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Handmade Kitchen Knives Catalogue

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Custom Kitchen Knives

Handmade custom kitchen knives made with the finest materials.

Handmade custom kitchen knives made with the finest materials.

  • Paring Knives

  • Custom Chef Knives

  • Handmade Kitchen Knife Varieties

  • Custom made Fillet Knives

  • Custom Made Cleavers

  • Kitchen and Chef Knife High Carbon Steel We Process

All our full tang kitchen knife blade steel is recovered and re-purposed. Modern carbon steels from the lumber industry. All our handle materials are recovered from artisans, orchards and the boreal forest. We make knives to cook with for generations. The knives will take and hold razor sharp edges. Everything we make is guaranteed for craftmanship and materials.

Kitchen knives made by Hand. Working Art for your kitchen.


Scott, Aki and Kai:

“ The knife is very beautiful, much nicer and sharper (haha ) than the pictures. Took it out and re-wrapped it. There's lots of love, dedication and craftsmanship in that knife.
Thanks...many thanks”.
David (Yanagi kitchen knife) USA

Custom Handmade Paring Knives

Image Gallery of paring knives shapes and style.

Handmade paring knives with long handles.


Handmade kitchen knives. Paring knives with tiger maple, arbutus and moose handles.

Rook paring knife

Rook paring knife

Strong paring knives made custom to order. All our paring knives can be designed to carry in a sheath on a belt. Send us the picture of the knife you are interested in.

We recover and re-purpose quality high, carbon steels and handle materials. Each knife we make is unique and custom to the customer.

You can choose the wood or antler for your handle scales. If you want you can suggest a spine thickness, blade length and you can suggest a blade shape. The pictures in the gallery are a few, a variety of shapes and styles. We’ve been doing it this way for 20 years. Handmade and custom.

“Thank you for a superb knife, and to congratulate you on a creation really well done. Feels really good in the hand and easy to work with”. Tom

Custom Handmade Kitchen Knives

Image Gallery of Vegetable, Meat and Utility knives

Custom kitchen knives. Original, unique and strong chef knives.

Custom made kitchen knives made for the tasks at your hands. Pick and choose, mix and match handles blades, wood and antler. Suggestions are welcome. Contact us.

..thank you very much. I just want to admire it for awhile at my desk, not put it back in the kitchen just yet. Thanks for doing such an excellent job. David Canada

High Carbon Kitchen and Chef Knife Steel

Image Gallery of High Carbon Steel Sources

Handmade custom carbon steel chef knives. 8 inch full tang, juniper wood handle

We live simply and work in the bush on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau growing our food, creating art, while leaving a light footprint. Our power for the shop and cabin is from the sun. We have lots of open sky. Up-cycling or recycling, repurposing or re-using and trying not to exploit others while creating working knives and tools. With a small, efficient system we are powered by the sun’s energy.

We apply a thick clay slip to the spine and tang before the hardening process. With glass powder and thinner clay slips we are able to manipulate abstract images on the knife faces representing the boreal wetlands in which we dwell.

Don’t believe the hype. The finest edges on kitchen knives are found with recovered modern carbon steels. Knives built with recovered materials take more work to make but have the essence of our lives built into them.

Handmade Universal Kitchen Knives

Custom knives, custom to order, made by hand. Click on the image and view a bit of our custom work .

Image Gallery of the Universal Kitchen Knives

We have recovered and re-purposed steel from the lumber industry. For kitchen knives we remove stock from bandsaw blade steel, between 1.5 and 3 mm. Excellent steel for kitchen knives. For thicker spines we hand forge bigger lumber mill circular saw blades.

From our site you can choose: handle material and size, blade length, width and spine thickness for a universal kitchen knife. Refer to a knife you see and we’ll work with you to build the knife that fits you.

Custom kitchen knives. A handmade universal kitchen knife, Chilcotin paring knife and a fruit knife


“It's been over three years since I bought my two kitchen knives from Scott, and not a cooking day goes by without one or both of them bringing a smile to my face. They are, quite simply, exceptional. The broad spined chef's knife cuts into potatoes and literally splits apart the toughest squash with ease; the finer single-bevel japanese slicer does all the smaller jobs, so probably gets more use overall. The wood handles are aging beautifully, with the yellows and reds deepening and the few little knicks they've acquired only adding to their appeal; the blades continue to perform as well as they did on day one, requiring only a quick sharpening with a 1200 diamond stone a couple times a year. I apply camellia oil a few times a year to the blades for rust protection, and keep the blades dry when not in use; this extra work has only increased my feel of connection with the tools. Added to all this a deep sense of gratitude to Scott and his family for the methods and materials used to craft them, and I'm left feeling honestly like there are no other knives in the world I would rather use (and this from a fellow who is extremely fond of high-quality hand-made japanese blades)”.
Thank you Scott.

Handmade custom fillet knives and a fish cleaver for processing halibut, salmon, pike, bass or trout.

Custom Handmade Fillet Knives

We make fillet knives up to 10 inches, full tang with extensions of a forged spoon on the knife’s end, stiff blades or blades with a great deal of flex. Please click on the image.

Image Gallery of fillet knives

*The images expand when clicked on.

We custom design knives for customers. Working with them to make great knives that are unique, one of a kind… functional working art from material you can’t buy. Hand picked recovered materials. The idea is not to cut corners - in fact, it is the opposite.

Custom Made Cleavers

Image Gallery of the Heavy Duty Sawtooth Chef Cleavers

Tough and strong cleavers from recovered carbon lumber mill saw blade steel.Hand forged 3/8 or 5/16 inch thick blades with high bevels and a razor edge. Custom to order, blade length and size, handle size and handle material. We leave the teeth on.

Heavy Duty Saw Tooth Cleavers start at $1025 with a 7” edge $100 per extra inch), 1/4” spine, moose antler scales. Blocks come with the cleaver.

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with my new cleaver. I must admit that the process was a little trying on my nerves. Purchasing such an item on little more than blind faith (and a small website photo) opened the door for some mental worst case scenarios. I did receive the cleaver in time for the bbq and it stole the attention of all who attended (no small feat considering the 16 hr smoked local grass fed beef briskets and the 12 hr smoked Berkshire pork shoulders)”. -- Bernard, Head chef, Turks & Caicos

The Knife Shop. -39.

The Knife Shop. -39.

We live simply and work in the bush on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau growing our food, creating art, while leaving a light footprint. Our power for the shop and cabin is from the sun. Up-cycling or recycling, re-purposing or re-using and trying not to exploit others while creating working knives and tools. With a small, efficient system we are powered by the sun’s energy. It takes time acquiring and working with these materials.