Cariboo Blades
High carbon steel, wood, antler, copper and brass are recovered and repurposed into quality handmade knives. Our knife shop and home have been powered by solar energy for 20 years.

Custom Handmade Bushcraft Knives

Handmade bushcraft knives with the versatility of the Nessmuk knife and the toughness of a Mountain Man knife. Hand forged from lumber mill head saw carbon steel. British Columbia.

Custom Made Wiseman Bushcraft Knife.

The strength of a Mountain Man knife and the versatility of the Nessmuk knife.

Hand forged from recovered high carbon lumber mill circular saw blade steel. The spine is tough created by protecting it with a clay slip and glass while hardening in oil. The clay and glass are subtly manipulated creating boreal wetland images. The blades are differentially tempered the length of spine and tang. Blending tempers keeps the hardness of the edge while keeping the blade tough. A knife blade that performs and keeps the razor edge you put on. We have been working with these high carbon steels for over 20 years.

To learn more about our solar energy system visit our Fireweed blog.

A Nessmuk Mountain Man knife

The Wolf and Raven Bushcraft knife set.

The Raven, on the right, was a variation of the 3” D2 steel blade Kirsten knife. The D2 was recovered planer blade, repurposed into a quality handmade knife.

Handmade bushcraft knife.


Bushcraft Carving set

Carve spoons, bowls, ladles. Whatever you need in camp.

Woodcarving set. Ideal for spoon carving and bowl carving. A Bushcraft carving kit.

Three sizes and shapes of crooked knives. The hook knives have spalted apple wood handles. A large full hook, a medium slow shallow hook (paddle knife) and a small hook. The 5 inch Wiseman bushcraft knife has a 3/16 inch spine, apple wood handle and a moose antler butt.

Handmade bushcraft knife set.

The Kirsten knife. Custom made, hand forged D2 steel blade with moose antler scales. It’s mate is a Wiseman knife with yew wood scales and a copper lined lanyard hole. A handmade custom bushcraft knife.

Handmade custom bushcraft knife with a hand carved handle.

Handmade custom bushcraft knife with a hand carved handle.

The firesteel has a carved walnut handle.

Small hand forged D2 drop point hunting knife with a long handle.

Small hand forged D2 drop point hunting knife with a long handle.

Custom made bush craft knife set. Both have hand carved cherry wood knife handle scales, copper lined lanyard holes, short hand braided lanyards, peened brass and stainless steel threaded pins and tooled sheaths equipped with fire steels.


The Original Wiseman Bushcraft Knife

Bushcraft knife splitting firewood. Hand carved wolf knife handles.

Bushcraft knife splitting firewood. Hand carved wolf knife handles.

Working with a customer we created a Nessmuk/ Mountain man hybrid knife. The versatility of a Nessmuk knife with the toughness and strength of the Mountain Man knife. A hand forged 6” long blade with a 1,4 inch spine.

Mountain bushcraft knife. Splitting Firewood with a baton.

Mountain bushcraft knife. Splitting Firewood with a baton.

Custom bushcraft knife. 5 inch long handle. 6 inch blade.


Handmade custom bushcraft knives with cherry wood heart scales, Moose antler butt and bolster. Brass pins and a copper lanyard hole insert.

Hand forged bushcraft knives.

This custom made Wiseman bushcraft knife was made with a saw tooth steel butt for hammering. The tooth insert is welded to the tang. A lanyard hole was drilled and lined with brass. The yew wood scales are held with threaded stainless steel pins that are peened. A piece of moose antler was fashioned as a bolster. The 7 inch blade has a 1/4 inch spine.

The Wiseman knife includes and could have,
a 3/16" or 1/4” spine, 6" hand forged lumber mill head saw steel blade, full and hollow ground tang for balance. Fit with a choice of wood scales set with threaded pins, stainless or brass, peened. A brass lanyard insert, short hand braided lanyard and a moose antler butt pinned to the tang of the 5 inch long handle.

We'll build it custom to your specifications. Spine thickness, blade length and balanced.  Handle size, wood type or antler scales. Suggestions are welcome.

The price starts at $950.
- steel butt, $150,
- firesteel and loop, $125,
- custom pouch, $110,
( with a diamond stone $130)
- locking lanyards, $150.

For a customer review of the Nessmuk/ Mountain Man knife visit, The Wiseman.

Handmade bushcraft knife with a moose antler butt and apple wood scales. We left some saw teeth.


All our knives are custom to order. These knives were custom made for clients. Pick and choose from the options we offer, suggestions are welcome and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate. Contact us


Yew wood scales, carbon steel hammering butt. We left some saw teeth markings on the spine.

Hand forged camp knife.

Big 8” blade, 1/4 inch spine differentially tempered, steel butt for hammering. Apple wood scales. The Wiseman is a tough bush knife. Balanced 1 inch before the guard. Customer’s request.

Canis Lupus

Canis Lupus