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Kitchen Tools and Knives.
Kitchen Tools and Knives.Kitchen Tools and Knives.Kitchen Tools and Knives.
Kitchen Tools and Knives.
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Our mailing address
CARIBOO BLADES is Scott Richardson and Aki Yamamoto
P.O. Box 4271, Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada  V2G 2V3
We approach every knife and tool we make as an individual piece of working art.  
Edge balance, aesthetic and functional design of the cutlery is foremost in our minds.
If you have a suggestion or question, please don't hesitate.

You can request a handcrafted leather blade sheath, a carry sheath or a block to sit on your counter for any of our kitchen knives.

Cariboo Blades
Product Catalogue of Kitchen Knives
Fishing and fillet knives.
Paring knives
Hand made Ulus. Please view our ulu page.
Japanese and Westernn style Chef's knives
Living with the Sun, print by Scott Richardson.
Aki and I make each knife a unique piece. We recover tough lumber mill high carbon saw blade steels, high quality high carbon steels. Handforged, hardened and differentially tempered, the edge is strong and hard while the rest of the knife is kept tough, strong and flexible. 
Aki Yamamoto and Scott Richardson
  Please view our Product Catalogue
a fishy greeting card by Aki
Aki's handmade greeting cards with images inspired by living where we do, in an isolated boreal forest. Click on image to go to the catalogue.
Blade and full belt sheaths.
Handmade ulu, original heavy duty design, tried and tested.
Hand forged cleavers made from high carbon mill saw blade. "The Serpent".
Carbon steel chef knives. Thick spine. A working knife for the kitchen.
Our knife shop powered by the sun. December - 39C.
Custom kitchen knives.
Handmade paring knife with a 2 1/2 inch full tang blade and a long handle. This kitchen knife has walnut scales.
A long handled "Odd Jobs"  kitchen paring knife with moose antler scales.
Hand forged heavy duty cleaver and two fillet knives.
Belt sheaths for your kitchen knives.
Cariboo Blades

High Carbon, Saw blade.
Handmade Kitchen Knives

                           Unique kitchen knives and tools.
              Original Designs from the Chilcotin,  B.C., Canada
Featured Knives 11/05/2016
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Our knife and hand tool workshop.
Solar powered since 1998
Paring knife with arbutus wood scales.
Bear drawing by Aki Yamamoto.
Juniper wood, brass and copper chef set.
Chef knife blade sheath. Spalted apple wood handle.
Today we Cook
Usuba, Japanese cleaver, set in an apple wood block.
Usubas, choppers and cleavers.
Custum made 10 inch chef and fillet
A set of chef knives with elk antler scales, brass guard and copper inserts.
Walnut handles
Juniper wood handles
Hand Forged Cleavers
Antler handles
Chef knives