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A handforged working knife with a moose antler handle.
Forged from 24 inch lumber mill chop saw.
Survival Knives and Tools
Custom, Hand forged      Working Knives

Hand forged and differentially tempered from recovered sawblade steel. It has a 4 1/2 inch    long blade with a slightly hollow ground bevel,  4mm / 3/16 spine, 4 1/2" handle with a hollow ground tang. The knife is balanced at the guard.

We used a piece of a processor saw bar to create the guard and filled the chain slot with copper. Copper and cocobollo inserts with black walnut scales secured with 5 stainless threaded pins and a copper lanyard insert make up it's handle.
The braided lanyard includes a handmade antler bead woven into it.  Balanced and comfortable with an edge that lasts.The sheath is made from 8 oz leather, hand stitched, handtooled and custom fit.

You can choose between hooded deep sheaths or open deep sheaths.
We offer Longer lanyards for security instead of  secure ties.
                          Price: $1050

A bush survival knife.  The Boar has a 5 1/2" handle, 1/4 " thick spine.   Hand forged from circular 6 foot x 5/16 inch headsaw steel and differentially tempered. It holds an exceptional edge.  Balanced at the brass guard, the guard is brazed and pinned.  Brass, deer antler and copper inserts,  moose antler scales held with 1/4" threaded and peened brass pins make up the handle.  The sheath is handmade, tooled and stitched by hand. A leg tie is provided on sheath.
A strong, tough knife.

  Price, 6"    $1000
            8"    $1200     
           10"   $1400 

Item  # HK41      
A small tough knife with a 3.5mm thick spine, 3" full tang blades and  a 4" moose antler handle. Hand forged D2 high carbon steel,  a wide slight hollow ground bevel grind with a secondary convex bevel. It will hold a keen edge.  A reliable tool for camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, cutting rope, twine and a fine carving knife.
Fit with a lanyard insert and braided leather lanyard. We can make it to
fit to your suspenders, a billet, or your belt.
The Boar Knife
A 3 1/2 inch differentially tempered blade.
Handmade Fillet Knives
This fillet knife has curly maple wood scales with a moose antler pommel handle drilled for a lanyard with a copper lanyard insert, brass guard, 20cm  (8 inch) blade, full tang and made from steel we recover. Discarded bandsaw blade steel. This steel has incredible tensile strength, flexibility, keeps a razor edge much longer than stainless steel and is easy to sharpen. It carries our lifetime guarantee.  This particular bandsaw blade steel is very thin and has a cobalt content and holds wicked edge. 

  Price is $1100
A strong cleaver for hunters.
Heavy duty cleavers. Hardened and differentially tempered high carbon
lumber mill saw blade steel.  A  7, 8, 9", ... razor sharp cutting edge that holds,3/16 or 1/4" spine, full tang with a 5" moose antler handle. The saw teeth make a great meat tenderizer. We set them in apple wood knot blocks.  This cleaver is like no other. A beautiful tool to use.  For hunters, butchers and cooks.                 
Very unique.                                    Starting at $975.

All of  our  knives come with a custom fit, 8 to 10 oz  hand made,  hand stitched leather sheath and a lifetime guarantee.    All prices are in Canadian dollars.
Our catalogue is a reference. If you see a knife or a combination you like we'll custom make it for you, same price. Contact us.  All prices are in Canadian dollars.
Handmade, High Carbon Bushcraft & Hunting Knives from British Columbia, Canada.
        Tools and Knives
Indestructible, 1/4" handforged high carbon headsaw steel.
Crown Camp knife
Forged from the edge of a lumber mill saw blade, I left the teeth.
We make all the edge tools and knives  traditional and sustainable ways, to last generations. All the quality steel we recover. We hand forge and differentially temper each blade, custom make and handstitch our scabbards. Each knife is original and one of a kind. We live off the grid in isolation on the edge of the Chilcotin Plateau in the boreal forest of B.C. and use the tools we make. Tried, true and tested. All Cariboo Blades knives carry a lifetime guarantee.
Juniper Deer Knife
Maple Tiger
We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us.
"The Saw tooth Cleavers"
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Mule deer crown handle wiith a handforged, full tang 4" blade.
Mountain Caribou
-Bush Knife
Stiffer Fillet knife for steelhead and halibut. Moose and brass handle. 10 1/2 inch blade.
Balanced and comfortable
A strong and very tough dropped point hunting knife.
This a very strong and tough skinning knife.
Fillet knife that is on the stiffer side. A hard razor edge. Made for larger fish like salmon and halibut. It will slice through bones without any problem and keep its razor edge.  It has an 11" (27.5 cm) differentially tempered L6 blade set into a moose antler handle with copper and antler inserts and a copper guard.
These smaller knives are great utility,  fishing, caping and smaller game skinning knives.  The sheaths are designed to hang around your neck or on your belt, a "Neck Knife".  Always handy and out of the way.  The tangs  are held with threaded brass pins in the moose antler point handle. 

The blades are 1 1/2" - 2"  long.
Skinning knives with moose point handles.
Elk, Moose or Deer antler and different fruitwoods for handles
Custom Cleavers
Equipped with a sharpening stone, pouch and a firesteel and loop.
Hunting Sets
The  Moose Knife
Handmade Ulus  
8"  blade forged from headsaw. Balanced at the guard.
Mule Deer antler crown handle for a bigger hand. Comes with a Crabapple wood knot block.
Featured Knives 10/02/2014
Recovered 6 foot x 5/16 inch thick headsaw blade.
A caping knife.
Kootenai Knife

The Wiseman  Bushcraft Knife.
- A Mountain Man/Nessmuk Camp Knife 

We hand forge our knives. The Nessmuk/Mountain Man shape comes from directed blows creating a bevel from spine to edge. A belly is hammered and flared into the blade. Depending on your intended tasks the spine thickness can be 2.5 to 6 mm thick. The tang is hammered into an hour glass shape creating a thickness growing into the blade and into the butt.
After the forging is done the tang is then hollow ground for perfect balance. The final step is differentially tempering the spine and tang. Combined with this fine steel this step creates a tough and strong knife and an edge that performs and stays razor sharp.

2.5 - 5 mm spine, 3/4  tapered blade, 15 cm hand forged L6 steel (headsaw), full tang, hollow ground tang for balance.  Fit with a choice of wood  scales set with threaded pins, peened, a threaded lanyard insert and a moose antler butt pinned to the tang of the 5 1/2" handle.  It is tough.
Braided lanyards and one handed locking lanyards for absolute security are optional.

Starting at $775
High carbon M-42 steel fillet knives. 7 inches long blade 1/32 of an inch  thick and differentially tempered.  Brass guard and an antler crown handle. The tang is inserted 3" into the antler and then pinned with threaded stainless or brass pins. Great flex in this steel. 
It comes with a full handmade, tooled and handstitched sheath designed and made by Aki. Every knife is  special and very unique.
Starting  at $775
Handforged  from high carbon 72" headsaw steel.  The blade is 7" long, 1/4" thick at the spine, and tapers down to a razor edge.  A hollow ground full tang, for balance at the guard, set into antler crown scales for the handle . Six stainless steel threaded pins hold the scales. The bolster is handforged copper and brass, pinned and brazed to the tang.  It has copper and antler inserts.  This knife is tough and was built as a heavy duty working knife. Hardened and differentially tempered to keep an exceptional edge. The overall length is 11 and 3/4".

A camp knife
Since 1998 we've been powered by the sun. We make our blades from recovered lumber mill quality steel.
We make a variety of custom made Ulus.
We recover Lumber mill bandsaw steel, L6 and 15N20, for the blades .
Hardened and differentially tempered for toughness and a razor edge that holds.
Watch your fingers.
Please view our Ulu page.

Belt knives, Canadian style.,
A fine small skinning knife.
Moose point Neck Knives
Custom hand made neck knives.
This knife will not fail under extreme circumstances.
Handmade, hand stitched fire starter pouches, fire steel loops and sharpening stone pouches sewn into the sheaths.
A very tough 9" blade with a  5 1/2" moose crown handle.
custom razors with moose antler handles.
Starting at $425
Equipped with a leg tie.A survival blade.
A bushcraft knife. A spearhead is a tough and versatile primitive design.
A spearpoint 4 3/4 inch long blade, handforged and differentially tempered with a 5mm spine. The tang is full and hollow ground for balance. The bevels are full and slightly hollow ground by hand with a small convex secondary bevel. The brass guard is brazed and pinned in place. Antler and copper inserts with tiger maple wood scales pinned with threaded brass make up the handle. The brass lanyard  insert is threaded and screwed through the tang securing a moose antler butt. This knife is strong, tough and keeps a strong, exceptional edge. 

Price, $990

Without a lanyard.
Crown Fillet
Halibut Fillet
Forged high carbon custom knives.
Skinning for moose
Skinnning knives
fishing knives
Tough Knives for small game. W2 steel;
Aggressive knives.
Every knife comes with a handmade, custom sheath
Bushcraft knives
"Chilcotin Moore"
A strong tough knife for the bush.
These two styles are handforged from saw blade steel.  Full tang, 3.5mm spine, a slight hollow ground bevel with a convex secondary bevel. Differentially tempered and they hold strong keen edges.
An offset handle and a knuckle shaped spine on the Moore and an arched spine on the Gwaii. Moose antler scales  with threaded pins, a piece of log processor bar guard with the chain slot filled with copper.

5" blade price, $700.
6" blade price, $775.
Those are saw teeth in its butt.
Handmade to us means hand forged, hand ground, hand finished, hand stitched and hand tooled.
 Prybar tough.
8 inch blade
Custom lbraided lanyards.Absolute security with one hand.
Curly maple and moose antler handle
Hunting deer and moose.
"Gwaii Buck"
Different styles of sheaths and lanyards.
Hide tools: fleshing knives and scrapers
All our knives, sheaths and images are original designs.
Chilcotin Hunting Knives
Moore Knife
Gwaii Buck
Steel pommels welded to the tangs.
L6 steel blades.
8 inch
Spalted apple wood scales.
Carved handles.
A tough camp knife.
Ulu and Kootenai knives.
The Kootenai and a Caribou knife.
8oz.hand stitched leather sheaths.

Dark sheaths.
This design was originally developed with a customer combining the strength of the Mountain Man and the versatility of the Nessmuk
With a brass lanyard insert and lanyard
Our horse shoeing knife for trimming your animals hooves, also known as a hoof knife, is handforged from lumber mill bandsaw blade, hardened and tempered it holds its edge. The handle is fashioned from moose antler. A tough knife that will last.
We'll make your knife left or right handed.

Shoeing knives with moose antler handles,
Kootenai and Caribou
Kootenai and Ulu
Welded steel butt,
Moose antler scale.  $1300
Yewwood scales, steel butt and a Moose antler bolster.
5 inch blade
Fire starter pouch with a sharpening stone, fire steel and loop, steel butt, walnut scales, locking lanyard.    $1550.
Custom Designs. 
A review of this knife and others, click here.
The Mountain Caribou is a tough working knife.  Hand forged 7" blade with a 5" handle.
It's long enough to use like a small drawknife to peel rails.... you can dig with it using the 1/4" spine edge. When we make it with a hardened and tempered steel butt you can hammer in nails.

The high carbon steel butt and guard are welded to the 6mm thick  hollow ground tang, the leather shock absorber and inserts are keyed in tight and the scales are tapped onto the tang squeezing everything together between the guard and the butt. The scales are held onto the tang with threaded stainless pins. We hollow ground the tang putting the balance at the guard.
It's a survival/bushcraft knife.
Survival Knife
Mountain Caribou with a finger choil.
Braided lanyards.
Heavy duty bushcraft ulus.
Indispensable kitchen tools, hunting, bushcraft and camping tools in a Canadian ulu single stem style.

If you haven't used an ulu, nows your chance to use the best ulu's. We guarantee your satisfaction.
We've used this knife and built a 10 x 20' greenhouse from fir saplings, peeled and notched, batoning, drawing and chopping. When we were finished it still had a razor edge. We've field dressed, skinned and quartered a few moose with this knife so far and it has performed exceptionally.   We can make you one-of-a-kind bush knife with this same proven blade.

The scabbard is handmade and hemstitched
out of saddle grade 8 oz.
by artisan Aki Yamamoto                

We use a variety of high carbon steels for these knives.
For the smaller thin knives we recover bandsaw blade from a local machine shop. High carbon with a cobalt content, after our heat treatment it hold a very sharp edge.
For the wider blades we recover D2 and L6 steels from planer blades and circular trim blades. Both excellent knife steels.
Both knives can be built with a variety of
design features. Deep sheaths, lanyards,
longer or shorter blades. We offer, firesteels
mounted in loops, firestarter pouches for material and pouches holding smaller diamond sharpening stones.
The pouches and loops are hand sewn into the sheaths.
The original Mountain Caribou knife had a 7" spear point blade with a 5 1/2" crab apple wood scaled handle.
L6 steel recovered from lumber mill saw blades.
Custom knives.
Light sheaths.
Custom designed leather work by Aki Yamamoto.
10 inch blade
Custom designed knife work by Scott Richardson.
There is toughness designed into the steel with it's alloy content. Combined with the spine thickness, your choice, and the heat treatment we apply, the tasks you want the tool to perform include using the knife like a froe to split wood, using the knife like a drawknife,  food preparation, skinning and many other camp chores.  
When the blade is finished the scales are fit onto the hollow ground tang then screwed together with threaded pins.  We can use stainless or brass pins.
This process from the beginning is challenging.  Dealing
with a 200 kg blade with teeth.

A steel butt, pouches, firesteel loops, lanyards etc... are all
options we can build into the knife.
One hand removal. Absolutely secure. No snaps.
Moose antler butt.
Differentially tempered. Tough and strong.
Building furniture.
6 inch
We put it together so that it won't fail.
We guarantee it.
The knife is handmade from the finest recovered materials. Some materials one can't buy. The sheath is handmade, handstitched from 8oz. leather.
We hand grind a shallow hollow into the wide bevel leading into a small, convex secondary bevel.
The steel, heat treatment and edge geometry create a strong and tough knife with a razor edge that holds.
A curved knife spine set into a curved antler crown.
A tough working knife.
Variations with the Caribou - forging the tang to fit the moose antler.
Knife sets, knife combinations.
Wiseman knife and a Kirsten with yew wood scales
A smaller Caribou. 4 1/2" edge. 1/4" spine.
Build to last generations.
Copper tiger stripes.
A handstitched 8 oz. leather
sheath is designed and handmade
by Aki Yamamoto

9 3/4"overall.
Starting at, $725
Zuccini knife
3" D2 steel blade utility knife.
Gardening knives
1/4" differentialy tempered spine.
Unique and endangered, mountain caribou.