Hi Scott,

I just want to thank you for your excellent article in Canadian
Woodworking Magazine on making a crooked knife. I have always been puzzled by these tools and hadn't had much interest in them, but your article was so well written and illustrated I just had to try making my own. Just
finished my first, and though I will need much practice with the
unfamiliar grip, I can see that it will be fun to learn to use. Now to
make some more with different curvatures! I was also inspired to make
some other small knives and chisels using your technique and some O1
scraps a machinist friend gave me, and can think of lots of other tools
I would like to make.  I think the potter's mineral wool really helps
get even heating.

Thanks again for leading me down this fun and rewarding path, hope to be
a customer soon for your amazing work too,

Cariboo Blades Tools & Knives.