A 8" Drawknife for carving, bushcraft,  hewing timbers and peeling logs.
Heavy Duty, Hand Forged
They come with a handmade 8 oz leather sheath built with saddle rivets and 8 oz leather. Your tool is delivered razor sharp and you may ship it back to us to be re-sharpened.  You pay return shipping. The sharpening is free of charge. 
From 22 inches overall length with a 10 inch (25cm) edge to 14 inch (35 cm) length overall with a 4 inch (10 cm) edge.  Curved or straight blades.  Priced from $300-$625. We'll make them bigger if you want. Contact us.
Our heavy duty draw knives are comfortable and easy on your wrists.  The angle of the handles, curve in the blade and the weight of the tool allow you to use the strength of your legs and your body weight with greater drawing power.

Hand built to last. Full tang drawknives cut from one piece of steel. Custom to order, hand made, hand forged and differentially tempered using head sawblade and leaf spring steel.  
Tough and strong steels.  
Time and effort is involved processing these steels but it is well worth it. We harden and differentially temper  high carbon L6 and 5160 steel to hold a superb edge. Hand carved fruitwood handles are fit for comfort. You can request the handles to be wrapped in leather.
Our draw knives carry a lifetime guarantee. 
10 inch drawknives
Cariboo Blades Custom Draw Knives
Custom draw knives for log home builders, log furniture makers, wood workers, wood carvers and bushcrafters who need the best heavy duty draw knife that peel and shape logs and timbers. They will keep their razor edge through the toughest knots, we guarantee it.
Timberframe and log home b.uilding hand tools
Smaller heavy duty knives ideal for building log furniture, hewing and shaping rails.
An 11" draw knife for peeling logs.
The edge and slow curves in the blade and handles are hand forged into the tool.
We recover the finest quality carbon steel for draw knives.
Woodworking Hand Tools
  How to Sharpen our draw knives, click here.
Lifetime Guarantee.
We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us.
This heavy duty peeling knife has an 11" edge, 23" overall.
A smaller heavy duty draw knife for bushcraft, camp furniture construction, rails and a good addition to a wood workerr's kit.
Hand hewing, peeling and shaping logs and timbers.
We also forge adze, slicks and chisels from spring steel, 5160 and head sawblade. Tough, high carbon steel for drawknives, adze, chisels and slicks.
This draw knife has 5 inches of hand forged L6 steel razor edge.
A custom made high carbon steel draw knife. 5  inches of edge with 5 inches of plum wood handle wrapped in leather. A very tough and strong knife.
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Handmade Custom Drawknives. Bushcraft, Timber and Loghome Building Hand Tools from British Columbia

Draw Knives