Woodblock print. "Listen". Aki Yamamoto

  Handmade, forged, high carbon knives & tools.
Original designs and art.  British Columbia, Canada.
Toad Prince. Water colour by Aki.
  We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our           knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us
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Aki Yamamoto & Scott Richardson
Custom, Handmade Kitchen & Chef Knives
Cariboo Blades
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The Wiseman on the left has a steel butt, slightly spalted apple wood scales, a mottled copper and brass guard and an 8 inch blade.
"Prescription III". We do this for art's sake. Aki.
For carving totem poles, large bowls and ladles, masks...larger carvings.
Handmade Wood Carving Knives and Tools
- recovered high carbon steel from lumber mill saw blade.
This set includes,
- an adze (AD04),1 1/2" edge,
- a carvers slick, 3" edge,
- an 8"  slightly curved edged draw knife,
- two 4" crooked knife blades, a drop hook and a paddle.
You can put together a set. Go to the first page of our woodworking tools, Crooked Knives. From there you are linked to all our woodworking tools.
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Hand forged, hardened and then differentially tempered.
All our blades are fashioned from quality, high carbon steel we recover from the lumber mill industry.
Beartracks. Water colour by Aki

For more information about how the Wiseman is made please visit our hunting knives catalogue.
The Wiseman bushcraft knife is hand forged, hand ground, clay hardened and differentially tempered.
An 8 inch Wiseman knife with yew wood scales capped with a moose antler bolster and a welded steel butt capable of pounding in nails.
Kitchen Knives
- custom to order
- hand forged, high         
  carbon steel.
-lifetime guarantee.
Hand carved wolf head i n an applewood knife handle by Aki Yamamoto.
The original Wiseman.
For years it's been open season, unlimited bag limit, on wolves in B.C.,... to protect beef.
            -we offer a couple of different one handed lanyard options to absolutely secure your knife in its sheath without buckles, snaps or even ties. 
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The Wiseman Knife
Nessmuk/Mountain man
- bushcraft
Custom hooks. Shapes to carve with.
Lumber mill "headsaw" blade steel heads. Handforged high carbon steel adze blades..
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bush, bushcraft and hunting knives.
Handmade Survival Knives.
- bushcraft knives.
Heavy Duty Ulus.
Spoon carving with a crooked knife.
This Ulu has 9 inches of edge with a 3/16  inch thick blade and a 3 3/4" moose antler scale handle.

The edge starts from a high bevel  and focuses into a razor sharp edge.
-with  heavy duty designs.
- 5/16 inch  Spine
- 7 inch blade,
- 5 inch handle,
- steel hammering butt,
- fire steel with a hand carved walnut handle.
- leg tie option sewn into the sheath design.

Please visit our Ulu's page.
This Wiseman to the right has a
- 6 inch, hand forged blade,
- moose antler bolster,
- yew wood scales,
- copper lanyard insert,
- custom braided lanyard designed
for absolute security of the
Wiseman in it's. custom sheath.
- loop and a 4" x 1/2" firesteel with a handcarved walnut handle
Moose Knife
- a strong and tough bush tool
9 inch blade balanced just ahead of the antler guard.
A Wiseman bushcraft knife with slightly spalted apple wood scales and a welded steel butt welded to the tang.
Wisemans are differentially tempered to be tough from te butt to the tip of the blade.
This Wiseman has a moose antler butt, brass antler insert, apple wood scales, moose bolster and a 9 inch blade.
The Moose knife from the boreal forest in British Columbia.
The Moose knife has a 5/16 inch spine differentially tempered for toughness.
We designed the Moose knife as a tool for the bush. We tested  the original on many extended trips into the boreal forest here, used it as the main tool and built a 10 x 20' greenhouse from fir saplings, peeled and notched, batoning, drawing and chopping. When we were finished it still had a razor edge. We've field dressed, skinned and quartered a few moose with it. It performed exceptionally.
The Moose  knife has a 7 inch blade, 5/16 inch spine, a piece of chainsaw bar guard, ironwood and copper inserts and moose antler scales.
The hump at the shoulder of the Moose knife gives a solid grip for chopping and cutting. Reminicent of a grizzlies hump.
Moose skull.
Full sets of kitchen knives. This set has a chef , yanagi, tomatoe / fruit and a paring knife.
A chef knife. Moose antler scales with douglas fir liners.
Heavy duty leather sheath.
Moose antler and saw blade steel.
The sheath is double saddle stitched by hand re-enforced with copper rivets.
A braided lanyard on the sheath will allow one to secure the ulu to a backpack or belt.
Wolves follow Caribou and moose. Wolves keep the moose populations strong. Wolves keep caribou herds strong. People keep moose and caribou weak by "culling" wolves to protect beef.
Our handmade bushcraft and survival knives.
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"Home", Wood, steel and concrete. 15 feet x 10 feet x 10 feet. Sculpture by Scott Richardson
"Labour", wood and paper. Sculpture by Scott Richardson.
Scott Richardson, 1999.
Scott Richardson, 2015.
Every process is hand done.
Hand forged, clay hardened, tempered and hand finished. I do some work with a grinder and band saw.
Aki uses no machines. She designs, tools, saddle stitches the sheaths and braids the lanyards by hand.
A rough grind after forging. We then use stones and hand grind in and finish the bevel and edge.
A Wiseman knife sheath equipt with a firesteel, loop and pouch for a stone. We put a handcarced walnut handle on the firesteel.
Bushcraft knife, hunting knife, skinning knife,  the Wiseman.
Hand forged and hand ground from high carbon steel. 52 inch headsaw we recover from lumber mills.
Spine and a saw tooth steel butt. The scales are hickory and walnut.
Handmade, forged bushcraft knife.
- hickory and walnut handle
Our knife and tool making shop.
A bowl adze and a hook knife carves bowls, ladles, spoons... anything with an organic shape.
Crooked knives are the ladle carving tool.
Holding your hook knife like this, pulling and pushing.
Pull and push the crook knife blade. Make the double bevels work for you.
We make all our edge tools and knife blades from quality steel we recover. Saw blades mainly from local mills. We hand forge and differentially temper each blade, custom make and handstitch our scabbards. Each knife is original and one of a kind. We live off the grid in isolation on the edge of the Chilcotin Plateau in the boreal forest of B.C.. Our shop is powered by energy from the sun. We use the tools we make. Tried, true and tested. All our knives carry a lifetime guarantee..
Our shop.
Handmade bush knife with custom designed tooling on the sheath.
The Mountain Cariboo  hand forged knife from recovered high carbon head sawblade.
Moose anter scales. A spear head designed knife blade with 5/16 inch spines.
Forged handmade survival knife.
A custom hand forged hunting knife.
We weld a lumber mill headsaw- tooth to the end of the knife's tang creating a hammer head. We've left the carbide tooth on the insert as a striker. The tooth is from a headsaw, 6 feet in diameter
The Mountain Caribou knife is a piece of the British Columbian forest legacy.
From the endangered Mountain Caribou, the disappearing moose to the saw steel cutting and opening up the great forests that were.
Meat knife and ulu.
Chicotin meat knife.
Rosewood liners, elk antler scales
Handmade Chef and Fillet knives.
Custom sheaths
3/16 inch spine, steel guard.
2 carbon steel paring knives.
Handmade kitchen cutlery
5 inch moose antler handle.
10 inch Chef knife, 3/32 thich spine. 
9 inch fillet knife with a 3/64 spine.
Both have elk antler scales with rosewood liners.
Brass guards, antler and brass inserts.
Copper rivets.
8 inch blade, 3/16 spine with peened teak wood scales.
Designed to process moose.
The ulu has a moose antler handle, 1/8th
inch thick blade. The Ultimate skinning tool.

Both tools are handforged from high carbon
sawblade from the mills around Williams Lake, BC.. Clay hardened and differentially tempered.
Chef knife with a 7 inch blade,
3/16 spine.
High carbon steel from recovered sawblade.
Moose antler scales, brass guard.
Clay hardened and differentially tempered to hold a sharp edge.
Paring knives, 2 1/2 inch blade, 1/16 spine with walnut scales, antler and copper inserts.
Odd Jobs paring knife,  3 1/4 inch blade,1/8 spine with juniper scales, antler and copper inserts.
We can build our paring knives with custom sheaths and thicher spines so they become belt knives,
ulu edge and spine.
ulu with juniper scales.
2 inch wood carving skew.
We hand make wood carving and wood working adze, crooked knives, slicks, skews, draw knives and chisels custom for our customers.
Kitchen counter top  functional art.
Saw tooth cleaver
Functional art for your kitchen
Handmade ulu.