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Cariboo Blades

Hand Forged, Custom Knives & Tools

British Columbia, Canada                                  Since 1997

Aki Yamamoto & Scott Richardson

  1. Hand forged survival knife
  2.  handmade survival knife.
  3. raven tooled into the survivsl knife's sheath
  4. Hunting knife sheathed
  5. Handforged survival/ hunting knife
  6. 12 inch hand forged knife
  7. Making a survival knife
  8. Boreal forest survival knife
  9. Custom knife work
  10. big handmade survival knife sheathed
  11. handmade, forged survival knife
  12. The Boar survival knife
  13. brass and copper work on the Boar knife guard
  14. 8 mm spine survival knife
  1. Ghost saw blade
  2. Big circular head saw blade
  3. Cutting steel for large bushcraft and survival knives, woodcarving and timber hand tools

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The Boar Survival Knife Gallery
- custom survival knives

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