Custom made Chef Knives
- Carbon Steel
. . .  almost a cleaver, definitely a chopper.  This handforged, high carbon steel knife, Chef cutlery, has a  8 1/2  inch long blade, 3/16" spine,  full tang rocking blade. The handle is long , 5 1/2". It has a black walnut scale handle set with 6 threaded brass pins, 35cm  (14 inches) overall. You can add or subtract an inch or two if you want.

A meat slicing knife . 
25.5 cm, 10  inch, full tang, 1/8" spine high carbon L6 blade steel that holds its edge.  The tang is set into a 12.5cm  (5 inch) black walnut handle with a copper  guard. You can choose from brass, copper, walnut, apple, cherry, plum...
Let us make you a custom  carving knife. 

Chilcotin Meat Carving Knives
Versatile boning knives. Handforged saw blade steel 6 to 8 inch  long,  1/16" to  3/16"  thick spines, full tang blades. Hardened and differentially tempered. Steel, copper, antler and brass guards.  Cherry, plum, juniper, apple, walnut s and yew wood or antler scales with copper and antler inserts. For slicing meat, vegetables,cheese, fruit...  We can build full deep belt sheaths for carrying.

4 inches full tang and 1/16 of an inch spine. High carbon 15n20 steel band saw blade keeps a very sharp edge. Combined with its sleek shape it's a delicate slicing knife for the kitchen. A  breakfast knife, cheese knife and tomato knife, in fact it will become one of your favourite kitchen knives. These have  brass guards with cherry wood handles.

Item # KK10     $ 325                                 
Slicing fruit, tomatoes, this is a great kitchen knife.
The Tomato Knife
Boning and Slicing Knives
Paring knives
Handmade Fillet Knives
Balanced and easy to use.  It is a medium sized, all purpose kitchen cleaver. Full tang handforged and ground blade which we can bevel on one side, traditional for slicing, or on two sides. These two have copper ferrules with apple wood and walnut handles set with a brass pin.

Comes with a fruit knot wood block.


Saw Tooth Cleavers.

3/16 & 1/4 inch thick forged high carbon headsaw blade steel. A  7 ,8 ,9... inch razor sharp cutting edge, full tang with a moose antler handles. The saw teeth make a great meat tenderizer. We set  them into fruit wood knot blocks.  This cleaver is like no other. 

Every one we make is a unique piece. 

The Saw Tooth Serpent
A bread andAnother custom meat carving knife. It is a short sword.
The "Odd Jobs " paring knife  3 ¼  inch full tang, forged high carbon steel that holds a razor edge and is easy to sharpen.  It could be set into a 5 ¼ inch antler and juniper wood handle with a brass guard and brass pins.

1/8"      spine  $395
3/16"    spine  $425
Juniper is a very slow growing tree. Native to the boreal forest.

Below is a 6"  blade, fillet knife, deer antler crown handle with a brass guard. The second fillet knife has a curly maple wood handle with a moose antler pommel, drilled, with a copper lanyard insert, brass guard and an 8" full tang blade. Bandsaw steel has incredible tensile strength, flexibility, keeps a razor edge.     
Request the fillet knife you want.
 9 inch spearpoint, full tang blade, cherry wood handle chef knife.
A meat knife with a custom full sheath. Spalted  apple wood handle scales and a 1/8" spine.
Handmade Ulus for the Kitchen and Bushcraft
We are powered by the Sun creating sustainable edge tool products.  Print by Scott Richardson.
Use our catalogue as a reference.  If you see a knife or a combination you like we'll custom make it for you.
We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us.
A custom knife for you. Contact us.
Hand Forged Cleavers and Choppers
Fine Fillet knife Cutlery. This 6" blade keeps a razor sharp edge. Made from high carbon steel wood handsaw
A heavy duty handmade chef knife.
Lumber mill, 15N20 and L6 bandsaw blade steel, 2 1/2 inch full tang blades with a 3 - 5 inch  wood and antler handles.  They keep their razor sharp edge for a long time and are easy to re-sharpen because the blades are thin. Designed to fit into the palm of your hand, an extension of your arm.  We have a variety of wood including: walnut, cherry, plum, rosewood,  butternut, apple and juniper woods.
Your choice.

Kitchen ulus can come in a block or sheath.
Smaller, tighter circle bushcraft ulu.
Custom kitchen cutlery. A 10 inch meat carving knife.
Rocker Chopper
Fishing knives with cherry, plum, apple, walnut, butternut, juniper, yew or antler are your choices for handle material.
A tough razor sharp, high bevelled edge will cut and chop keeping its edge. The Saw Tooth Cleavers.
  Starting at $975
Handmade kitchen cutlery with a 6" full tang blade, bevelled on one side. Juniper handle.
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We have different styles of hand built, high carbon steel ulus.

Please view our Ulus page.
Custom Japanese Canadian Chef Knives.
If you had to choose one utility
knife for the kitchen these are the ones.

Bevelled on one or both sides, hand forged and ground from lumber mill bandsaw steel. We harden and differentially temper 6 to 9 inch full tang blades with 1/16, 1/8 or 3/16 inch thick spines. We make them to stay razor sharp for a long time.

Pick, choose and suggest if you'd like.
A custom set of kitchen/chves set into an apple wood knot block.ef kni
Aki Yamamoto and Scott Richardson     Since 1997
A Custom made Kitchen Knife
Western & Japanese style cutlery.
Forged high carbon steel kitchen paring knife.
$325 - $695
This could be your favorite kitchen knife.  Juniper handle scales with antler and copper inserts..
Blade sheaths.
The Rocker Chopper kitchen knife is clay hardened and differentially tempered.
A Rocker Chopper kitchen set fit into an apple wood knot bock.
Japanese "Usuba" style cleaver. Walnut handle,  7 inch, 17.5cm blade.
Hand forged 3/16 inch spine, antler crown "kicked back" handle. A custom chef knife.
Handmade from 8 oz leather. Saddle stitched by hand. All our knife sheaths are custom to the knife, of course.
High carbon band saw steels we recover from a machine shop and lumber mills. 6 to10 inches long, 1/32 to 1/8 of an inch spines.  Brass, copper, steel, aluminum or any combination of for guards and bolsters on antler, antler crown handles or wood scales. They come with a custom handmade, handstiched sheath.
This steel is hard and will keep a razor edge. Easy to sharpen.  It is thin and flexible. Great slicing knife in the kitchen for all sorts of chores. 
                                         Starting at $585.
Handforged paring knives with moose antler handles.
A delicate, sharp, balanced knife. It will be your custom fit kitchen knife.
Art in your kitchen. A custom handmade kitchen knife with a 7" full tang blade, curly maple wood scale handle.
A different shape of blade for the kitchen.
A unique gift.
Price,   $585
Custom handmade chef knife with antler scales lined with douglas fir wood..
Japanese kitchen knife style with a 7" full tang blade and yew wood handle scales.
A full, tapered bevel for a surgical quality knife edge.
Different blade shapes, lengths, thicknesses.
We have juniper, yew, walnut and different fruit woods for your style of handle your choice.
Apple wood handle, 7 inch blade cleaver made with Japanese tradition.
A Saw Tooth Cleaver in an apple knot block with an edge sheath on the side.
An ulu with a practical design for excellent control.
Custom ulu's. Kitchen ulu's. An ulu you can bring on a hike.
 6 inch custom made chef knife with a walnut handle.
Copper and brass bolster on this tomatoe knife, melted and forged together.
6", walnut handle Chef knife
3", thin blade, walnut handle
This set was created for a customer Down Under. The Rocker Chopper, a Chilcotin boning knife and a paring knife to match.
Paring knives with long handles.
All our paring knives make great utility knives. To carry, we can build belt sheaths and build the knives with thicker spines and stiffer blades.
Odd Jobs Paring
3/16 spine. A boning knife with sawblade muscle.
1/8" spine Chilcotin meat knives.
Starting at $385
3/16" spine muscle Chilcotin.
Juniper scales. A matching set of kitchen cutlery.
Featured Knives 11/05/2016
Put a set together a kitchen set
from any of the knives on our site. We'll match the set according to your tastes and style with motifs, style and materials.
The forge. From the fire comes the Saw Tooth Serpent cleaver.
Powering our shop with the sun, recovering  lumber mill carbon sawblade steel,
copper, brass, wood and antler and making kitchen cutlery  Chilcotin plateau, British Columbia,  Canada.
Custom handmade, forged high carbon steel tough paring knife with a 3/16 inch spine..
A handmade kitchen knife with a 8" full tang blade, plum wood handle scales.
A thick 3/16 inch spine working chef knife.
Thick brass guard, copper and antler inserts. Bandsaw steel we recover from a local machinist.
filet knife with an 8 inch blade full tang turning into a forged spoon.
  6" blade  $385.  
  7" blade   $455.
7 inches of handle,
9 inches of edge.
Brass, copper, antler inserts, brass lanyard insert with red mahogany wood scales. We extended the tang and forged a cleaning spoon. The sheath is made from 8 oz leather and saddle stitched by hand.
You will need a solid block using this cleaver.
This kitchen knife is clay hardened and differentially tempered. It has a high carbon steel chef knife blade with a black walnut handle.
Full tang, 5" handle, 8 1/2" blade with  black walnut wood scales.
A heavy duty ulu sheath with a HD ulu inside. A hand braided lanyard, double saddle stitched by hand and built even stronger with rivets.
Toad Prince, drawing by Aki
Differentially tempered knife blade.
Lumber mill sawblade steel makes for tough knives.
This boning knife has an 8 inch long, full tang blade with teak wood scales.
Full length, belt sheaths available.
Please click on pictures for a larger view
10 inch blade with moose antler scales
This 8" long (20 cm) blade has a 3/16" spine with a full tang. It has a 5" handle with juniper wood scales fastened with copper rivets. Made with a brass bolster and copper and antler inserts.

High Carbon Steel Handmade Kitchen Knives

Juniper wood scales.
Moose antler scales.
We can build a belt sheath and carry the Odd Job.
Walnut Scales
...blade sheaths
|Handforged counter top art.
High end chef knives.
Custom made chef and fillet knives with elk antler scales lined with rosewood.
The Japanese "Usuba" style cleaver. 
Toad Prince, drawing by Aki
Toad Prince, drawing by Aki
Toad Prince, drawing by Aki
Toad Prince
8 inch chef cutlery.
A custom handmade proffesional chef knife set
This knife has cherry wood, brass and copper with a 9 inch lumber mill band saw steel blade.
We employ both hand forging and stock removal. The blades and tangs are clay hardened, differentially tempered along the spine for toughness and  then tempered for edge strength.
You can request; the handle size, length and material, blade length, shape and spine thickness.

We can provide you're knife with a handmade blade sheath or block.

Starting at $900 (like the one above) for a Chef knife with a 9" full tang blade, 1/8" spine, 5" handle and a brass or steel bolster with copper inserts. Questions we'd ask would be about the size of your hand, blade length, width shape and thickness, we have 10 or 11 hardwoods in stock at any given time, moose, deer and elk antler moose, what material would you like us to make your handle from, copper, stainless steel rivets.
Chef knife in an apple wood knot block.
We recycle high carbon steel that we recovered from lumber mill sawblades where we live in the central interior of British Columbia, Canada. This steel is work to deal with but it is makes for high quality knife steel. We build our handles from locally sourced wood, moose and deer antler and recycle metals such as brass and copper from mines in B.C..
In 1997 Aki and I moved into the boreal forest. Renovated a old cabin, built a knife and tool shop and powered it with solar energy. Since then we have made high end, custom, handmade knives and tools for the kitchen.
Moose antler handles lined with Douglas fir wood
Custom made blocks
Santoku style. Aromatic cedar wood.
Curly maple wood.
Plum wood.
Yew wood
Juniper wood
Our Chef knives hold their razor edges. Our handforged kitchen knives are hardened and differentially tempered recovered high carbon steel. Please visit our page,  sawmill saw blade steel.  
$325 - $2000
One of a kind kitchen tools.