Cariboo Blades
Handmade Chisels
We recover quality high carbon steel from lumber mills in central British Columbia. Hand made, hand forged, hardened and differentially tempered timberframing chisels and heavy duty bench and building chisels. We make them strong,  balanced and hold a great edge.

Tang fit, offset (dogleg), handforged 9 inch blades, 10 inch handles. A  set of custom handmade chisel slicks.
Headsaw steel is high carbon steel with a molybdenum, chromium and nickel content. After we handforge, harden and temper we go back into the blade, differentially tempering the tang and blending the tempers in the chisel blades.

This creates a chisel blade with tensile strength, tough enough to pry with and a razor edge that holds. We guarantee that all our chisels will hold an exceptional edge and are tough and strong at the same time.
A set of three framing chisels
   - 1, 1 1/2 and  2 inch chisels.                                       -  51 cm (20") overall
   - handmade tip guards
   - lifetime guarantee
      Price: $1100.00                          
  Tools and Knives.
  Handmade Timber Framing Chisels
A slice of drive shaft persuaded on hot creates the hoop.
The tangs are full and run right to the top of the handle.  The 1/4 inch thick piece of striking steel on top, tang, socket and blade are one piece. Made for log home builders, timberframers, woodworkers and wood carvers. Tough chisels made for prying and hammering.  We can build them 14 to eighteen inches overall in length. The chisels come with custom tool belt scabbards with leg ties.
Made with 8 oz leather and is fastened with saddle rivets.
We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us.
Custom Offset Slick Chisels.
A 1 1/2" HD Chisel with a Scabbard
Framing Slicks.
Slicks and Skews
Peeling and shaping logs.
Custom Hand Forged Chisels for Framing, Building with Logs. From the Chilcotin Plateau, British Columbia, Canada.
Offset chisels for easier slicking and deeper cuts.
"Chisel slicks"
A Set of Five
- 1, 1 1/2 and  2 inch chisels.
- corner chisel.
- 20"overall.
- 3/8" x 3" framing slick.
- handmade tip guards.
- lifetime guarantee.
Price: $1950.00

The steel we process for chisels and slicks comes from 5/16” x 72” 
and 52" lumber mill circular headsaw blades and 3 and 6' chipper blades.
Excellent steels for large woodworking hand tools because of their
strength and toughness designed to cut millions of feet of board.
We hand forge the steel into shape, harden and then differentially
temper creating strong and tough blades.

More Hand Tools for Building Loghomes and Timberframing and Wood Carving.
Individually Sold. (20" overall)
- 2 inch framing chisel price    - $475.
- 1 1/2 inch                                - $425
- 1 inch                                       - $390
- corner chisel                           - $525
-Framing slick, 3" x 1/4" thick - $425
                                 3/8" thick - $495
Each chisel and slick comes with an 8 oz handmade leather tip sleeve.
A set of 5 Timberframing Tools
Heavy duty chisel with a 2 1/2 inch edge.
A set of 3 hand made timberframing chisels.
Chipper blade steel. Hand made timberframing slick
Perfrect fit.
Our shop is powered by the sun and has been since 1998.  Our shop solar power system.
High carbon hand forged chisels have a full tang with a 1/4" steel striking top.
We recover high carbon head sawblade steel for our chisel blades.
Full Tang Chisels
Set of 3 handforged chisels.  Full tang and heavy duty.
Custom handmade chisels.
Large wood carving edge tools. An adze, fish tail slick, drawknife and 2 crooked knife blades.
A 1 inch and a 2 inch carving adze.
Starting at $425 for a 1 inch chisel with a scabbard, $495 for a 1 ½ inch chisel with a scabbard.  $575 for a 2-inch chisel with scabbard. These are the toughest chisels you can get.  Handles wrapped in leather for a sure grip is optional.    Contact us.
The steel  on on top of the chisels are hardened and tempered to take the blows from your hammer..