We make our hand made working ulus with moose or deer antler and hardwood handles. They can be fastened with either threaded brass or stainless steel pins.  We focus on balance, aesthetics, utility and edge quality.
Handmade ulus with antler handles.
An ulu to fillet salmon.
The ulu knife. The best skinning knife.
We design with quality. High carbon steel  recovered from lumber mill bandsaw blade.
All the ulus we make are custom to order. 
We recover all the quality materials  and take time to build them.
The sheaths are handmade and saddle stiched by hand.

Our shop is powered by the sun.

We've recovered L6 and 15N20 high carbon steel lumber mill saw blades. We cut, shape and finish the ulu blades. We harden and differentially temper the blades and stems creating tough and strong ulu blades, After we are done, the blades hold a razor edge creating a high quality kitchen tool, hunting and utlility tool. For the backcountry or your workbench, it is an indespensible knife.
Thicknesses vary between a thin 1mm to 5mm.

Ulus are a fine food preperation tool.
Our ulu blades are cut from recovered lumber mill band sawblade steel.
         From the edge of Chilcotin,  British Columbia, Canada.
Working ulus that will last generations. We build them strong, tough and they keep their edge.

The ulu knife is an excellent tool in a kitchen cutlery tool kit. For slicing,  jerky,  filleting,  chopping and mincing.  As a hunting tool, the ulu is the ultimate skinning knife and a great bushcraft tool for a kit.
Refer to the ulus above. View the shapes of blade and  handles then email us. If you have any questions or suggestions please don't hesitate. We will make what you want..
Bianca ulu
Kitchen Ulus
Smaller antler handles and ulu blades for the bush.
Neck Knives
Deer or moose antler.

Wood handles.
Our ulus start at   -  $325.
Sheaths start at   -  $ 95

Heavy duty start at, $475
Sheaths start at,     $175
Fruit wood knot blocks to hold your ulu.Fruit wood knot blocks to hold your ulu.
Fruit wood knot blocks to hold your ulu.Fruit wood knot blocks to hold your ulu.Fruit wood knot blocks to hold your ulu.
Fruit wood knot blocks to hold your ulu.Fruit wood knot blocks to hold your ulu.
 Aki makes the sheaths by hand out of 8 oz. saddle leather and handstitches a saddle stitch  for a tough and lasting knife sheath, custom fit.  A fillet of leather is sandwiched between the front and back leather pieces  protecting the saddle stitch.

The original designs on the face of the sheaths are hand drawn and tooled by Aki. You can request a custom motif.
Cariboo Blades Tool & KnivesCariboo Blades Tool & Knives
Cariboo Blades Tool & KnivesCariboo Blades Tool & KnivesCariboo Blades Tool & Knives
Cariboo Blades Tool & KnivesCariboo Blades Tool & Knives

Ulu knives are traditional tools that
are at least 4,500 years old.
An ulu sitting in an apple wood block.
Lifetime Guararntee.
We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us.
Choose the style of ulu you're interested in.
These are some of the different shapes of moose and deer antler handles. 

Please click on a style number for a closer look.. 
Irregular antler handle shapes fit snugly in your hand giving one a firm grip allowing one to have more control and power in cuts and slices. 
Tools and designs that are proven by people who lived in the harshest conditions on earth. 
We seal and stabilize moose, deer and elk antler.
All our ulus are balanced at the neck and guaranteed to keep a tough and strong razor's edge.
We put high bevels on the ulus making for two flat surfaces meeting at a razor edge.
Ulu's carried on your neck. A neck ulu.
Our ulu sheaths are custom, made and saddle stitched by hand.
An ulu could be part of a set.
Apple knot blocks similar to these.
 Handmade HD Ulus.
The blade is high carbon steel recovered from lumber mill saw blade. 3/16" thick with a handforged,  high and slightly hollow ground bevel into a razor edge. 
The moose antler handle is held with three threaded stainless steel pins.
The sheath is hand made from 8 oz. leather.
The hand done double saddle stitch holds a fillet between the layers of leather protecting the hand stitching from the razor edge of the ulu.
Rivets are placed along the edge and rounded corners for reinforcement.
We've added a braided lanyard to this sheath to tie to your pack 
Heavy duty ulus with custom sheaths double saddle stitched by hand, copper rivets and leather ties to secure the ulu.
Heavy duty ulus with 3/16 thick blades. Two high bevels leading into a razor sharp edge.
Heavy Duty Ulus
Heavy duty, forged ulu's with sheaths are $650.
Food Preparation
Blocks start at      - $ 95
A kitchen ulu for counter top. The knifeis set in an apple knot block.
 ulu knife, hand ground  high carbon steel in a custom sheath.
Aki Yamamoto & Scott Richardson
Ulus set in a block for your kitchen counter.
An Ulu's is a versatile kitchen knife.
Custom made Ulu's

Handmade Ulus

Custom ulu with a sheath and in hand.
Heavy duty handmade, forged ulu
Heavy duty ulu with a juniper wood handle.
Working art. Ulu's for cooks.
Ulu art
Kitchen tool
Camping tools
Primitive designs