Canadian adze maker
Canadian adze makerCanadian adze makerCanadian adze maker
Canadian adze maker
1 1/2 inch edge, 15 inch, 37.5cm long handle on this bowl adze
Recovered head saw blade, fine quality high carbon steel. Tough.
                      Custom handmade, forged wood carving adze.
From British Columbia, Canada.  Pacific Northwest Style Carving Tools
Cariboo Blades
This wood carving adze has 2 inches of edge and a 17 inch long handle.
Bowl & Carving Adze

Designed as efficient stock removal woodcarving and woodworking timber tools. For sculpting organic shapes. Adze carving for bowls, masks, totem poles, dug-out canoes, large or small wood or ice sculpture and hewing timbers and logs. Excellent bushcraft tools.

We recover saw blades from lumber mills in central  British Columbia for making
our carving adze.
The saw blade steels we hand forge are high quality carbon steels .
Very tough and strong steels.
Another choice of steel stock we build from would be leaf spring steel, 5160,
also an excellent high carbon steel for adze blades.

We handforge, harden and then differentially temper the blades. The cutting edge produced is exceptional, while the rest of the head is tough. These hand tools are tough, strong and balanced.  You can request the angle of blade to handle and handle length as well as the shape of the adze edge.

We live in  British Columbia, Canada on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau. We are off the grid, have no phone, our power is solar electric and our communication is via satellite through the internet.  We work using sustainable and traditional methods. To contact us please e-mail.

Handcarved fruitwood handles. This bigger adze has a plum handle.
Straight lipped edge for hewing timbers and crossgrain work.
Differential tempering assures a strong edge and a tough adze.
Also designed to be drawn for wood removal like a wood hand plane.
More acute adze head to handle angles for closer woodcarving work.
AD01 is a larger adze with a 2  1/2 inch to 4" edge and 24 inch plus handles. A two handed adz. Handforged from 5/16 inch headsaw steel hardened and differentially tempered to be tough and hold a strong edge. For a heavier adze we could forge 1/2" spring steel.

A smaller carving adze for the camp. A 2 inch edge, 14 inch apple wood  handle with a bit of leather wrap for grip.
A bowl carvng adze, a crooked knife and two carving chisels.
We guarantee our materials and craftsmanship on our carving adze.
A 2  1/2 inch gently curved edge.  Balanced for efficient stock removal.
An excellent adze for large projects like dug-out canoes, totem poles and large organic sculpture in wood.
A Crossgrain Lipped Adze with a straight or curved edge for hewing timbers and logs, large woodcarving  projects - a general wood removal tool for timberframers and loghome builders.

These adze are light, balanced and keep a razor edge.
Prices:   1 inch             $355
              1  1/2 inch     $370
              2  inch           $405
AD05 is a heavier adze handforged from 1/4 inch headsaw steel or spring steel.
The heavier duty bowl adze is designed for efficient and comfortable carving.
2  1/2 inch edge.Your adze head angle to handle can be custom.
You can request the head to handle angle you want.

All our adze come with handmade blade guards.
AD05 Prices:  1  1/2  inch $390
                          2      inch $415
                      2  1/2  inch $455
Adz blade guards.
Cariboo Adz
-Two handed Crossgrain Adze for Dug Out Canoes and Poles.
Heavier Duty Woodcarving Bowl Adze
  We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our           knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us
A variety of adze. Large and small. Great bushcraft tools or dug-out war canoes.
Carpenter's Adze
Woodcarving and carpenters adze.  Balanced and keeps an razor sharp edge. Hand forged from 3/16" L6 steel.
AD06          Edge       Handle     Price

3/16 steel      1   1/2 inch     14 inch     $325
                          2      inch      16 inch     $355

Two handed    2   1/2 inch     20 inch     $405
5/16 steel         3       inch      24 inch    $445

A 2 inch adz with a 12 inch oak handle.
Mask work
A 2 1/2 inch adze with a 20 inch handle.
2 inch edge adze heads.
Adze heads can be sold separately
      #1                                               #2                                                      
  Bushcraft adze.
AD01 Price:   2 1/2"- $495
                            3"- $550
                     3 1/2"- $595
                            4"- $645
Two crooked knives and the best adze for bowl carving. A bowl carving set of hand tools.
Fluted head fitting to guarantee the adze head does not come off.
Strong adze edges with 20 degree bevels.
Profile of th heavier duty 2 inch adze.
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Hand forged Adze from Saw Blade Steel

Wood Carving Adze