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Custom Handmade Woodcarving Hook Knives, Bent and Crooked Knives

We recover and recycle carbon steel. Used saw blades from lumber mills and leaf and coil springs from auto wrecks. We make the knives and tools with as much solar energy as we can.

Pacific Northwest Coast style carving knives.

We only make the highest quality knives and tools.

Custom spoon carving knife. Custom handmade hook Knife with a full parabolic hooked blade.

  • Spoon Carving Knives and Bowl Carving Knives

  • Custom Handmade Hook Knives

  • Custom Bent Knives

  • Custom Crooked Knives

  • Long Handle Wood Carving Knives, 2 hands.

  • How to make and sharpen a Hook Knife

Crooked knife. Handmade with a moose antler handle. Made for Carver’s and Farriers.

The medium and large sizes are hand forged. The small sizes we remove stock. Since 1997 we have been recovering and re-purposing high carbon steels from lumber mills. Extra work for sure but it is the superior steel for crooked knives, hook knives, bent knives and crook knives. We mill recovered wood ourselves from local orchards, trade with local artisans and salvage. Our knife shop is solar powered. We’ve been doing it this way for over 20 years. Taking the process seriously. All our work is guaranteed. Life is art.

Pacific Northwest carving tools. British Columbia, Canada.

Pacific Northwest carving tools. British Columbia, Canada.

Custom made crooked knife set and adze. 6 basic shapes of hook and a bowl adze. Hand carved cherry handles.

Edge tools that can handle a variety of carving projects big and small wood sculpture, bowls, ladles, spoons and masks.


Image Gallery of Hook and Crooked Knife Sets

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Some links to the tools in the carving sets in the gallery above.

Customer comment:

“You gentlemen made some bent knives for me about three years ago and I have been very happy with them especially how they hold their edge”. Thanks very much, Tony

Aki carving cherry and apple wood spoons. Spoon carving with a hook/ crooked knife and adze.

Aki carving cherry and apple wood spoons. Spoon carving with a hook/ crooked knife and adze.

Carving with a hook knife, Palm up pulling towards yourself.

Custom handmade crooked knives with an aggressive hollow full parabolic hook & a slow curved hook. Both have cherry wood handles.

Traditional wood carving knives used by carvers in the Pacific Northwest.  We make custom carving hook knives for mask carving, relief carving, hand crafted furniture, bowl carving, spoon carving and generally for large and small woodcarving sculpture projects. Crooked knives are handy tools for flute makers and luthiers,  cabinet makers,  artisans and hobbyists.  An indispensable knife. A bushcraft knife/tool. They're ideal for sculpting organic shapes.

Custom hooks. The crooked knife blades are hand forged from lumber mill high carbon saw blades.

Links to a couple of our tutorials,

Carving salad bowls and tongs with an adze and woodcarving hook knives.

Carving salad bowls and tongs with an adze and woodcarving hook knives.

We’re a small family business living and working on the edge of the Chilcotin Plateau in the bush. We live simply growing our food, off most of the grids and make tools and knives

A few links,

How to sharpen a hook knife, a crooked knife, bent knife or crook

Step guide to making a wood carving knife.

Step guide to making a wood carving knife.

How to make a traditional hook knife, crooked knife, bent knife or crook. You can use this method to make a wood carving knife of any style. We wrote an article for Canadian Woodworking on How to build a hook knife a few years back.

Bushcraft hook knife for spoon carving. A long handle hook knife. 2 3/4” dropped hook blade for spoon and bowl carving. Travel safe with a belt carry sheath.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate, contact us.

Big substantial handle to put one or 2 hands on. Walnut wood, parabolic hook - tough knife.

Long handles on your hook knives are a great advantage.

You can choke up on the handle with one hand for a short handle feel or secure your work, put two hands on the handle and have maximum control of your cuts. Double bevels at 15 degrees with long handles. Push and pull. Hand carved handles handpicked from cherry, apple, walnut, yew, butternut, mahogany and plum wood.

All our crooked knives are custom to order. You choose the hook shapes, the handle size and wood type. We will build it. Custom made. There are six basic shapes and sizes with prices at the bottom of the page.


Two long handled wood carving hook knives, 4 inch hand forged double beveled crooked knife blades set into 10 inch long hand carved butternut wood handles.


Bowl and pole carver’s woodcarving set. A 2 inch edge adze, 5 inch edge draw knife and a double edge hook knife with the double bevel underneath

A custom wood carving set perfect for carving bowls and roughing out masks.


Custom wood carving knives. An excellent bowl carving knife. The double bevel edge is on the bottom side of the blade.

We usually make the knives with the bevels on top. Some carvers prefer the bevels on the bottom. Certainly easier to sharpen. Please feel free to request this feature. No extra charge.

Big hook blade. 6 inches of double bevelled edge.

Big hook blade. 6 inches of double bevelled edge.

Long hook knife handle, 2 hands. 16 inches of apple wood. 22 inches overall with the blade.

Long hook knife handle, 2 hands. 16 inches of apple wood. 22 inches overall with the blade.

Big hook knives with long handles an d long, big blades. Custom to order. Please contact us.


Adze Image Gallery

*All the images expand when you click on them.

Please visit our carving adze page for examples of crooked knife and adze combinations.

Custom bowl carving tools. Sculpting wood. A 1 1/2 inch hand forged adze and a 3 inch full parabolic double beveled hook knife. Apple wood handles.

Crooked knives, hook knives, crook knives and bent knives are all designed for wood carving bowls, spoons and organic shapes. Bent blades and curved shapes vary to whatever the task is at hand. Traditionally carvers made their own tools. That's how Aki and I started. We've specialized in making double bevelled knives with long handles. Pacfic Northwest style carving knives. Custom made with double bevelled hooked edges, ie. two straight edges, two curved edges,  both left and right handed.

Hand forged woodcarving knives. The hook blades were forged by hand from 3/16” lumber mill carbon saw blade. Hardened and tempered.

Crooked knife construction.


A bent/hook or crooked knife with a full parabolic hook.


Crooked Knife Price Chart. Basic Shapes.

A small size has a 6 1/2 inch handle and a 1 3/4 inch to 2 1/8 inch edge.
Medium has an 8 inch handle with 2 1/2 inch to 3 1/4 inch edges with 3/16" tangs.
Large knives have 10 inch handles, 3 1/3 to 4 1/4 inch edges with 3/16" tangs.

Just a note, our style #1, in all three sizes we offer, has a handle a bit longer, a blade a bit longer, thicker and wider. A good choice for a strong and tough spoon carving knife, bowl carving knife and a great all round carving hook knife. Pacific Northwest style.

Please keep in mind the chart above are suggestions. We make big hook with 6” blades, 20” handles, straight knives, we are custom knife makers and will make the carving tools you need..

We wrote the first article written on “How to make a hook knife” published on the internet, Outdoors-Magazine, in 2006. It was published in both premier magazines, Canadian Woodworking in 2009 issue 58 and Woodcarving Illustrated summer issue 2014. Many hook/crooked and bent knives as well as straight knives have been made using the steps in the article. Many have used this article to write their own. The article is thorough, thoughtful and still is the best guide on how to make your own carving knife. They are great knives. The original article has more detail. It is on our DIY Carving Knife page. We encourage carvers to make their own tools. Of course if you want to buy the highest quality, please browse our site.

We make a variety of custom handmade woodcarving hook knives, crooked knives and bent knives. Edge geometry, hook shapes, handle wood, size and length of blades and handles can be requested.