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Handmade Custom Knives & Woodcarving Tools

Introducing Cariboo Blades high quality handmade custom knives and tools. Our mandate.

Every creature is better alive than dead, men and moose and pine trees, and he who understands it aright will rather preserve its life than destroy it. -Henry David Thoreau, naturalist and author

Creating reflections of the boreal forest. Tough, strong, knives and tools.

We re-purpose modern high carbon steel and quality materials to handcraft knives and tools. They’ve had previous purposes, they come from the lumber industry and the boreal forest here in British Columbia, Canada.

Up-cycling and re-purposing high end processed resources.

Lumber mill high carbon saw blade steel.

Lumber mill high carbon saw blade steel.

Recovered materials available to us to build knives and tools are of a higher quality than what we can buy so we recover high carbon lumber mill saw blade steels and spring steels from auto wrecks. We’ve researched, experimented, tried and tested. Of course we could buy the lumber mill saw blades new but that would not make any sense. It takes work and time to process unique material. We chose to take the time. In all our handcrafted tools and knives we try and deliver a concept of individualism, uniqueness while making products that will be high functioning tools for generations with art and life in mind. We hope to deliver working art. Custom to order.

Cariboo Blades knife face. Manipulated patinas and images.

Cariboo Blades knife face. Manipulated patinas and images.

Handmade Custom Knives

Handmade Custom Knives

Custom Handmade knives and tools.  Wood Carving and Woodworking Tools

Custom Handmade knives and tools. Wood Carving and Woodworking Tools

The face of the knives and tools are different because we’ve taken a different approach. Forging is done by hand which means we don’t use a machine. We don’t buff and make things shiny with a machine. We try and leave all the heat treatment colours on the blade and spine and create patinas on the blade faces that are interesting and reflections of the boreal forest by subtly manipulating clay and glass. The patinas help protect the carbon steel from rust. Doing it this way is more difficult. Easier to put things together, grind it to shape and put it to a buffing wheel.

We are a small family custom handmade knife business living simply, living off the grid and working in the bush on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau. We grow our food, create working art, while leaving a light footprint. With a small, efficient system our power for the knife shop and cabin is from the sun’s energy. We describe how we started collecting energy.

If you want a strong, handmade and tough knife or tool, working art custom and unique to you that will last generations, knowing that it was made with responsibility to life on the planet in the artisan’s mind then consider Cariboo Blades tools and knives. Please use our menu on top of the page to navigate through the site. Everything we make is custom to order.

We have 20 years of satisfied customers. 13 years of internet sales all over the world. Please visit our Testimonial and Customer Reviews page.

We consider the impact logging has had on our planet and the superb steel lumber mill saw blades are made from.
The working forest in BC is 60 million hectares (149 million acres). We live in it. We own a speck surrounded by crown land, the working forest.

It is all going to be logged.

From the other side of the lake.

From the other side of the lake.

We are Canadian custom knife makers living in the bush on the edge of the Chicotin plateau.

Please visit our Process page.

About our lives in the bush, the Fireweed blog .

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