Aki Yamamoto, Scott Richardson & Kai
Aki Yamamoto, Scott Richardson & KaiAki Yamamoto, Scott Richardson & KaiAki Yamamoto, Scott Richardson & Kai
Aki Yamamoto, Scott Richardson & Kai

                                       Contact us: Cariboo Blades                                                       S.Richardson and A.Yamamoto P.O. Box 4271, Williams Lake,
  British Columbia, Canada  V2G 2V3 
  Email: forgedtools@caribooblades.com
Canadian knife maker
Canadian knife makerCanadian knife makerCanadian knife maker
Canadian knife maker
Custom made Survival knife.
Hand forgrd survival knife.
Tools & Knives
Cutting patterns from the saw blade.
Six foot head sawblade.
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Since 1997
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A moose cow and her calf.
Moose skull.
The knife making shop.
Moose out our kitchen window.
Douglas fir
A larger Alaskan butchering ulu
Pizza ulu.
a leafy Cariboo greeting by Aki
Water Colour Cards Catalogue.
Our spot on the planet.
Dandelion root stir fry
The boreal forest is dieing.
Just passing through.
The Alain zoo, U.A.E.
The boreal forest frozen.
Aki Yamamoto and Scott Richardson
Woodcarving knives
British Columbia Canada.

We've been living now in the boreal forest on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau in the central British Columbia bush since 1997. We are off the grid, living with power from the sun and working toward a sustainable way of life. We've chosen to take the time.

From 1997 until 2000 we recovered enough high quality carbon steel from the lumber mills around Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada to support ourselves making tools and knives in the bush for 30 years. Isolated on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau, off the grid, we support ourselves. We work and grow by the sun. We've been powering our shop with sun energy

We've written in the Fireweed Blog about life here.

Aki Yamamoto is a versatile artist, carving, sculpting, printmaking, drawing and working with leather. She studied at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Together, broad world travel, study and living in an environment of harmony with life continue to influence her work.

Scott Richardson studied at Capilano University and Emily Carr. He began making carving tools for carvers in 1991 at Capilano under George Rammell, a master craftsman, teacher and west coast sculptor. Scott started with leaf springs (5160), handforging and heat treating the steel. 

Both Aki and Scott are trained artists and approach their tool and knife  making as working art.

The Chilcotin - Cariboo is the region in which they live. The different styles of edge tools used in this region are brought together and made by Cariboo Blades Tools & Knives -  Aki, Scott and Kai.

"Working with craftspeople like loghome builders, chefs, wood carvers, wood workers and artists, we have developed our own unique style of high quality traditional hand tools and working knives from the finest materials. The steel, wood and antler we use is local and recovered and we  use the sun's  energy to power our shop".

Everything they build is custom to order so your suggestions and questions are welcome.
When their supply of high carbon saw blade steel is done Cariboo Blades will be over.

Chilcotin moon in the morning.

Handmade Wood Carving Knives & Tools
Custom Hand Forged Working Knives

Making hand tools and knives. Handmade and custom to order.
From the Forest of the Chilcotin Plateau in central B.C., Canada.