Cariboo Blades
Since 1997

Aki Yamamoto, Scott and Kai Richardson

Introduction to Cariboo Blades high quality handmade custom knives and tools made solid and tough to last generations.


Handmade Custom Knives

Handmade Custom Knives

We make custom woodcarving tools & knives, custom hand forged survival knives and bushcraft knives, custom handmade kitchen and chef knives. We recover high carbon lumber mill saw blade steels and spring steels from auto wrecks and re-purpose. Excellent knife and tool steels, all recovered from around our neighbourhood (our neighbourhood is the Cariboo/Chilcotin, British Columbia). We recover, trade and re-purpose copper, brass, wood, moose and deer antler into handles. We have been doing it this way since 1997.

We live simply and work in the bush on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau growing our food, creating art, while leaving a light footprint. Our power for the shop and cabin is from the sun. Up-cycling or recycling, repurposing or re-using and trying not to exploit others while creating working knives and tools. With a small, efficient system we are powered by the sun’s energy. It takes time acquiring and working with these materials.

The lines we navigate are drawn from living and surviving in the Chilcotin bush. We do more by hand..taking the time … with the temper of the boreal forest. We try and supply enough options and choice to make each knife and tool unique to each customer. Suggestions are welcome. Handmade and Custom made.

Custom Handmade Wood Carving and Woodworking Tools

Custom Handmade Wood Carving and Woodworking Tools

If you want a strong, handmade and tough knife or tool, custom made and unique to you that will last generations, knowing that it was made with responsibility to life on the planet in the artisan’s mind than consider Cariboo Blades tools and knives. Please use our menu on top of the page to navigate through the site. Everything we make is custom to order.

We have 20 years of satisfied customers. 13 years of internet sales all over the world. Please visit our Testimonial and Customer Reviews page.


The working forest in BC is 60 million hectares (149 million acres). We live in it. We own a speck surrounded by crown land, the working forest.


 From the other side. Living in the bush surrounded by crown land

We consider the impact logging has had on our planet and the superb steel lumber mill saw blades are made from.

Please visit our Process page to learn how we make.


We are a small family business.  Living and working in isolation, by the sun, off the grid in the boreal forest on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau. About our lives in the bush, the Fireweed blog .

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