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Crooked Knives,
Bent and Hook Knives

Custom made wood carving knives. Hand forged from recovered lumber mill high carbon circular sawblade steel, and stock removal from mill bandsaw steel.      

Traditional woodcarving hook knives used by carvers in the Pacific Northwest for sculpture in wood.  Bowl and spoon carving  knives, knives for masks, relief carving, hand crafted furniture,  totem poles and dug out canoes. For spoon and bowl carving it the best knife for the job, bar none. Used by flute makers and luthiers,  cabinet makers, artisans and hobbyists. An indespensible knife for crafts people, a bushcraft tool kit, bowl carving tool kit, or any wood worker tool box. They're ideal for sculpting organic shapes.
Crooked knives are also called hook, crook and bent knives.
We've specialized in making double bevelled hook/ crooked knives with long handles northwest style. Versatile knives custom made to do the job. Double bevelled edges, two straight edges, two curved gouge edges,  both left and right handed in one carving knife. For a carving tool kit Aki, Kai and I custom make tool sets with combinations of knives, adze, draw knives, slicks, skews and chisels.

  1. paddle knife with a deer antler hande
  2. Custom antler handled hook knife
  3. 2 small crooked knives
  4. large crooked knife
  5. Small size hook knife blade fastening
  6. Custom to order crooked knife set of five
  7. crooked knife and adze
  8. 3 larger bent knives/ crooked knives
  9. 2 crooked knives showing the construction method we employ
  10. Crooked knife set
  11. carbon sawblade steel from mills
  12. crooked knife, antler handle
  13. Handmade, walnut handle crooked knife
Annealed, shaped, hardened and then differentially tempered making the steel strong and tough at the same time. Strong edges that will hold and tough enough for 2 hand strength.
A photo gallery of our crooked knives.
  1. full hook knife blade beveled on the bottom
  2. Crooked/ Hook knife blade
  3. Crooked knife bottom bevel
  4. Set of bent knives with top bevels
  5. Hollow created while shaping top bevel crooked knife blade
We offer to build your hooks bevel side down.
 Bevel Down Image Gallery
The handles are shaped to fit in the palm of your hand when pulling toward or pushing away from yourself. The thicker end of the handle can be used to hold with your other hand. You would secure your work to carve. 
Please click on the picture (image gallery) to the right to see how to hold a crooked knife examples.

A small size has 6 - 6 1/2 inch handle and a 1 3/4 inch to 2 1/8 inch edge.
Medium has an 8 inch handle with 2 1/2 inch to 3 1/4 inch edges with 3/16" tangs.
Large knives have 10 inch handles, 3 1/3 to 4 1/4 inch edges with 3/16" tangs.

  1. Smaller size crooked knife
  2. Crooked knife held with 2 hands
  3. crooked knife held in hand
  4. stock removal with a crooked knife
  5. how to hold a crooked knives
  6. Holding a hook knife
  7. Spoon carving
  8. Cherry wood spoon being carved
Image gallery; how to use a crooked knife.
Crooked knife sets and Woodcarving tool set gallery.
  1. 3 large crooked knives wood carving knife set.
  2. Handmade Woodcarving knife set of 6, six different hook shapes
  3. Delux woodcarving set, handmade
  4. Crooked knife blade fastening. Showing the inset on the knives backs
  5. Handmade adze and crooked knife carving set
  6. Custom made for the carving
  7. 1 1/2 " adze and 2 bent knives wood carving set
  8. Adze and 2 sizes of hook knives. A good spoon & bowl carving set.
  9. Larger carving knife set order
  10. Small set of 4 carving hook knives.
  11. Custom made bushcraft carving set

The hook knives below  are examples of some basic shapes and provide a guide to our pricing. You can request your own shapes and we'll make them.

Style     Small   Medium   Large

#1          $305     $385       $430

#2           $285     $360       $415

#3           $265     $335       $390
#4           $230      $285       $325

#5           $230      $285       $325

#6           $245      $295       $335
We sell hook blades separately (without the handle).  We will make custom blades, narrow or wide, arrow or straight, any shape or size. The cost for each blade is roughly half

We make another kind of crooked knife.  Horse shoeing knives. A spoon and mask knife and as a general woodworking tool. There are lots of hoof knives. We make farriers' knives with a lifetime guarantee.
  1. Farriers knife
  2. Antler handled hoof knife
  3. Handmade hoof knife blade
  4. hand forged horse shoeing knife profile
Handmade Horse Shoeing Knife Gallery
LIFETIME GUARANTEE      We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us.
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