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Handmade Kitchen & Chef Knives

We power our shop with the sun, recover high carbon lumber mill sawblade steel,
copper, brass, wood and antler and make high quality kitchen cutlery.

 We approach every kitchen knife and tool we make as an individual  and unique piece of working art.  
Edge balance, aesthetic and functional design of the cutlery is foremost in our minds. Handforged, hardened and differentially tempered, the edge is strong and hard while the rest of the knife is kept tough, strong and flexible.

 Our Chef knives start with 8 inch full tang blades, 1/8" spines, 4 1/2" handles. We'll make any length of blade. Most  of the knives we've built are between 8 and 10 inches long. We offer 1/16, 1/8, 3/8 and 1/4 inch spines. Your choice of wood or antler scales for your handle from our stock. We tend towards higher bevels and sharp edges.
  1. Chef knife in hand
  2. 2 chef knives set
  3. Handmade chef knife and block
  4. Cook knife set
  5. Chef knife with a long handle
  6. Custom handmade chef knife
  7. Two chef knives with blocks
  8. Custom made chef knife in hand
  9. antler crown handle chef knife
  10. Chef knife profile. Mooseantlerscales.
  11. Chef knife and a fillet knife set
  12. Handmade kitchen knife
  13. 4 handmade kitchen knives
  14. Custom to order sandoku style chef knife
  15. Custom handmade chef knives
  16. Moose antler handle. Chef knife.
  17. Handmade chef knife, moose antler scales
  18. Chef knife and sheath
  19. handmade chef knife on it's blade shesth
  20. 2 smaller chef knives
Chef Knife image gallery and pricing
If you have a suggestion or question, please don't hesitate. Contact us.
You can suggest any elements from our past work in creating your custom kitchen knife.

You can request a handcrafted leather blade sheath, a carry (belt) sheath or a block to sit on your counter for any of our kitchen knives.

If you had to choose one utility knife for the kitchen these are the ones.
Bevelled on one or both sides, hand forged and ground from lumber mill bandsaw steel. We harden and differentially temper 6 to 9 inch full tang blades with 1/16, 1/8, 3/16  or 1/4 inch thick spines. We make them to stay razor sharp for a long time.
Pick, choose and suggest if you'd like.

  1. Handmade slicing knife with a plum wood handle.
  2. Japanese style honesuki knife
  3. Japanese style kitchen cutlery. Sandoku knife.
  4. 8 inch sandoku knife
  5. Cook knife
  6. Kitchen knifefor slicing
  7. Handmade carving/ slicing knife
  8. Handmade utility knife with yew scales
  9. Universl slicing knife
  10. Utility knife
  11. Handmade, heavy duty kitchen knife
  12. Antler handled hd kitchen knife
Cook, Slicing, Utility, Sandoku and Yanagi Style Knives image gallery and pricing.
We live in the Cariboo/ Chilcotin region of British Columbia. Logging country.  Saw blade steel is work to deal with but it makes for high quality knives. We build our handles from locally sourced wood, moose and deer antler and recover brass and copper from mines in B.C.

We offer paring knives made from lumber mill and bandsaw blade steel, 2 - 3 inch full tang blades with a 3 - 5 inch  wood and antler handles.  They keep their  sharp edge for a long time and are easy to re-sharpen because the blades are carbon steel and thin. Designed to fit into your hand, an extension of your arm.  Walnut, cherry, plum, rosewood,  butternut, apple and juniper woods and more. Moose, deer and elk antler.
Your choice for scales making up your handle.

Paring Knife Image Gallery and Pricing.

We employ both hand forging and stock removal. The blades and tangs are clay hardened, differentially tempered along the spine for toughness and  then tempered for edge strength.
You can request; the handle size; length and material, blade length, shape and spine thickness.

Contact us.

  Vegetable and Boning Knives Image Gallery and Pricing
The ulu knife is an ancient tool. A traditional Inuit Woman's knife  design some 4,500 year old. An excellent tool in a kitchen, a camp, on a hike or in a bushcraft kit.  For slicing,  jerky,  filleting,  chopping and mincing in a unique and efficient way or as a head knife for leather work.  As a hunting tool, the ulu is the ultimate skinning knife , a great tool for your kit.  Please visit our ulu page for prices and more pictures.
  1. Rustic look: ulu in a block
  2. ulu in a small block
  3. ulu leaning on it's block
  4. Managing Director
  5. ulu held in a wood block
  6. leather working ulu and block.
  7. ulu themes
  8. Managing Director
  9. Managing Director
  10. Managing Director
Ulus for your Kitchen. Image Gallery
3/16 & 1/4 inch thick forged high carbon headsaw blade steel. A  7 ,8 ,9... inch razor sharp cutting edge, full tang with a moose antler handles. The saw teeth make a great meat tenderizer. We set  them into fruit wood knot blocks.  This cleaver is like no other. 
Every one we make is a unique piece. 

Sawtooth Meat Cleavers. Image Gallery

High carbon band saw steels we recover from a machine shop and lumber mills. 6 to10 inches long, 1/32 to 1/8 of an inch spines.  They come with a custom handmade, handstitched, saddle stitched sheaths.

  1. Custom made fillet knife
  2. fillet knife blade flex
  3. fillet knife blade flexing
  4. fillet knife profile and handmade sheath
  5. fillet knife with a spoon
  6. fillet knife held in hand
  7. fillet knife sheathed
  8. cleaver and 2 fillet knives
  9. antler handle fillet
Fillet Knives. Image Gallery
    LIFETIME GUARANTEE      We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us

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