Traditional woodcarving tools used by carvers in the Pacific Northwest for sculpture in wood. For carving  spoons, bowls, masks, totem poles and dug out canoes they are indispensable. Bent, crooked and hook knives are found all over the world used by flute and string instrument artisans, cabinet makers, hobbyists, bushcrafters and traditional boat builders. A hook knife and adze are often used together. Five or six tools are all anyone needs because of the tools' versatility.  These tools are ideal for sculpting all organic shapes.

We are always working towards sustainability and spend time recovering the finest materials. We live off the grid, produce power for our shop from solar panels, all of our handle wood is local and we use traditional methods making our knives and tools.
     Crooked, Hook & Bent Knives

Cariboo Blades Hook knives are made individually. Our hook knives are of the finest quality. Edge, a functional design and balance are foremost in our minds. We guarantee them for life.

The blades are inset into hardwood handles flush with the back of the handle then the blades are bolted into the handles with stainless nuts and bolts. The blades will not come loose, they are easier to sharpen, hone and you can get closer to your work. Each knife is delivered razor sharp and comes wrapped in leather.
Large hook knives have 25cm (10") handles and 8 - 10cm (3 1/2 - 4") blades. 
Medium hooks have 21.25cm  (8 ½") handles and 6 - 7.5cm (2 1/2 - 3") blades. 
Small hooks have 17.5cm  (7") handles and vary in blade length between  3.125cm and 5.625cm  (1 ¼ and 2 ¼") depending on the size of hook and the length of straight edge.
Basic shapes of hooks for crooked knives
          S      M       L
#1 $  115   135     155
#2 $  125   145     170
#3 $  120   140     165
#4 $  120   140     165
#5 $  115   135     155
#6 $  135   155     185*

* thicker and longer blades.

Arrow head shape, differentially tempered
We sell hook blades separately (without the handle).  We will make custom blades, narrow or wide, arrow or straight, any shape or size. The cost for each blade is roughly half the price of the knife with a handle.
     Email or mail.
Carving hooks for bowls, spoons, salad and serving sets.
Large #6 and a small dropped crooked knife, #2.
Three basic sizes of slow bent hooks.
Wood carving hook knives
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Custom, Sculpting Knives and Tools from the Pacific Northwest.
 Crooked knife blades.
 Aki Yamamoto and Scott Richardson
 How to make a crooked knife, click here.
The handles are shaped to fit in your hand when pulling toward or pushing away from yourself. The thicker end of the handle can be used for your other hand to comfortably hold for more control and torque. You would secure your work to carve. The crooked knife is a great starter knife because it is so versatile. The bevels on the hook can be either on top or underneath the blade.
We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us.
The hook knife set below are our smaller size of knife. They are examples of some shapes and provide a guide to our pricing. You request your own shapes and we'll make them, with our guarantee.
We offer strong custom handmade hook/crooked and bent knives with recovered high carbon lumber mill bandsaw and circular blades.  Please refer to our testimonials page to read what artists around the world think of our tools.  We hand forge L6 for our large and medium size blades 
and 15n20 for our medium and small blades. We have been 
working with this quality steel since 1997. These knife 
blades are very tough, have a high tensile strength and hold 
a strong edge. Hardened and differentially tempered. 

Our crooked knives are made using sustainable methods. Our 
shop has been solar powered since 1999. Our solar power set up.
All our tools and knives carry a lifetime guarantee.
How to sharpen a crooked knife, click here.
We make another kind of crooked knife.  Horse shoeing knives are excellent wood carvers' knives. A spoons and mask knife and as a general woodworking tool. There are lots of hoof knives out there but many are poorly assembled and use second rate steel that doesn't hold an edge. We make excellent farriers' knives with a lifetime guarantee.

Horse Head carved from cherry wood by Aki.
Antler handles.
Elk antler handle shaped to fit your hand.
Long hardwood handles to get two hands on if you need to.
Shoeing Knives  and as wood carving knives
   # HK01:  Lg. carving hoof knives have 8.75 cm (3 1/2") of edge, 25 cm (10") overall.   Price: $225.00

   #HK02:   Medium size knives have 7 cm (2 3/4") of edge, 21.5 cm (8 1/2") overall.  Price: $205.00

   #HK03:  Small  size knives have 5.6 cm (2 1/4") of edge,  20 cm (8") overall.  Price: $185.00

 * Edge length includes the hook. 

You have control
Custom antler handle hoof knives.
Hand made and handforged from high carbon gangsaw blade steel, hardened then differentially tempered. These wood carving knives hold an exceptional edge which again were designed to cut hooves at least 
as hard as dry apple wood.  We 
guarantee the edge. The full tang
blades are offset, fit into 
hardwood handles and fastened                                                                                             with threaded pins or rivets. Each 
knife comes with its own sheath and 
a lifetime guarantee. These 
farrier/woodcarving knives come 
in three sizes, straight or with slow
curves, all have a small hook on the 
end and come right or left handed. If you would like one  Contact us.

Slow curves or straight edges.
Annealed, shaped, hardened and then differentially tempered.  The edge will hold carving hard fruitwood like cherry, plum and apple - honing is all that's needed to maintain it.  Lumber mill bandsaw steel is very strong and tough at the same time.  The hardwood handles are shaped to fit your hand with excellent balance and leverage and even the smallest size has a handle long enough for a second hand.

Woodcarving Crooked Knife
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Custom crooked knives for mask. bowl and spoon carving.
Six general shapes of hook.
Depending on the style of hook you order the blade length will vary slightly.
A small size has a 6 1/2 inch handle and a 1 3/4 inch to 2 1/8 inch edge.
Medium has an 8 inch handle with 2 1/2 inch to 3 1/4 inch edges with 3/16" tangs.
Large knives have 10 inch handles, 3 1/3 to 4 1/4 inch edges with 3/16" tangs.

Style   SM.        Med.       LG.
#1     $180      $205       $225
#2    $195      $225       $245
#3    $180      $205       $225
#4    $180      $205       $225
#5    $180      $205       $225
#6    $195      $225       $245
Double bevelled hook and crooked knives are a fine addition to your carving kit.  In combination with an adze, slick and/or skew the versatile hook knife takes care of much of the work needed to carve organic shapes. Traditionally they have been used in the Pacific Northwest carving totem poles, masks, spoons, ladles, bowls and reliefs.  
They are invaluable knives for wooden musical instrument makers, boat builders, log home builders and as a general woodworking tool. Thin double bevelled edges let you carve deep in tight circumferences, going in and out with ease and in any direction. 

As a starter wood carving knife the hook knife would be a good choice. Two straight 
edges, two curved gouge edges, and it is both left and right handed.

If you have a crooked knife in mind e-mail us. Single bevel, reversed bevels, bigger or smaller blades and handles can be made for you. We also make hook knives with antler handles.
Crooked Knife Sets
This first set was designed for a carver in Alaska. A small set of 4 hook knives for mask work.  Price, $675.
A custom set of crooked knives for wood carving.
The second set was designed for carvers as a versatile set for work on masks, totem poles, eating implements such as serving bowls, spoons and ladles. Price, $1150.
(Custom antler handle knife not included)
As a third set, 6 small crooked knives the price is, $1050.
Four small hook knives.
Four small, knives, medium and a large
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Our hook knife blades are hand forged arrow shaped with fluted tangs .
For broader double bevels. Keener edges.

     Woodcarving Hook Knives
A set of custom hook knives.
Custom antler handle crooked knives
Custom paddle knife
17 x 13 inches,  beetle killed lodgepole pine.
Wood carving by Aki Yamamoto.
Different styles, shaps and sizes.
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