Survival knife clay hardened patina
Strong, tough sawmill sawblade high carbon steel for knife and tool blades.
Strong, tough sawmill sawblade high carbon steel for knife and tool blades.Strong, tough sawmill sawblade high carbon steel for knife and tool blades.Strong, tough sawmill sawblade high carbon steel for knife and tool blades.
Strong, tough sawmill sawblade high carbon steel for knife and tool blades.
We approach every knife and tool we make as an individual piece of working art. Materials are hand picked and crafted for each piece. We choose not to use buffing machines or pneumatic hammers. Our shop is very simple. All our products are handmade to last generations.

Steels used in the forest lumber industry in B.C. These strong and tough steels are an excellent choice for tools and knives. We've lived in the bush since1997 here on the edge of Chilcotin Plateau. All the steel we build with has been tried and tested by us (and the mills).

We strive to live sustainably, growing our own food, making one of a kind heavy duty hand tools and knives, creating art, while leaving a light footprint..  With heart and soul.
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Knife maker
We are full time artisans making custom handmade tools and knives. Our products are original designs made with care considering the quality, significance and durability of each of the recovered materials we use. Our shop is small and powered by the sun. With a few simple tools
we create working art with soul.

We recovered big old sawmill sawblades, bandsaw blade and planer blade that were used in the Cariboo/Chilcotin to cut up big trees in the British Columbian mills.

Considering the impact lumber mill saw blades have had on our planet and the superb steel the old saw blades were made from, it seems insane that they were thrown out or used to make cheap pots and car doors. We do have a limited supply.

Our handles are made from British Columbia moose, elk, and deer antler, or selected  local hardwoods.

Aki and Scott invite you to shop online, securely, for high quality hand forged tools & knives.  Everything Aki and Scott sell is meticulously handcrafted for design and function. They maintain the Cariboo Blades website from their home off the grid. Email or mail is the best way for you to contact them if you have any questions.
Our shop is powered by  416 watts of solar panel on a sun tracking system. We work with the sun and choose to use hand tools as much as we can instead of machines. We try to recover every material used in building our tools and knives. Most of all, we choose a respect for life. Living sustainably on this planet.

We make working art, one piece at a time.
CARIBOO BLADES,  Richardson and Yamamoto
P.O. Box 4271, Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada  V2G 2V3
Canadian knife makerCanadian knife maker
Canadian knife makerCanadian knife makerCanadian knife maker
Canadian knife makerCanadian knife maker
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We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us.
We are a small family business.  Living and working in isolation, by the sun, off the grid in boreal forest on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau in central British Columbia.
Retrieving tool and knife blades from high carbon head saw blades.
Tough High Carbon Head SawBlade Steel.
It left behind saw dust. We leave behind metal grindings.
We homestead under a great big sky on the edge of the Chilcotin Plateau in British Columbia.
How to make a crooked knife.
How to sharpen your hook knife.
Hand forged timber framing tools
Handforged tough high carbon steel kitchen knives. Original custom handmade designs.
Our Homestead in British Columbia.
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Bushcraft knives and tools.
Handmade carving tools,
handmade hunting knives and
handbuilt building tools.

Custom Buscraft/Survival knives
"this is the first knife i have ever purchased outside of relatively inexpensive store bought blades and the experience of working with/buying from you has been truly exceptional. in all ways, from thoroughness to thoughfullness, communication to quality, this has been as rewarding of a transaction as any i've ever had, and i am quite experienced in buying/selling in the real world and online."  - Mike
Aki Yamamoto, Scott Richardson and Son
                    Bush and Hunting Knives.
Bush Knives
Nessmuk/Mountain man Review
British Columbia, Canada. We live and work off the grid in the boreal forest on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau.
Bushcraft Kit made up of crooked knives, draw knives, adze, ulus and Nessmuk/ Mountain knives.
Handmade timberframing chisels
Survival Knives
Custom made, hand forged survival knife. High carbon steel.
British Columbia, Canada
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Cariboo Blades makes: Traditional Pacific Northwest style fine woodcarving adz and hook, crooked and bent knives,  woodworking adze,  hand tools for traditional log home building, timber framing, boat building and carving .

We make handmade kitchen knives, hunting/bushcraft and survival knives, tools and farrier knives. 

We make Art.

These are value added sustainable products and are made from the finest materials.

Hand Forged Woodcarving Knives & Custom, Handmade Working Knives

"Prescription",  relief in beetlekill pine by Aki Yamamoto.
Reliefs carved with crooked knives/ hook knives.
Handmade woodcarving Hook knives. A Crooked knife set.
Hand carved face and mask.
Hand carved gargoyle by Aki Yamamoto.
Handmade custom chef knives.
Custom handmade kitchen knives and unique kitchen cutlery sets.
Wolves follow Caribou and moose. Wolves keep the moose populations strong. Wolves keep caribou herds strong. People keep moose and caribou weak by "culling" wolves to protect beef.
Tools & Knives   Since 1997
Cariboo Blades
         Recovered lumber mill high carbon steels, copper and brass from
local mines. The highest quality handle materials from recovered wood, moose and deer antler.
Custom made bushcraft knife with a fire steel.
D2 steel knife. Moose antler handle
Kootenai hunting knife and a ulu.
The perfect hunting knife and tool set.
Hunting sets. 
Bushcraft Knives
Handmade survival knife. Hand forged knife with a 5/16" spine
Big knife, small sword
Custom survival knives
Bent & Hook or Crooked  knives.
Dropped point saw blade steel hunting knife
Handmade Hunting Knives
Custom Made Knives