Cariboo Blades
High carbon steel, wood, antler, copper and brass are recovered and repurposed into quality handmade knives. Our knife shop and home have been powered by solar energy for 20 years.
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Handmade Kitchen Cutlery Catalogue

Links to Cariboo Blades custom chef knives and Kitchen knives online catalogue.


Custom Made Chef Knives, Custom Made Kitchen Knives Catalogue Links

Our kitchen cutlery is made considering the best quality. All our full tang kitchen knife blades are made with the high quality carbon steel from lumber mill saw blade. All our handle materials are recovered and stabilized. We make knives to cook with for generations. Working art for the kitchen.


Handmade paring knives made by Cariboo Blades.

Custom Handmade Paring Knives

Strong paring knives made custom to order. Please click on the image and you’ll be brought to the paring knife image gallery with pricing and pictures on Cariboo Blades catalogue.

Handmade Custom Fruit, Vegetable and Meat Knives

Hand forged meat carving knives, brisket slicers and boning knives with muscle. Bear in mind everything we make is custom to order. Fruit knives and vegetable choppers, click on the image and view some of the custom work Cariboo Blades has done in the gallery.


Handmade meat carving knife and a custom fillet knife, an ulu knife.

Fillet knives and a fish cleaver for processing halibut to trout.

We custom design knives for customers. Working with them to make great knives that are unique, one of a kind… functional working art from material you can’t buy. Recovered materials.

Custom Handmade Fillet Knives

Cariboo Blades has made 6 to 10 inch full tang blades, with extensions of a forged spoon on the knife’s end, stiff blades, blades that will flex a lot and of course everything in between. View the handmade fillet knife gallery on our online catalogue. Pricing is included. Please click on the image.

Custom fillet knife with a spoon forged into the tang’s end.

Saw Tooth handmade meat cleaver sits in an apple wood knot block. It was supplied with a sheath as well.

Saw Tooth handmade meat cleaver sits in an apple wood knot block. It was supplied with a sheath as well.

Cariboo Blades makes a tough and strong cleaver from recovered carbon lumber mill saw blade steel. 3/8 or 1/4 inch thick with a high bevel and a razor edge. Custom to order, blade length and size, handle size and handle material. Click on the image and view the catalogue image gallery with custom work and pricing.

Go to the Cariboo Blades Kitchen Knives online catalogue to view these knives and more at,