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Handmade Custom Knives and Tools
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Custom Handmade Woodcarving Hook Knives, Bent and Crooked Knives

We recover and recycle carbon steel. Used saw blades from lumber mills and leaf and coil springs from auto wrecks. We make the knives and tools with as much solar energy as we can.

Custom made Pacific Northwest style carving knives.

Bowl carving knives and spoon carving knives. Custom made knife sets.

Large hand forged crooked knives and crooked knives from mill circular sawblade steel with long handles.

Handmade custom set of edge tools.

Custom made crooked knife set and adze. 6 basic shapes of hook and a bowl adze. Hand carved cherry handles

Carving salad bowls and tongs with an adze and woodcarving hook knives.

Carving salad bowls and tongs with an adze and woodcarving hook knives.

Custom handmade crooked knives with an aggressive full parabolic hook & a slow curved hook. Both have cherry wood handles.

Spoon carving knife and a bowl carving knife. The double bevel edge is on the bottom side of the blade.

Traditional wood carving knives used by carvers in the Pacific Northwest.  We make custom carving hook knives for mask carving, relief carving, hand crafted furniture, bowl carving, spoon carving and generally for large and small woodcarving sculpture projects. Crooked knives are handy tools for flute makers and luthiers,  cabinet makers,  artisans and hobbyists.  An indispensable knife. A bushcraft knife/tool. They're ideal for sculpting organic shapes.

Smaller custom handmade crooked knives with hand carved yew wood handles.

We make the blades. Any shape you need. Send us a drawing or pick a shape from what you see here or in our catalogue.

Custom hooks. The crooked knife blades are hand forged from lumber mill high carbon saw blades.

Custom hooks. The crooked knife blades are hand forged from lumber mill high carbon saw blades.

A customer, “Morning,  you gentlemen made some bent knives for me about three years ago and I have been very happy with them especially how they hold their edge”. Thanks very much, Tony

Two larger crooked knife sizes, 4 inch hand forged double beveled crooked knife blades set into 10 inch long hand carved butternut wood handles.

Links to a couple of our tutorials,

How to sharpen a hook knife, a crooked knife, bent knife or crook

How to make a traditional hook knife, crooked knife, bent knife or crook. You can use this method to make a wood carving knife any style. We wrote an article for Canadian Woodworking on How to build a hook knife a few years back.

Custom hand forged wood carving knife.

6 inch forged double beveled, full parabolic hook blade inset in a 16 inch long apple wood handle. Its mate is a 1.5 inch edge carving adze.

Custom spoon carving tools.

Hand forged bushcraft knife, 1 large, medium and one small hook knife. The knives have spalted apple wood handles.

The Bushcraft knife has a 5 inch blade, 3/16 inch spine. The large hook knife has a 4 inch double beveled edge blade and a 10 inch handle, the medium hook knife has 3 inch double beveled blade and an 8 inch handle and the small hook is 1 3/4 double beveled edge with a 6 inch handle.

Custom made wood carving hook knife. 2 1/2 inch long double beveled blade. Antler handle.

Spoon carving with a hook/ crooked knife and adze. Carving Cherry and apple wood. Aki Yamamoto.

Spoon carving with a hook/ crooked knife and adze. Carving Cherry and apple wood. Aki Yamamoto.

All our crooked knives are custom to order. You choose the shapes, the handle size and wood and we will make it. We make all our knives and tools this way. Custom made.

Go to our Crooked knife page on our online catalogue. You’ll find pricing, information, more pictures and more choice.

Custom handmade crooked knives with antler handles. The classic “paddle” knife.

Professional woodcarving set. A 2 inch edge adze, 5 inch edge draw knife and a double edge hook knife with the double bevel underneath

A custom wood carving set perfect for carving bowls and roughing out masks.

Custom bowl carving tools. Sculpting wood. A 1 1/2 inch hand forged adze and a 3 inch full parabolic double beveled hook knife. Apple wood handles.

Crooked knives, hook knives, crook knives and bent knives are all designed for wood carving bowls, spoons and organic shapes. Bent blades and curved shapes vary to whatever the task is at hand. Traditionally carvers made their own tools. That's how Aki and I started. We've specialized in making double bevelled knives with long handles. Pacfic Northwest style carving knives. Custom made with double bevelled hooked edges, ie. two straight edges, two curved edges,  both left and right handed.

Hand forged woodcarving knives. The hook blades were forged by hand from 3/16” lumber mill carbon saw blade. Hardened and tempered.

We forge a flare into the tangs end to the same width of the blade, carve the tang into the handle, secure with stainless nuts and bolts. The fit is perfect and secure.

From 6 inches of double beveled blade to 1 1/4 inches.

Custom made woodcarving knife set.

Three small crooked knives, 1 medium and two large. All with butternut wood handles. Two cup slicks. 1.5 and 1 inch edges. 5 inch draw knife with butternut handles.

Crooked knife construction. Lining everything up.

Crooked knife construction. Lining everything up.


Go to our online catalogue to view an image gallery about how to hold and use a woodcarving hook knife.


Bushcraft spoon carving knife. A dropped hook knife for spoon and bowl carving and a belt carry sheath.

Woodcarving knife sets

We make sets for artists. Whatever they need. Whatever they want. Hand forged, meticulously handmade with a lifetime guarantee.

Custom hook knife sets.

This one has 6 shapes of carving hook knife blades. Antler and wood handles. The woodcarving adze in the background has a 2.5” edge.

Custom crooked knife set.

Carving hooks with long 16 inch handles down to 6 inch long handles. As many shapes of hooks as you can imagine. Suggestions are welcome.

We make a variety of custom handmade woodcarving hook knives, crooked and bent knives. For more information, picture galleries and pricing of these unique carving knives please visit our online catalogue on the Crooked Knives page.