Aki and I carve and sculpt our handles for fit and balance.  Each is unique. The edge,  balance, aesthetic and functional design of the cutlery is foremost in our minds.

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CARIBOO BLADES is Scott  Richardson and Aki Yamamoto
P.O. Box 4271, Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada  V2G 2V3
Each knife and sheah are made custom to each other as a unique piece. To last generations.

Handforged, hardened and differentially tempered. The blades come from recovered high carbon lumber mill saw blades . Quality steels .
Tough, with strong edges. All the knives and tools hold exceptional edges.

See our Product Catalogue of over 25 example designs of Bushcraft &  Hunting Knives.
Our sheaths are hand made, saddle stitched by hand sewn. Custom made for each knife..
Fillet Knives
Bush Knives
Handmade Ulus 
Hand forged, high carbon steel.
We spend the time choosing and processing the finest materials.  Natural, local and recovered. 
Our shop is solar powered.
These are solid tools built in traditional and sustainable ways.

We live in the bush on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau.
if I could take only one knife in my backpack, it would bear the stamp of Cariboo Blades. My thanks to Aki and Scott
- Christian
A custom handmade, high carbon knife. We make our sheaths custom to fit and saddle stitched by hand.
Custom handmadeforged Survival Knives.
Fillet knives with forged spoons.
Handmade custom Survival / Bushcraft knives.
Indestructable, handmade ulus. Heavy duty ulus. The high bevels are flat surfaes meeting at a razor's edge.
The Caribou Mountain knife. Hand forged, hand ground, hardend and differentially tempered and then hand built. A truly handmade knife.
Bushcraft and survival knives.
Cutting pieces of high carbon steel from a 6 foot diameter head sawblade. Forging into hand tools.

Cariboo Blades

Handforged High Carbon Steel Knives and Tools.

Custom Handmade Survival, Bushcraft, Hunting, Fillet and Skinning Knives.
Original Designs from the Chilcotin, British Columbia, Canada

Aki Yamamoto and Scott Richardson

Cariboo Blades boreal bush knives.