from the knife edge. Rivets are set for extra strength.

Handmade knife drop point secured in its sheath. Custom neck knife.

Neck knife high carbon saw blade steel. Tooth spine

High Carbon Steel

The saw blade teeth are in the spine. Differentially tempered. The spine is tempered blue and blended into a light straw at 465 degrees in an oven.

All the colours and the manipulated patina is left on the blade as rust protection and a Cariboo Blades face.

Custom Fit

Balanced at the guard. Tough knife with a strong edge

Handmade drop point knife in hand. Balanced at the guard.

Boreal Boar Drop Point Hunter Neck Knife

The neck sheath hangs on your neck comfortably on an adjustable thick leather lace. Absolutely secure. The braided leather lanyard grows from the back of the sheath, over the finger guard and secures to a brass stud. Aki adds a leather tie for added security, but it’s really not needed and can be removed.

Exact and meticulously custom fit in its sheath . The Boar neck knife

“Absolutely high-end master-ship, beautiful sheath”.
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