Five knives and a fork, spatula and sharpening steel. Made from handforged  steel we have recovered from the local lumber mills here in central British Columbia. L6, 15N20 and A8 steels. Hardened and differentially tempered for toughness and strength according to each tool's tasks.

Cariboo Blades
Dressing and butchering moose, elk and deer.
Custom, Hand forged  Knife and Tool Sets
We recover fine knife steels from B.C.'s lumber mills.
Custom Bushcraft, Wood carving, Camp,  Kitchen and Woodworking Sets
The most used tool.
Re-condtioned antique kitchen tools and butchers knife.
Caribou antlers carved into the walnut scales.
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A boning knife with muscle. Handforged from L6 steel, 4mm spine, 7" long blade with a hollow ground tang for balance. Black walnut

Paring knife. 3 1/2" full tang blade with a 1/16" spine is made from lumber mill bandsaw blade, 15N20. It keeps a very sharp edge.
The long 4 1/2" handle has walnut scales, a brass guard, antler and copper inserts.
A tough handforged high carbon steel, 8" full tang chef knife. With a 3/16" spine, a 4 1/2" fat handle. Black walnut scales held with threaded brass pins, a moose antler insert and a copper insert.
We conditioned and put new handles on these three antique tools.
The butcher knife made by Sears and Son, "Not to be equalled" etched into the blade, we reconditioned the blade and put on new walnut scales.
The fork made by Henkel we put a new apple wood handle.
The spatula, made by Sheffield we fitted with new crab apple wood scales.
Original designs.
We guarantee your complete satisfaction with the materials and workmanship on all our tools and knives. All our knives can be sent to us to be sharpened. The sharpening is on us.
A wide and long apple wood handle holds a piece of hand forged and heat treated 4' chipper blade, A8 steel. Very tough..
The blade is 16" long, 3/4" thick.
Chilcotin Camp Set
Woodcarving bushcraft set.
A boning knife with muscle, 3/16" spine
The handle scales are done in walnut.
Sharpening steel 3/4" round.
The black walnut, apple woods and antler are from local sources as is the brass and copper we've used as guard and insert material.
A Caribou knife in L6, 1/4" spine, a Kootenai in D2 steels, 3/16" .spine bushcraft set.
A straight knife in D2 steel, crooked knife and adze for bowl carving.
Timberframing hand tools.  1, 1 1/2, 2 inch chisels, a corner chisel and a slick.
A Mountain Caribou, skinning and farrier's knife horseman's set.
Crooked knife sets.
A matching set of bushcraft tools. An ulu, crooked knife, adze, small heavy duty draw knife, D2 utility knife and a L6 7inch hunting/camp knife.
Bushcraft  Set / Hunting camp Sets
A 3 inch timber frame slick, adze and heavy duty chisel with a scabbard for log home building.
Ulu and a Kootenai knife hunting set.
A chef knife, boning knife and a paring knife in an apple wood block.
A handforged crooked knife. L6 steel. carving spoons, bowls and general woodwork around the camp.
An ulu. The ultimate skinning tool. Just a handy food prep knife.
A very tough bushcraft draw knife. Peeling, shaping and building
A bushcraft adze. Carving bowls, platters, building chairs and setting up camp.
The Mountain Caribou knife. A hunting, camp and survival knife.
Hardened and differentially tempered, hand forged from recovered high carbon lumber mill saw blade steels.
D2 steel with a keen edge. Great companion knife for the Mountain Caribou.
We make each knife and tool a unique piece. Hand forged, hardened and differentially tempered. Very tough and strong. Our blades come from recovered  high carbon lumber mill saw blades .
Edges that will last. All the knives and tools hold great edges.
Two skews and a cup slick
Woodworking Tool Sets
We make a wide selection of woodworking and wood carving knives.

From a full set of log home builder's, timberframer's or carver's hand tools to a small set of crooked knives specifically for masks and spoons or an adze and hook knife for carvng bowls.

Knife & Wood Carving Tool Sets
The pictures on this page are of a few suggested knife sets.. 
From our site,  put together a combination of tools and knives that work for you. From a couple of knives, a dozen woodcarving tools or a full bushcraft set we'll
build them.
Everything we make now is custom to order. We'll work with you and build a set that is what you need and want for the tasks you have in mind.

You may choose from a selection of wood, antler and steel we have. The blade size, style, handle size, balance and weight are some of the features you may want to consider.  On our site there is a variety of knives and tools to choose from or tell us what you need and we will put a set together..

A larger set  of log home and timber hand tools.
We build our knives and tools from the finest, recovered high carbon steel. All our products are handmade. Our leather sheaths are hand built and handstitched.
Everything we make carries a lifetime guarantee.

If you have any questions please contact us.
We can build our knives and tools to your specifications. We offer different handle sizes, blade lengths, thicknesses and widths. It is your choice.
We offer strong custom handmade hook/ crooked or bent knives with recovered high carbon lumber mill bandsaw and circular blades. We handforge L6 for our large and medium size blades and 15n20 for our medium and small blades. These crooked knife blades are very tough, have a high tensile strength and hold a strong edge.
Our adze are designed as efficient stock removal woodcarving and woodworking timber tools. For sculpting organic shapes. A carving adze for bowls, masks, totem poles, dug-out canoes, large or small wood or ice sculpture and hewing timbers and logs. We'll make the adze you need.
A great bushcraft tool.
Our shop is powered by the sun and has been since 1998. Please refer to this post by clicking on this link, Our solar power system
Please visit our first page of woodworking tools.
We make hand forged custom slicks and skews for log home building, timberframing, sculpting, woodcarving, and boatbuilding, shipwrights. If you want a certain kind of slick, with a certain weight and a particular edge we will make it with a  guarantee.
Time and effort is involved in the process building draw knives but it is well worth it. We harden and differentially temper high carbon steel to hold a superb edge. Hand carved fruitwood handles are fit for comfort. You can request the handles to be wrapped in leather.
Our focus is on the edge, balance, comfort and functional design. Each timber framing chisel is unique and what we consider working art. The balance of function and beauty, the two enhance, not detract from each other.
Please read the Bushcraft Tool Review.
We spend the time choosing and processing the finest materials.  Natural, local and recovered. We live in the bush on the edge of the Chilcotin plateau.  These are solid tools built in traditional and sustainable ways.
Put together a hunting, camp or bushcraft set from our site. We will build it, customize it to you and match it. If you don't see the knife or tool you need  e-mail us and we will see what we can do.
We make all our edge tools and knives using solar power and traditional methods. We build everything to last generations. We only use quality steel we recover. All our blades are hardened and differentially tempered by us.
The sheaths are custom made and handstitched sadde stitch. Each is one of a kind.
We live off the grid, isolated on the edge of the Chilcotin Plateau in the taiga of B.C.. We use the tools we make.
Tried, true and tested. All Cariboo Blades knives carry a lifetime guarantee.
Chilcotin Bushcraft
Bushcraft/hunting knife catalogue
Our kitchen knife catalogue