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Custom Handmade Bushcraft Knives

Our handmade bushcraft knives have the versatility of the Nessmuk knife and the toughness of a Mountain Man knife. Hand forged from lumber mill head saw carbon steel. British Columbia.

Custom Bushcraft Knives, Wilderness Knives and Survival Knives.

Hand forged bushcraft knives.

This custom made Wiseman bushcraft knife was made with a saw tooth steel butt for hammering. The tooth insert is welded to the tang. A lanyard hole was drilled and lined with brass. The yew wood scales are held with threaded stainless steel pins that are peened. A piece of moose antler was fashioned as a bolster. The 7 inch blade has a 1/4 inch spine.

After the forging is done the tang is hollow ground for balance at the choil. We harden in oil protecting the spine with clay and glass. The final step is differentially tempering the length, spine and tang. Blending tempers increases the hardness of the edge without making the whole blade brittle. A tough and strong knife blade that performs and keeps the edge you put on.

A Nessmuk Mountain man knife.

Handmade bushcraft knife sheath.

A firesteel with a carved walnut handle and pouch with a double sided diamond stone.

Hand Forged Bushcraft knife set.

Nessmuk Mountain Man Knife and 3” dropped point hunting knife, the Kirsten. Apple and walnut wood scales, D2 steel.

Yew wood scales, carbon steel hammering butt. We left some saw teeth markings on the spine.

To find more information about options and pricing visit the Wiseman Bushcraft Image Gallery page

Handmade bushcraft knife set.

Custom bushcraft knife. 5 inch long handle. 6 inch blade.

Mountain bush craft knife. Splitting Firewood with a baton.

Mountain bush craft knife. Splitting Firewood with a baton.

” One late night I was searching for mountain man style knife makers and somehow stumbled on the site. I looked at the knives in the catalog and as usual did not immediately spot the design combination I had been looking for so long to find. However, the site suggested they would make or design any knife if you wanted something special. “

The knife review can be found on our catalogue at, the Bushcraft Knife Review.

The Nessmuk/Mountain Man shape comes from directed hand forging blows creating a bevel from spine to edge. A belly is hammered and flared into the blade. Depending on your intended tasks the spine thickness can be 2.5 to 6 mm thick. The tang is hammered creating a thickness growing into the blade and into the butt.

Hand forged camp knife.

8” blade, 1/4 inch spine differentially tempered, steel butt for hammering. Apple wood scales. The Wiseman is a tough bush knife.

Bushcraft spoon carving set, 3 crooked knives and a Custom hand forged 5” bush craft knife.

The spoon carving tools above feature 3 crooked knives with different hooks. A 4” full parabolic hook forged blade with a 10” handle, a 3” paddle knife shaped blade with an 8” handle and a 1 3/4” small full hook with a 6” handle. The handles are spalted apple wood.

We developed this knife with a customer. They wanted the versatility of the Nessmuk knife and the strength of an old time Mountain Man knife. Custom made.

Handmade bushcraft knife with a moose antler butt and apple wood scales. We left some saw teeth.


Someone referred to the knife as a Nessmuk on steroids.

Handmade custom bushcraft knives with cherry wood heart scales, Moose antler butt and bolster. Brass pins and a copper lanyard hole insert.

The Original Wiseman bushcraft knife.

The strength of the mountain man knife. The versatility of the nessmuk knife. Carved crab apple scales and a long flat locking lanyard. Bushcraft Knife Review.

This process from the beginning is challenging dealing with a hard 200 kg blade with teeth. Well worth it. Visit our online catalogue at the Bushcraft Knife Gallery for more pictures and pricing.

The knife review can be found on our catalogue at, the Bushcraft Knife Review.